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REVIEW: Sunday Riley The Influencer Foundation

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When I received this at the product launch of Sunday’s Riley’s The Influencer Foundation, I felt like a kid in a candy store! They literally had a vending machine distributing tubes of The Influencer Foundation! Finding the right foundation that solves all your skincare problems and provides the perfect coverage for your skin tone and type can be quite the challenge. However, it might just be possible with Sunday Riley’s brand new The Influencer Foundation. They have 20 different shades so you can be sure you’ll find your skin tone match. My shade is #150. It has more of a matte finish than dewy which ends up looking quite natural and works on my combination skin. It didn’t dry me out, but it also didn’t look like I slathered baby oil all over my face.

The Influencer Foundation touts anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Canadian willowherb, oat, chamomile, ginkgo biloba, green tea, and northern truffle extracts, which I love. Anything that reduces inflammation is right up my alley since I have melasma. It is very gentle on the skin and buildable depending how much coverage you want. It will always feel weightless. For those of you with sensitive skin, it is fragrance and paraben free.

Not blended shade #150

Semi-blended shade #150

Fully blended shade #150

The brand recommended using Sunday Riley Good Genes as a primer underneath, which was a great idea! Your makeup and skincare routines should really go hand in hand! I found it easy to blend with just my fingers and went over it under my eyes with a beauty blender for a satin natural look. The Influencer Foundation has such an extensive shade selection that will make everyone’s skin look beautiful and feel like an “Influencer”!

You can shop Sunday Riley The Influencer Foundation at Sephora for $42.


REVIEW: I DEW CARE Disco Kitten Illuminating Diamond 💎 Peel-off Mask

One look in my refrigerator(where I keep more beauty products than food), you will find I have a K beauty(Korean beauty) obsession. I specifically have a Korean mask obsession. When I tried I DEW CARE’s “Disco Kitten Illuminating Diamond Peel-off Mask”, I was confused by the fact that it has a different name on the box than it it does on the back of the jar. The back of the jar calls it the “Magic Chrome Mask Disco Kitten”. I will just call it Disco Kitten for all Illuminating Disco masking purposes. When I put on Disco Kitten for the first time, my skin was very dry and needed a good exfoliation. Peel-off masks are usually a good quick fix for this since it actually takes off a lot of the dead skin cells just from the process of peeling it off. However, this mask also seemed to immediately moisturize and brighten my skin after. My cheeks were so soft and smooth! I definitely will use this whenever I need a pick me up after a night out or when my skin is dry as a bone like it was today. The formula is very thick and gooey. It’s easiest to apply with a silicone mask brush or flat Foundation brush so you don’t get goo everywhere. It is gentle on the skin, and it’s a lot less painful peeling this mask off than other peel off masks I have tried. Some of the harsher Korean peel off masks dry on your face like Saran Wrap, and you can rip out your hairline and some of your eyebrows too while taking it off. I recommend not applying it anywhere near your hairline or eye brows just to be safe.

When it dries on your face, it becomes an iridescent pearlized white color which is really cool looking!  I don’t think it really does anything for your face to look like a pearl but it’s fun nonetheless. Teen girls would probably appreciate looking like a real life sparkling jewel. If you’re looking for a fun skincare gift for a young girl, this mask might be perfect for them or for yourself if you want teenage radiant skin!

If you have sensitive skin, always do a test patch somewhere first. This is a very gentle and super hydrating mask that will leave your skin brighter and as soft as a baby’s bottom. My pores are still thanking me, and I will definitely be adding this mask to my ever growing K beauty collection.

You can shop I Dew Care’s Disco Kitten mask at Ulta for $23.



REVIEW: Arcona Toner Tea Bar

This cleanser, in the shape of a large soap bar, is my latest beauty product obsession.  I can’t get enough of it!  I look forward to washing my face each morning and night; I even try to figure out some excuse as to why I need to wash my face in the middle of the day.  It’s so much fun to use!


ARCONA Toner Tea Bar

Antioxidant facial cleanser heals and strengthens your skin as it tones and minimizes pores. Neutralize free radicals, calm and protect skin with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory green and black teas. Nourish, oxygenate and clarify your skin with antibacterial enzyme-rich manuka honey and vitamin E. Maintain your skin’s natural ph balance with soothing lecithin, yucca and aloe extracts.

Directions: Use daily: Apply to wet face with light, upward and outward circles. Rinse well.

Available in 4oz

I bought the Arcona Toner Tea Bar a couple of weeks ago because I was simply bored with my cleansing routine.  My skin just isn’t reacting the same way it used to while using my normal cleanser.  My skin usually adapts to a cleanser after 6 months of using it.  So, I wanted to try something new and organic if possible…hello Arcona Toner Tea Bar.

First off, it’s a bar of soap which a NEVER use. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to like it.  You have to wet your face (not the Toner Tea bar) and then apply the bar to your face in a circular motion for about one minute.

OK so this is new, there’s not a lot of water involved and I’m holding my cleanser in my hand just rubbing away.  It’s annoying at first to try and figure out the contours of your face and the best way to get around all the grooves to clean everything.  However, you get used to it very quickly, and by your third wash, you’re an expert with moving that bar effortlessly around your face.

After the minute was up I was surprised because there wasn’t much soapy residue on my face and I wasn’t quite sure enough ‘toner tea’ was released from the bar.  During the next phase of washing my concerns were quickly silenced because once you apply water to your face again the remaining soap comes to life in a fabulous foaming frenzy!  Your face lathers up with toner tea, and you can really feel the ingredients working as they deeply penetrate your pores and cleanse everything thoroughly!  Woohoo! Afterwards your face feels so incredibly squeaky clean, you can actually hear the ‘squeak’ noises of your fingers rubbing up against your cheeks.  The best part is that you’re clean but not dry in the least.  In fact, my face always feels silky smooth afterwards, and it does an excellent job at tightening pores! Also, you don’t even have to rinse the bar off, you just place it back in the convenient container with a built in ‘drip pad’, close the lid and your done!  It’s fabulous!!!

FINAL THOUGHT:  If you are bored with your current cleansing routine, and feel like shaking things up a bit – then I highly recommend giving Arcona’s cleansing bars a try.  I’m currently obsessed with mine, and I can’t imagine anyone else being disappointed.  The only thing I will warn people about is that this bar may feel too drying on already dry skin.  Even though it doesn’t dry my skin at all, I can imagine if someone who enjoys a more moisturized feeling from their cleanser, may not enjoy the uber-clean feeling the Toner Tea Bar provides.

Arcona Toner Tea Bar ($38) is available at Arcona, Nordstroms,,,

BEST PRODUCT: Sunday Riley – Good Genes Treatment

Best Product Choice for Overnight Anti-aging Treatment


Good Genes is an amazing treatment that has seriously made my skin look the BEST it’s ever looked. I have been using Good Genes for four months now and I am addicted to it.  It will remain in my secret beauty chest for as long as my skin needs it.

A little background info. on Good Genes, before I get further into my obsession…I mean review…

Product Description: Everyone wants the unmistakable look of having “good genes”. This amazing treatment is formulated with key ingredients which will plump fine lines, reveal brighter, newer skin, and improve circulation, offering a smooth, vibrant complexion. Long term use will restore damaged skin, reduce hyperpigmentation and acne scars, reduce the depth and number of lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone, & increase epidermal firmness and thickness.

Unique Properties: Great to use 5 days in a row as an intensive radiance treatment or anytime you want to impress. Can be applied daily for reviving skin which is damaged by excessive UV exposure, aging, acne scars, pollution, lifestyle.
Key Ingredients:

  • Unneutralized Lactic Acid (Line Plumping, Increased Epidermal Firmness and Thickness, Skin Renewal)
  • Licorice (Skin Brightening, Fights Hyperpigmentation, Anti-inflammatory)
  • Squalene (Helps Repair Skin Barrier)
  • Yeast Extract (Encourages Healthier Skin)
  • Lemongrass (Circulation, Antioxidant)
  • Arnica (Anti-Inflammatory, Soothing)

What Makes It Work: Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment secret is the NV-5. NV-5 is a complex combination of 5 Native American Botanicals: Blue Agave, Night Blooming Cactus, Lady’s Slipper Orchid, Pricky Pear, Biofermented Aloe plus Yeast extract. These natural ingredients aid in cell damage repair, prevents aging skin that is cause to inflammation and detoxifies the skin.

*Side Note* I absolutely love the fact that all of Sunday Riley’s packaging is so user friendly.  She makes it very easy for the customer to become fully informed with her products.  The directions are clear and easy to follow, and the full list of ingredients are always included on every box.  Take a look for yourself…


Good Genes Review Continued…
I have tried every over-the-counter acne clearing product under the sun. In the end, I had an over-processed and over-exfoliated face. It was dry, red, hyperpigmented and extremely tight from lack of moisture. Enter the gift from heaven – GOOD GENES. I first used Good Genes as directed (5 nights in a row) and immediately saw a remarkable difference in the quality of my skin. Over the next couple of months I figured out the best routine for using it with my skin, which is the following:

  • Apply 2-3 pumps every night after cleansing and using a toner.
  • Let it sit alone for a minute or two so that it can fully absorb.
  • Follow with night cream or moisturizer.
  • Take a break from using it for about one week, at least every three weeks to a month.

The Result – I have noticed a significant plumping of fine lines, a reduction in sun damage, an improvement in overall clarity, and an a definite increase in firmness. I’m in LOVE!  

I should note the reason I take a week or two ‘break’ from using Good Genes is because its’ considered an acid treatment, and using it TOO much can make your face a little raw.  Additionally, even though Sunday Riley says Good genes is “Lightly Hydrating,” I would still highly recommend always following this treatment with a moisturizer – since it literally peels away the dead skin cells, revealing a newer and fresher layer of skin.

FINAL THOUGHT: I would absolutely, without a doubt recommend this exquisite product, because it actually WORKS! My favorite thing about Good Genes is the fact that it makes all my other products work better – that’s because Good Genes creates a smoother, brighter and firmer canvas (my face). Although this product is expensive, it’s worth every penny!

Available at or

REVIEW: Sunday Riley’s Blushing 101


This is my favorite product in the entire Sunday Riley Makeup line – Blushing 101.

Blushing 101 is a pale, dusty-rose pink yet neutraly toned. The texture is very finely milled, and the finish is what makes this product so unbelievable. Shades of this type usually don’t appear smoothly on my skin and leave my skin blotchy, but Blushing 101 appears even-toned, smooth and absolutely beautiful on my skin. I have a warm skin tone, and this color blends effortlessly into my skin leaving a completely natural and flushed look.  In fact, the color pigments themselves are round making them extravagantly soft with a silky smooth finish. In person, I would describe the finish as a glowy sheen with the faintest hint of a dusty rose pink color – in other words it creates pure radiance!

Some swatches of Blushing 101…

light application
medium application


heavy application

Key Ingredients & how they are utilized in Blushing 101:

  • Kaolin – is a clay-like mineral with oil absorbing properties, and draws out impurities and toxins.  Riley says Kaolin in the blush is “a mineral that diffuses light, reduces the appearance of fine lines.”
  • Mica – Riley says is “a translucent, natural mineral that reflects light and creates the illusion of a smoother, softer and more radiant skin tone.”
  • Silica – In Blushing 101, Riley says “perfectly spherical silica particles are first coated evenly with pigments to create the silkiest application and feel.”
  • Nylon 12– An ingredient that prevents the blush from settling into fine lines.  Riley says of Nylon 12 “a hypo-allergenic ingredient that reduces shine and feels silky, creating a smooth appearance.”
*Blushing 101 is Oil-free
*All of Sunday Riley products are Paraben Free 

FINAL THOUGHT: This blush is the absolute perfect shade for me, and I have been searching for a blush this color for a long time, so I was completely ecstatic that I finally found it with blushing 101.  I’ve also seen this blush on different skin tones, and it’s gorgeous as well.  The light diffusers in the blush creates a luxurious glow, and the finely milled technology provides for the smoothest coverage possible on any ones skin tone. A ‘must have’ blush for sure!!! A+++

Sunday Riley’s Blush “Blushing 101” is available at ($30.00)

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