BEAUTY BFF: Carly raves about 4 BFF Beauty products

Welcoming Beauty BFF, Carly to join the beauty girls team as a guest writer

Carly recently tested out some beauty products while in Cabo with Kristin & Jenni…


1st product tested by Carly…
Rouge Bunny Rouge Lipgloss “Love Tricks” – Sheer, pale lilac mauve, with a fine milky-white opalescence

Carly Said: For a lipgloss she prefers a true pink with purple undertones, that provides for a pretty pink ‘pop of color’  with a slight shimmery effect.  This shade “Love Tricks” by Rouge Bunny Rouge was perfect on her! It’s the exact color she looks for in a gloss and she loved wearing it while in Cabo. 
Additionally, we all thought she looked beautiful in this ‘pale lilac-mauve’ gloss!!


2nd product tested by Carly…
Supergoop Acai Fusion Lip Balm SPF 30 – SUPER BERRY ACAI hydrates lips, fights free radicals, and helps repair oxidation damage.
Fusion Lip Balms provide a unique, high SPF 30 lip balm solution to protect against broad-spectrum UV rays in a super-antioxidant and regenerative formulation.

Carly Said: She loved wearing this lip balm while at the pool in Cabo due to the SPF factor, the yummy acai berry flavor and the soothing moisture it provides for the lips.  She ordered a tube of this fantastic lip balm as soon as she returned home!


3rd product tested by Carly…
Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Kiss Elixir Lip Balm

Product Description: Immediate relief for dry and chapped lips in a rich and creamy texture. Suffused with Jojoba, Macadamia and Avocado Oils as well as Vitamin E. The taste of Honey and a hint of Mint mix in a heavenly freshness. Daily use ensures moisture treatment benefits and a rich pool of actives ensures superior hydration sustained over time. Leaves lips ultra cushiony and soft.
This soothingly rich, Honey-infused and almost edible elixir tingles with a hint of Mint as it glides on, smooth and creamy as butter, to give your lips a subtle shine. The most sensuous of balms, it’ll melt into your lips in a seriously delicious way to keep you beautifully protected and bewitchingly comfortable. Go ahead and invite nuzzling, even in your dreams. We know you’ll love bringing your own kiss bliss alive.

Small tricks: Use KISS ELIXIR overnight applied as a lip mask around your lips as a special treatment.

Carly said:  She LOVED this lip balm! She said it felt fantastic on on her lips.  She had beautifully plumped and shiny lips when we all met at the poolside bar to enjoy a cocktail together in Cabo. 


4th product tested by Carly…
Live-Live Organics Bee Yummy Honey Mask – This honey based face treatment will leave your skin totally happy, rejuvenated, and baby Smooth!  You can apply it for 20-30 min and wash it off but people “in the know” leave it on overnight for most amazing results.

This was Carly’s favorite product she tested while in Cabo on our BFF Beauty Vacation.  Here is what she had to say about the honey mask…

“Just writing to let you know how much I LOVE the “Bee Yummy” products! I have been using the honey mask sample that you gave me and I ordered the skin food as well.  I really can’t believe the difference in my skin already, and I am truly not exaggerating. Just went to lunch with a friend and she said my skin looks amazing–haven’t had that compliment since pre-Julian days :)”

…and we concur with Carly, her skin looked radiant and she was glowing after using the Bee Yummy honey mask!  However, Carly is naturally gorgeous and always looks radiant – but the honey mask did, in fact, bring out her beauty even more!

A big thanks to our Beauty BFF, Carly for the fabulous reviews!

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