BFF Beauty’s Covergirl Bombshell Eye Makeup Tutorial!

Covergirl Bombshell Eye Makeup Tutorial!

IMAG1386_1_1I recently tried out the Covergirl Bombshell line to make the cateye look that was popular during the recent New York Fashion Week shows. The products I used to achieve the cateyelook were:

–           COVERGIRL Bombshell Volume by LashBlast™ Mascara

–          COVERGIRL Bombshell Shine Shadow by LashBlast

–          COVERGIRL Bombshell Intensity Liner

You would be surprised what high quality these drugstore products are! The FIRST STEP was the Shine Shadow which was comparable to many of the higher end cream shadows on the market. I chose the color Ooh La Lilac which was a very subtle shimmery lavender. It can be layered to make it more purple if you are going for a more dramatic look. I applied it with my finger and rubbed it in from my lashline all the way up to my brow line. Using a q-tip, I cleaned up any excess I got over the inner and outer corners of my eye.  Available at drugstores and Walmart in six buildable, blendable, get-me-noticed shades, each shadow is easy to apply and leaves behind a creamy shimmer finish. Shades: Ice Queen, Platinum Card, Color Me Money, Gold Goddess, Copper Fling and Ooh La Lilac

IMAG1373_1 IMAG1376_1

The SECOND STEP was the Bombshell Intensity Liner. This is my favorite product in the Bombshell collection. This eyeliner pen really makes precision easy, and the color 008 is a deep black is perfect for the cat eye look! I used a piece of scotch tape as a guide at the outer corner of my eye, which also allowed for mistakes. If you want a more geometric shape, scotch tape really makes it easy to get a straight line and pointy tail. There are also stencils you can buy for eye liner called Beauty Benders from Beth Bender. I would love to try those next! For now, scotch tape will do!


THIRD STEP, mascara! The  COVERGIRL Bombshell Intensity Liner is definitely intense! With two layers, your eye lashes go from limp to luxurious! The base coat creates volume and the topcoat gives your lashes the deep color.  The wand comes with two different shaped brushes on each end with the basecoat and the topcoat so you really hit every lash! This is a longlasting mascara that will not crumble or smudge. I had to really work at getting it off with my favorite eye makeup remover pads, but it was worth it! I loved my cateye Covergirl Bombshell look and with these affordable products making it so easy…I just may make this my regular everyday look this season!

IMAG1349 IMAG1350IMAG1381_1

Check out our Covergirl Bombshell Tutorial below!

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