FIRST LOOK! Inside Barneys Beauty Gift Bag

A look inside the gift bag from Barneys Love Yourself Cosmetics Bag Event 

So many product goodies, I don’t even know what to do with myself!  What to try first? Hmmm…
While I figure out which of these products I’m going to dive into and indulge in first – go ahead and take a closer look inside my Love Yourself bag of beauty treats.

The best part about this event, believe it or not, is NOT the free gift bag filled with all these fabulous products.  The best part is, when you purchase multiple products from a single brand,  you get a FREE full-sized gift from that brand!  The gifts differ from brand to brand, so if you plan on going to Barneys in the next two days (event lasts Sept. 20-22) make sure you ask around to find out what full-sized gifts come with your purchase.

Below are the free gifts with purchase I received today, and reviews on the following coming soon!
From Sunday Riley I purchased:

  • Sunday Riley Bionic Anti-aging Cream
  • Sunday Riley Disrobe Body Lotion
  • Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser

My FREE ($48 value) gift with purchase from Sunday Riley:

  • Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer

From Sponge Skincare I purchased:

  • Sponge Gel Basiliko – Sweet Basil Gel
  • Sponge Krema Triantafillo – Rose & Sage Cream

My FREE ($30 value) gift with purchase from Sponge Skincare:

  • Sponge Gel Katharisiko – Wild Herb Cleansing Gel

Here are few more purchases I made today, with reviews coming soon!

Only TWO MORE DAYS to pick up your Love Yourself Cosmetics Bag plus a variety of free gifts with purchase – so get to your closest Barneys ASAP!

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