COLOR SWATCHES! Rouge Bunny Rouge Gleaming Temptations Lip Gloss

BFF Beauty Girls, Jenni & Kristin, tested six shades of Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Gleaming Temptations Lip Gloss while in Cabo.

1. Love Logic – Creamy, sheer pink-coral, shimmering with cool white pearls

2. Come Here Sweetie – Sheer, pure red, glistening with fine silver pearls – Sex in a gloss

3. Coy – Warm sheer strawberry, glistening with silver, gold and fuchsia pearls – A gloss to make your lips look fuller and truly just-kissed 

4. Inflammable – Bestselling, depth-creating, delicate palest lavender-pink base, warmed and glimmering with finest coppery-red and gold pearls

5. Love Tricks – Sheer, pale lilac mauve, with a fine milky-white opalescence

6. Two Rich Lovers – Creamy, sheer warm rosewood base, suffused with cool mauve pearl iridescence for an overall milky nude effect

We will be reviewing each Gleaming Temptations lipgloss shade seperately, but we also wanted to show you all the fabulous lipgloss colors side-by-side.  We hope you enjoy the Rouge Bunny Rouge rainbow!

Product Description: This extensive range of twenty-one glosses graduates from a hint of a transparent rainbow, through to a densely vibrant richness. Some come with minute pearlised particles to sparkle your lips with richly bejewelled effects. Tempt your subjects into submission with these shining pots of glory.

All our glosses are anti oxidant and anti ageing with the addition of Vitamin E. Depending on the formula; these temptations hydrate, nourish and regenerate with a cocktail of botanical goodies such as Sesame, Neem and Boswellia Oils; Lotus Flower Extract, Gingko Biloba, Green Tea.

Small tricks: To cover your lips with a light touch for a fresh, healthy and natural look use your fingertips to apply the Lip Gloss. Use Lip Gloss on top of your lipstick to intensify the colour or to customise every shade. To give a longer-wearing gloss, apply our Long-lasting Lip Pencil over the entire mouth and allow to dry before applying the gloss.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Gleaming Temptations Lipgloss available at the UK online store (£ 32.44) and at the US online store ($24.00)

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