BEST PRODUCT: Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal

Jenni reviews a ‘Best Product’ choice for concealing dark under-eye circles 

I picked up Sarah McNamara’s Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal on a whim a little while back, and I continue to be astonished with its’ outstanding ability to conceal, correct and cover all traces of dark circles, sun spots, wrinkles and overall aging under and around my eyes.

It’s silicone based, so the consistency isn’t what I’m used to with concealers. It’s not creamy or silky smooth, but it miraculously still melts onto your skin, filling in all fine lines and creating a perfectly matte ‘airbrushed’ canvas.

Despite its matte finish, it doesn’t peel at all while on the skin, it actually feels quite soft and smooth once blended in.  I’ve also used this concealer on blemishes and on scars, in fact it’s the only product I’ve ever used that will completely cover a large scar I have on my nose from when my dog (accidentally) bit off my nostril when I was four. *my nostril was re-attached and my dog apologized for the unfortunate accident*


MIRACLE SKIN TRANSFORMER TREAT & CONCEAL a multifunctional concealer with powerful hydration, treatment and protection benefits. Developed for use on both the under eye and face, instantly Cover, Correct, and Protect your imperfections with a flawless airbrushed finish.

Instantly improve skin tone, luminosity, and texture. Evenly smooth out and minimize the look of pores, fine lines and pigmentation spots. MIRACLE SKIN TRANSFORMER TREAT & CONCEAL leaves your skin with a smooth, radiant, airbrushed complexion in seconds.


MIRACLE SKIN TRANSFORMER TREAT & CONCEAL, with the M3 Complex, contains marine collagen, soothing white rose, and chamomile extracts. Enhanced color correcting minerals transform your skin instantly:

– Cover stubborn problem areas including pigmentation spots and redness

– Conceal the dark circles and broken capillaries

– Minimize and smooth the appearance of fine lines and signs of aging

This product is a must-have on those days you didn’t get enough sleep the night before, and your under eye area needs a serious boost of energy.  Sara McNamara is absolutely correct when she says it “leaves your skin with a smooth, radiant, airbrushed complexion in seconds.”  Below are my before & after pictures so you can see how this miracle concealer literally transforms my skin…

BEFORE (RIGHT side) – Nothing on my face.
AFTER (LEFT side) – Concealer applied under eyes and on lids.

FINAL THOUGHT:  I’ve reviewed many under eye concealers before, and I still alternate between my top two favorites for everyday use – Chantecaille ‘Bio Lift’ Concealer and Rouge Bunny Rouge Luminous Skin Wand – but there’s only one concealer I will trust to completely cover dark dark circles on those days I need a little extra help to look fresh & bright, and this is of course Sarah McNamara’s Miracle Skin Transformer!  This is an amazing under eye concealer that really does work miracles concealing dark circles.  I’ve never used anything like it before, the silicone formula transforms your skin and erases imperfections.  The results are always airbrushed beautiful skin!

Available at and – ($36.00)

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2 thoughts on “BEST PRODUCT: Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal

  1. I discovered your blog recently, when I went searching for info. on Rouge Bunny Rouge products. I love your thorough reviews and helpful photos. Thanks so much!

    I have this concealer, but I'd completely forgotten about it. It only takes a very little bit, and I always seem to use too much. But you've inspired me to give it another shot.

  2. Hi Jen – Thanks for commenting, and we're so happy you enjoy our blog! We love Rouge Bunny Rouge so doing the reviews have been so much fun! Please visit us again because we have tons more Rouge Bunny Rouge products to review. Also, you raise a great point – I don't think I mentioned that you only need a very tiny amount of the Miracle Skin Transformer to cover your entire eye area – thanks for bringing that up! In fact, I only use it when i'm wearing other makeup on my face as well, because it's such a strong coverage that if you don't have foundation on you may be able to see the concealer. Anyways, I still reccomend you give it another shot but make sure you only use a little and blend well with your makeup. When you get the application right, there's nothing better than this concealer!
    Thanks again!
    -Jenni & Kristin

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