PRODUCT SWATCHES: Sunday Riley Tinted Primer, Foundation and Concealer

The many shades of Sunday Riley!  Pictures, swatches, color comparisons and more!

I’ve reviewed many of my favorite Sunday Riley skincare and makeup products before, and if you haven’t been able to tell I’m a little bit obsessed with her entire line of modern skincare.  I’ve been  huge fan of her skincare for well over a year now, using her moisturizers and serums religiously; then this past February I received a fabulous Sunday Riley Makeup Makeover (review HERE) and I became hooked to her makeup line products as well!
In response to a few questions about the specific shades of the products used in that makeup makeover posting, I wanted supply some pictures for you.  Below are some pictures from my makeover wearing the Tinted Primer (medium) all over face, the Creme Radiance Foundation (110W) in T-zone and the Dry Touch Concealer (145W) on various red spots.

I really do love the entire Sunday Riley Modern Skincare line, and if anyone is interested in purchasing some of her products, I hope these pictures and descriptions will help you in gauging the different coverages and shades available.

OK lets get started…

Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer – $48

Available shades:
1. Light is suitable for those with fair alabaster and ivory skin tones
2. Medium is suitable for those with light to medium skin tones
3. Dark is suitable for those with tan to dark skin tones

What it is:
A sheer, lightweight primer that smooths the skin and keeps makeup fresh.

What it’s used for:
Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer prepares the skin for makeup application by effortlessly gliding onto the face to oxygenate, plump and hydrate. Makeup settles perfectly over this silky smooth primer, making it a smooth canvas for foundation, or you may wear it alone. Peptides and sodium hyaluronate leave the skin soft, youthful and incredibly radiant.

QUICK TAKE: The Tinted Primer is truly a unique product in the entire cosmetics industry.  There is nothing else like it, a must-have for people who like a natural and even-toned glow, instead of a heavy foundation look. It’s oil free, light weight and silky smooth!  Just don’t forget to store the bottle upside down or shake it before you pump some out, otherwise the natural and botanical ingredients will begin to separate. 

Swatches of the “Medium” shade Tinted Primer…

As you will see in the pictures below, although the Tinted Primer swatches in Light and Medium have a distinct difference in their shades, once fully blended into the skin the color differences become almost unnoticeable.  I can get away with wearing either shade all year round without it altering my skin tone.  They really just even out my color rather then change it.

Liquid Light Breathable Perfecting Foundation – $52

What it is:
A skin-perfecting foundation that’s lightweight and super breathable.

What it’s used for:
Sunday Riley Liquid Light Breathable Perfecting Foundation helps you achieve a flawless, airbrushed look using a luxurious, light-catching formula that disguises fine lines, wrinkles and imperfections. Vitamin C, bamboo and magnola bark work together to plump, smooth and repair the skin, helping it to look its best.

QUICK TAKE: Liquid Light is a great foundation that’s very buildable and offers medium to full coverage.  I love how truly light and breathable it is, and it’s also excellent for mixing with my other Sunday Riley products, such as Juno and Cashmere SPF 30.  When mixed with Juno & Cashmere, I can apply Liquid Light to my entire face with my hands, just like a tinted moisturizer. 

A little goes a very long way; as you will see in the pictures below, once the small swatch is distributed onto the skin, it covers quite a large area…

Creme Radiance Breathable Ageless Foundation – $58

What it is:
An ultra-hydrating and smoothing full-coverage foundation cream.

What it’s used for:
Sunday Riley Creme Radiance Breathable Ageless Foundation is a unique, moisture-rich, complete coverage foundation that allows the skin to breathe and actually correct itself while concealing flaws and imperfections. Infused with magnolia bark, biopeptides, tonka bean and biopeptides, this anti-aging makeup promotes cellular growth, reduces redness and prevents moisture loss.

QUICK TAKE: This is a lovely foundation, and it’s surprisingly light for being such a full coverage foundation. It’s a high quality product that’s richly moisturizing, loaded with active anti-aging ingredients and offers a beautiful and very natural finish.  I don’t wear this foundation all over my face because I prefer less coverage overall, however I do apply it to my T-zone and it blends perfectly with other makeup.

Creme Radiance blended onto my hand (right side) with nothing on my other hand (left side)

Both of Sunday Riley’s Foundations (Liquid Light & Creme Radiance) are available in COOL ranges (100C-150C) and WARM ranges (100W-150W).

Below are the descriptions for the color shades of Creme Radiance. The same color descriptions can be applied to Liquid Light, but with one exception – I found that the Liquid Light does not have as much ‘yellow undertone’ in the 120 and 130 range. So when reading the descriptions below, replace “yellow” with “neutral” if referring to Liquid Light in the 120-130 ranges.

Sunday Riley Foundation WARM Range:
1. 100 W is an ivory for very pale skin tones with yellow undertones
2. 110 W is a fair to light beige with yellow undertones
3. 120 W is a light beige with yellow undertones
4. 130 W is a medium beige with yellow undertones
5. 140 W a big jump from the 130 W. This is for summer time golden-tan skin

6. 150 W is for dark golden-tan skin

Sunday Riley Foundation COOL Range:
1. 100 C is a pale shade with fair yellow undertones
2. 110 C is a neutral fair beige
3. 120 C is a light beige with neutral undertones
4. 130 C is a neutral medium beige
5. 140 C A huge jump from the 130 C. It’s a deep beige with neutral to rosy undertones
6. 150 C is a deep tan beige with a chocolate tone

In the following pictures you will see the Liquid Light Foundation 120W next to the Creme Radiance Foundation 110W.  I wanted to note that the reason I have a lighter shade in the Creme Radiance is because I typically only use it in the areas I need to ‘lighten’ up and more specifically cover up redness.  As we all already know ‘yellow’ covers up red, and if you notice under the color descriptions the amount of ‘yellow undertones’ become less and less the higher the number; and so 110W will have more yellow that 120W – hence the reason I use 110W on those red areas of my face.  Hopefully these pictures will better show you what I’m talking about with the ‘yellow undertones’…

Similar to the Tinted Primer, the pictures below show that when fully blended into the skin it’s hard to see much of a difference in the lighter and darker foundation shades…

I also have a few pictures of the Liquid Light Foundation in 110W to show you.  But because it contains more ‘yellow undertones’ than the 120W, it doesn’t work on my skin tone and I gave it my BFF Kristin – whom by the way says it works perfectly on her skin tone and she tends to lead more towards ‘Cool’ and ‘Olive’ than I do.  I have more of a ‘Warm’ and ‘Pink’ tone.  Below are pictures of the Liquid Light 110W compared to Creme Radiance 110W…

Dry Touch Creme-To-Powder Concealer – $28

Available shades:
145W is ideal for dark skin with warm undertones.
145C is ideal for dark skin with cool undertones.
125W is ideal for medium-tan skin with warm undertones.
125C is ideal for medium-tan skin with cool undertones.
105W is ideal for light-fair skin with warm undertones.
105C is ideal for light-fair skin with cool undertones.

What it is:
A lightweight, long-wearing concealer that perfects the skin.

What it’s used for:
Sunday Riley Dry Touch Creme-To-Powder Concealer conceal all imperfections with using a creamy consistency that dries to a flake-free, powdery finish. Formulated to mask all redness, blemishes, acne and scars without looking heavy, this flattering concealer works quickly and lasts all day long.

QUICK TAKE:  Not the best concealer for around the eyes but excellent for covering up blemishes, red spots or random imperfections.  What’s so great about this concealer is the fact that you don’t have to apply additional powder on top of it to set it in.  Due to it’s unique cream-to-powder formula, it sets perfectly even when using it ‘on the go’ with just your fingers!

**NOTE** The pictures below are mislabeled.  The correct shade in the swatches is 125W and NOT 145W.

Sunday Riley Modern Skincare is available at:

  • (Skincare only – no makeup)
  • Barneys
  • Bergdorf Goodman
  • Nordstroms (*new* online only)
  • Sephora
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5 thoughts on “PRODUCT SWATCHES: Sunday Riley Tinted Primer, Foundation and Concealer

  1. Thanks for the foundation swatches! I've always wanted to try more of the Sunday Riley products (only have the tinted moisturiser). which do you like best?

  2. Hi Tracy! Thanks for commenting, and I'm glad you liked the photos. It's so hard to pick just one Sunday Riley Product that I like best, I've been so pleased with her entire line. However I do have a few suggestions for you…
    As far as SR skincare – I love “Juno” it's such a beautiful face oil that really transforms your skin. If your not into oils, then I'd say her “Bionic” Cream is the best. Out of all her products, it has the highest concentration of anti-aging active ingredients; it's fabulous and I use it every single night.
    For SR makeup – Both of her Foundations are great and very 'breathable,' but Creme Radiance is definitely a fuller (thicker) coverage that's richly moisturizing and packed with serious anti-aging ingredients. It looks like you have beautiful, youthful skin – so you may not need the full coverage that Creme Radiance provides.
    Also, the Dry Touch Concealer is fantastic because it's such a unique concealer. It's a cream-to-powder formula, so it's a great concealer to use on red spots and stuff without having to add additional powder! It's sets by itself perfectly! I love to carry it around with me in my purse because I'm able to cover up blemishes easily & quickly with just a dab of it on my finger then patted onto my face.
    Hope this all helps!
    Thanks for reading our blog, and have a great day!

  3. I'm absolutely loving your Sunday Riley coverage on your blog! Great job! Thank you for the clear photos, and the excellent reviews. 🙂

    I had my own SR makeover yesterday, and I am so in love. This brand is definitely the next big thing. Like you, I started out with the skincare last year, and the makeup line has proven to be just as fabulous.

    I just want to let you know that your 145W concealer is mislabeled, as you suspected. I am African-American, and I bought both 145W and 145C concealers yesterday; they are DEFINITELY shades for black skin, and there's no way you could wear the true 145W! It's comparable in color to a MAC NC45 or NC50. Hope that helps!

    Thanks for your sweet comment and we're so glad you like our blog! We totally agree with you about Sunday Riley – her skin care line is fantastic! It's so refreshing & modern, we both just love it!
    And just like you said, her makeup line is equally as fabulous! Have you tried her blushes, eye shadows or lipsticks? We'd love to know what you think, because we're obsessed and it's always fun to know what other people think about it.
    Also, thank you so much for clarifying the concealer issue. I thought for sure it couldn't be 145W, but I checked the label so many times and sure enough it says “145W!” Now I know (thanks to you) it's officially mislabeled! I will correct the post as well, as to not confuse people.
    Thanks again! Please come back and visit our blog, and as always your comments are very much welcomed 🙂
    -Kristin & Jenni

  5. Hello Kristin & Jenni,

    I was wondering if you could help me out with a shade match in the Liquid Light foundation. The Tinted Primer is no longer available where I live and no one will ship it to my country. I was using it in Light since it came out. It was all I needed for coverage and is a perfect match for my fair, neutral (no ochre, no pink undertones) skin tone. What would be about the equivalent or slightly paler in the Liquid Light? 110C? 100W?

    Hoping you can help 🙂

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