BFF Beauty Secret: Blending in your sunscreen evenly

Our ‘Beauty Secrets’ for achieving a streak-free finish with your sunscreen

Kristin Says:  It can be very difficult to get an even layer of adequate SPF on your face without it clumping or showing white streaks. Even the best mineral facial sunscreens tend to set and dry very fast and leave some sort of white residue before we are done spreading it evenly over our faces. If you rub the sunscreen after it dries, it will clump up and sometimes even peel off with your other products you have already applied underneath, thus, forcing you to start all over again! So, when this occurs, I like to spray my face with a mineral water mist like Evian or another mineral facial mist like Mineral Fusion. After I spray my face with it, I can continue to smooth out and even the sunscreen application all over my face without it clumping or peeling all over the place. This way…I don’t have to start all over again and have a nice smooth surface to apply my make up to with plenty of protection from the sun! 

Jenni Says:  I too have the same problems with ‘clumped’ sunscreen and achieving a ‘streak-free’ finish.  Since I am in a ‘All Things Sunday Riley’ stage right now, I always mix Riley’s “Juno Transformative Lipid Serum” (reviewed here) with another Riley product “Cashmere SPF 30.”  I just mix one pump of Juno with two pumps of Cashmere, warm it between my hands and ‘pat’ it onto my face first, then I lightly blend it in.  It creates such a beautiful streak-free finish with a dewy glow.  Alternatively, the best sun protection product I have found that glides on smoothly and perfectly alone, is Chantecaille’s “Ultra Sun Protection SPF 50.”  It’s truly an invisible & lightweight formula that is actually considered a anti-glycation primer, which means you can apply it under foundation – hence eliminating the problem of blending on top of makeup.  Chantecaille Says “The oil-free texture beautifully smoothes skin and controls oil-breakthrough and shine throughout the day.  Chantecaille make up artists find that the fluid perfectly preps skin and extends the wear of our ‘Future Skin Foundation.’ Water and humidity-resistant, it is perfect daily protection for outdoor activities and humid climates.”

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