A Different Approach to SPF Products: Kristin’s Best Sunscreen Picks



Institut Esthederm Adaptasun Approach
Invisible Zinc Approach?

I am finding it hard to navigate all the different alternatives for sun protection these days with all the different cancer causing ingredients in traditional sunscreens abound. Recently, I’ve narrowed it down to 3 different lines with new approaches to the sun. First off, I found Institut Esthederm‘s Adaptasun range to be very interesting because they have a number of principles that most sunscreen companies do not abide by. For example, they believe:

  • Overexposure to the sun is as dangerous as is its absence-Sun is essential to life because of its heat, its light and its natural anti-depressant action.
  • Tanning does not age skin-Photo Cellular skincare protects cells from the attacks of free radicals.
  • Tanning is the best protection-On the skin’s surface, melanin pigments absorb some of the solar radiation.
  • Adaptation to sun rather than over protection-Completely depriving the skin of sun exposure makes it lose its ability to adapt to the sun, which is tanning.
  • Inequality of the skin’s behavior under the sun is not inevitable-With Photo Cellular Skincare, fair skin tans; intolerant skins bear the sun.
  • SPF is not a reliable or sufficient indicator-SPF measures the risk of sunburn but not the risk of ageing, nor of photo-sensitisation.
Strange right? They say their range is the best for activating your skin’s natural defences for the maximum deep tan.They don’t give their products SPF numbers either, they just label by the type of skin you have and the type of sun exposure you are planning on. I don’t think I’d exclusively use Adaptasun products ONLY, but they would be good just to build up my skin’s natural defenses possibly brighten my skin. I love the idea of their Photo Reverse which claims to reverse hyperpigmentation while protecting from the sun. Again, they give no SPF because apparently they don’t believe in it, but Photo Reverse is said to block it all! I am going to use it in a few weeks on our BFF Beauty trip to Cabo! Right now, you have to order it from the UK to get it in the US, so I hope it arrives in time.

Invisible Zinc‘s line creates a physical barrier between you and the sun. Their products contain no chemical sunscreen, only the reflective zinc oxide, so it’s good for people with sunscreen allergies. It relieves my cancer concerns to know I am not using a chemical sunscreen. In addition, I always have problems blending suncreen with my makeup or other skin care products on my face, and now they have come out with UV Silk Shield Foundation. I will be taking some Invisible Zinc UV Silk Shield on the BFF Beauty trip to Cabo as well!

Lastly, I was lead to powder sunscreens by a wonderful Blue Mercury saleswoman recently. Peter Thomas Roth’s Instant Mineral is a powder sunscreen that can be brushed on even over make up, perfect for summer in the city! I love this product! It stays on a lot longer than moisturizers with SPF and can be worn alone as a cover up or over your skin care products! It is great for oily skin! A+++ I highly recommend!


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