BEST PRODUCT: Rouge Bunny Rouge Sketches On Water Tinted Moisturizer

Jenni reviews a ‘Best Product’ choice for beautiful flawless coverage with this luxurious and lightweight Tinted Moisturizer

Rouge Bunny Rouge Sketches On Water Tinted Moisturizer

This is the best tinted moisturizer I’ve ever used! I’m 30 years old and so I’ve been through quite a few tinted moisturizers…ever since I first started wearing a moisturizer on my face in my teenage years, I’ve always opted for a tinted one.  Then all through my 20’s I hardly ever wore makeup, and certainly not foundation, but I did try and use what feels like thousands of tinted moisturizers. I did love quite a few of them and still do, in fact I will still highly recommend and review some of my favorites.  But if I’m making a list, my number one pick will be Rouge Bunny Rouge Sketches On Water Tinted Moisturizer – It’s fantastic!!!  Seriously this is an unbelievable product, that I believe will work wonders on all skin types.  My skin looks so incredible with Sketches on Water Tinted Moisturizer on I can hardly believe it!

The shade I’m currently using is “Adansonia,” and it’s described as a “Transparent wash of pale milky beige.”
A few swatches on my hand…


It feels like the lightest cream-gel formula you can imagine. It has a water based formula that gives a completely even, very subtle yet beautiful coverage. It glides on so smoothly and I just simply adore how it feels on my skin!  Never sticky, greasy or heavy, it truly feels and looks like second skin all the while nourishing the skin with anti-oxidants.  I’ve been wearing it almost everyday this summer, even in the hot sun and humidity, and I’ve never felt like I was wearing makeup that was going to melt off any second or a heavy cream that was clogging my pores. In fact, this products seems to soothe, calm and cool my skin and I always forget that I even have anything on at all!
Below are some pictures I took late at night after I had been wearing the Sketches On Water Tinted Moisturizer literally all day long.  I know the lighting is bad, but at least you can see how it keeps my color even and face looking fresh throughout the day…

I first tried the lightest shade “Adansonia” which looked like it would be too light for me at first glance, but it somehow blends perfectly with my slightly warmer skin tone.  I loved it so much that I ended up ordering it in another shade “Sequoia”  which is described as “Transparent wash of pinkish beige.”  I wanted the two shades so I could play with the colors during the summer when my skin tone changes from sun exposure.  I’m obessesed with both shades equally.  The difference is very subtle and they both seem to magically and effortlessly compliment my skin.
Below are some pictures of the slightly darker shade”Sequoia” applied to my left hand while nothing is on my right hand…

Some people may get disappointed from the fact that Rouge Bunny Rouge only offers three shades of their tinted moisturizer, but I have to say I am incredibly impressed with the remarkable adapting qualities of this product.  It’s so light and silky smooth that it can be mixed with just about anything while keeping an even and flawless finish. Since it is the summer, sometimes I like to have a slightly bronzed and sun-kissed look, and so I’ve layered “Adansonia” or “Sequoia” on top of the Rouge Bunny Rouge As If It Were Still Summer…Bronzing Glow Liquid with results that are always beautiful.  My absolute favorite thing to do with this tinted moisturizer is mix it with a pump of Rouge Bunny Rouge Sea of Illumination Highlighting Liquid – Sea of Showers, it creates a stunningly radiant glow.  Rouge Bunny Rouge says “Mix any of the Liquid Highlighter shades with the Tinted Moisturisers to wash your skin with a light-reflecting radiance.”
A few pictures of “Sea of Showers” and “Sequoia” mixed together on my leg…

Lastly, I’m always amazed at how this tinted moisturizer completely evens out my skin tone, including covering any traces of dark circles under my eyes!  It’s so great to be able to apply only ONE product before leaving the house and still achieve flawless skin!  Below is a picture that Kristin took last weekend of us out at dinner with a few of our BFF’s (including our re-occurring guest writer, Alex).  I wore RBR Prelude In The Clouds Aqua Primer (reviewed HERE), and RBR Sketches On Water Tinted Moisturizer in “Sequoia” mixed with RBR Highlighting Liquid in “Sea of Showers”…

Product description straight from the Enchanted Gardens of Rouge Bunny Rouge…

Sketches On Water Tinted Moisturiser

The Evergreen Lake is one of the most quietly magnificent treasures of the Enchanted Garden; serenely still, fringed on all sides by majestic trees that despite their sumptuous size radiate vitality, unaltered by eyes and time.

Each morning at dawn, the lake’s silvery waters gently rise, bathing the roots of the trees in a diaphanous blanket of smooth calm. The water quietly ebbs back to the lake, leaving a hardly noticed shroud that diffuses a shining vigour and a tranquil embrace throughout the trees, from the deepest root to the tips of the leaves on the highest branch.

With the lake retreated and the sun risen above the treetops, the shimmering reflections sing out from the water in unison, an overall effect of unfluctuating beauty; countless intricacies woven into a seamless tapestry of light and harmony.

We have recreated the effect of the lake’s gentle tides with Sketches on Water Tinted Moisturiser. Its light, gentle hues dissolve into your skin, to even out skin tone and hide minor blemishes while maintaining a light, breathable feel.

This fluid Tinted Moisturiser gives your skin seamless, radiant glow and quietly underlines your natural beauty. The sublimely light texture refreshes with a high percentage of water and absorbs quickly, leaving an imperceptible film that veils small imperfections.

Loaded with botanicals and skin protective ingredients, our Tinted Moisturiser nourishes, hydrates and protects your skin against negative environmental factors like pollution and UVB rays. It includes Vitamin A and E which have anti-ageing and anti-oxidant properties; Malachite Extract is rich in copper and detoxifies the skin; it is also anti-oxidant. Smithsonite Extract provides natural UVB protection and is rich in Zinc, an essential mineral for the skin that aids healing. Laminaria Digitata Extract (Oarweed, a seaweed rich in calcium and potassium) fights fatigue, reinforcing the cells’ natural defences and is anti-bacterial. Hyaluronic Acid and PCA attract and bind moisture into the skin, preventing and treating dehydration.** Botanical Squalene (from olives) prevents water loss by helping repair the hydro-lipidic film whilst maintaining tone and elasticity and Prunus Extract (from the Cherry Tree) is rich in Isoflavones to naturally improve firmness.

Sail away to pure, radiant beauty with Sketches on the Water.

** Upper layers of the epidermis

Small tricks:

Available at Beauty Habit ($52 – US online store) and Zuneta ($72 – UK online store)

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