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Welcome to BFF Beauty Blog! We are two best friends with a love of skin care and all things beauty. We met on the beach in Amagansett, NY one sunny day as children and have remained friends for over 20 years. These days, we are both obsessed with finding the best skincare and cosmetics lines out there, but we became overwhelmed and a little wary of trusting product reviews from the thousands of other beauty blogs out there…although there are some that we just love reading! We live in New York City and Chicago so, naturally, we began testing out new products and sending reviews back and forth to each other.  In time, we decided to share our reviews of  all our favorite beauty products that we love with you…all from a best friend’s point of view! We also write about all things beautiful in the world as well including beautiful people, events, trends, places, and beautiful charities and causes!

The majority of our reviews are focused on the ‘standout’ products that we’ve found and believe to work best for our skin; and of course we want share those results. After all, we started this blog because we became overwhelmed with the mass amount of information out there on skincare! The purpose of our site is to minimize ‘beauty information overload’ and provide help or guidance for each other and for you! We do all the testing and research on beauty & skincare products and provide you with our real and honest experiences – what works, what doesn’t, what we like best, what we can’t live without, etc.

We hope you enjoy our beauty reviews and news from your new beauty BFF’s!