Get Naturally Colorful Lips for Chinese New Year!

Lipstick collage

This Friday, January 31st, is Chinese New Year! The year of the Horse begins, and it is good luck to wear bright colors this week, especially on Friday. Wearing a bright colored lipstick is a great way to add some color into to your ensemble. Here are some bright natural ingredient lipsticks free of harmful chemicals and coloring agents…


Sante Lipstick Collection, $18

With a palette of 20 trendy colours to choose from, you will have the right lip colour for every occasion. Sante Lipstick comes in a wide range of shades, from dramatic and bold to sweet and flirtatious, intense or translucent, classic or trendy. This skin-friendly, moisturising lipstick is free from any synthetic coloring agents, preservatives or fragrances.


Inika Lipstick Collection, $28

A pure vegan lipstick! Shape and define your lips with INIKA Lipstick. Each color consists of a creamy formulation with natural shea butter and jojoba oil to moisturise and protect your lips. Choose from eight gorgeous colors with great stay-ability, no harsh chemicals or animal derivatives.


Lavera Beautiful Lips Natural Lipstick  in Maroon Kiss 09, $19.70

This is a great purple color that is very popular this season! The Lavera Beautiful Lips collection ranges from striking and provocative tones to subtle and mysterious shades. Organic flower extracts from roses, lime blossom and mallow gently protect and care for lips. Bonus: It contains natural sunscreens that provide moderate sun protection.


Logona Lipstick in Strawberry, $21.50

I love this lipstick for it’s creamy texture since I am more of a lip gloss person! Its natural anti-ageing active complex with organic cranberry, organic apple seed and organic brown algae extract is interlaced with an exquisite blend of precious stones to offer maximum care.


Terre d’Oc Lipstick Collection, $16.50

These lipsticks have very dark rich pigment to brighten up any look! Inspired by Moroccan women’s make-up, a collection of lipsticks in essential and natural shades, combining argan oil and butter to nourish and highlight the lips. Fun Fact: In Morocco, women use an aker, a small terracotta bowl covered in poppy powder and pomegranate bark to color their lips a deep sensual red.

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