Carly reviews a refreshing cranberry toner delivered in handy single-use cotton pads by Arcona



Cranberry Toner in convenient cotton pads cleanses, tones and hydrates, infusing skin with protective antioxidants to leave it glowing and refreshed. Ideal for travel, office and handbag. Protect and clarify skin with antimicrobial cranberry, containing vitamins, phyto-nutrients and essential fatty acids. Neutralize free radicals with vitamin E tocopherols and tocotrienols. Nourish and heal skin with omegas 3, 6 and 9 and rice milk.

Directions: Use anytime to cleanse, tone and/or remove make-up.

Available in 100ml

Quantity 45 Pads – $30.00




The key word here is “refresh.” That is exactly how it feels to use Arcona Triad Pads—extremely refreshing. I have been using these to help remove the dirt and sweat build up after I exercise, rather than washing my face with cleanser. Right now my skin needs all the moisture it can get with the dry, and extreme winter weather conditions where I live.


On top of the weather reeking havoc on my delicate, sensitive facial skin—I was washing my face too often…once in the morning, once before I exercise (if I don’t clean my skin before exercise I will break out), and then again after exercise, and then (yes) AGAIN at night before bed (I know, can you believe it?)!! Way too much washing, and my skin was showing the wear and tear by looking tight, dehydrated, and aged.

Arcona’s Triad Pads have come to the rescue! The first bonus is the pads are packed with all kinds of wonderful ingredients…Cranberry and Witch Hazel, White Tea and Grape Seed Extract and Essential Oils, to name a few and they smell wonderful.



I sweat a lot during my workouts (and usually don’t have time to shower), therefore, I normally wouldn’t trust a pad to get my skin clean enough, but the pads really do cleanse. Each pad contains a surprising amount of liquid—most pads don’t seem to contain enough liquid to even cleanse my entire forehead, let alone my entire face. Arcona’s Triad pads are oozing with moisture and liquid, so they are able to thoroughly cleanse the entire face and neck.

I also love the pads themselves. They are very soft and thick. Other cleansing and toning pads I have used in the past are thin and scratchy feeling and seem to scrape the dirt and make-up off of your face rather than cleanse it.



I have noticed pretty significant results after using these once a day for a little over a week now. Not only am I washing my face less but I also feel like these pads are delivering the “Triad” of results they say they would…To cleanse and tone and hydrate my skin. I also love that the pads work to actually protect my skin with antioxidants as well as hydrate it and cleanse it. I love products that have more than one use, and actually deliver!!

And, breathe a big sigh of relief, because like all of Arcona’s products the Triad Pads are made with pure, natural ingredients!! I highly recommend them!

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