These are just a few of our beauty favorites for glowing skin! 1. BY TERRY Cellularose Blush Glace – This quenching blush flushes the cheeks with a cool burst of watercolor for a long-wearing healthy glow. Smoothes the complexion, protects the skin, and delicately flushes the cheeks with color for a plumped, preened finish. 2. EVE LOM LIGHT ILLUSION […]

Kristin’s BFF Beauty Secret #3: Papaya Body Polish for Glowing Skin

Kristin shares a fabulous Papaya Body Polish from a book filled with beauty secrets I actually should say this is “Sophie’s Beauty BFF Secret”…I mentioned my friend, Sophie Benge, in my previous post about Ila-spa products. She has a not only been a beauty journalist in London for over 20 years, but she is also a published author! I […]

Kristin’s BFF Beauty Secret #2: Soft & Beautiful Hands

I like soaking my hands in milk because the lactic acid helps exfoliate them. I mix equal parts warm water and milk, put a few drops of vitamin E oil in, apply some Deborah Lippman cuticle oil(review here), and let my hands soak for five or six minutes to get smooth & soft hands. I […]

BFF Beauty Secret: Blending in your sunscreen evenly

Our ‘Beauty Secrets’ for achieving a streak-free finish with your sunscreen Kristin Says:  It can be very difficult to get an even layer of adequate SPF on your face without it clumping or showing white streaks. Even the best mineral facial sunscreens tend to set and dry very fast and leave some sort of white residue […]

Jenni’s Beauty Secret #1: How To De-puff Your Eyes

If you don’t own any cooling eye pads or can’t be bothered with slicing up cucumbers, don’t worry! there’s another way to get rid of those puffy dark circles under your eyes…Just put your eye creams, eye serums or face moisturizers in the fridge overnight, and apply them to your eyes first thing in the […]

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