GUEST REVIEW: By Terry Perfect Lip Liner

Carly reviews BY TERRY Crayon Levres Terrybly – Perfect Lip Liner in Perfect Nude



This high precision pencil with a firm and creamy tip defines the contours and redesigns the shape of your lips while preventing your lips from bleeding. With its perfect glide-on action, it is soft to apply and produces a long lasting effect.

Its non-drying waterproof formula is rich in jojoba oil and natural antioxidants.

Apply before or after lipstick, following or correcting the natural outline of the mouth.



It has been years since I have thought of lining my lips with a lip liner. I remember when it was the very “It” thing to do several years ago during my late high school and college years. I would have never been caught without one in my purse or in my pocket. I’m honestly not sure if it ever fell out of fashion to line your lips, or if I just got out of the habit and forgot about what a beauty perk it is!



I recently tried BY TERRY Perfect Lip Liner in the “Perfect Nude” shade and was re-awakened by how wonderful it is to use a liner again after all of this time going without one. One thing is for sure: this lip liner is SO MUCH BETTER than the ones I used in high school and college! I remember the lip liners then being so hard and dry—like using a colored pencil to line your lips. They were also very drying, and seemed to suck the moisture right out of your lips—you could not get away without wearing a moisturizing lipstick to compensate. I remember it would actually hurt to apply it and make my lips swell a bit from how rough the liner was (at least I got a plumping benefit!). I would often use a blow dryer to try and soften the tip before applying it! HA! Those were the days…




BY TERRY Perfect Lip Liner is so soft and smooth—it literally glides right on. It leaves a thick layer of liner on your lips, which is what I think gives it such a great plumping effect. It is very moisturizing—you could easily get away with wearing this without the moisture of lipstick. I love that it is a waterproof formula, thus once it is applied it stays on for a long time—long after your lipstick wears off! Which brings me to my next point…I love the color, “Perfect Nude” because it looks very natural and blends very well with my skin/lip color (and I think it would with most skin color types) so you aren’t left with a dramatic outline on your lips once your lipstick wears away.


I cannot say I am the most qualified to do a lip liner review since BY TERRY Perfect Lip Liner is the first I have tried since my lip liner hiatus, but I do not find myself thinking or wishing for anything more than what BY TERRY Perfect Lip Liner has to offer in a lip liner. It also comes in other shades, “Rose Contour” and “Perfect Plum.” It is not the most natural/organic product but it does contain jojoba oil and natural antioxidants. Overall, I think TERRY Perfect Lip Liner would be tough to beat in a lip liner line up!

BY TERRY Crayon Levres Terrybly – Perfect Lip Liner is available at ($33.00) plus you get a FREE Cosmetic bag with $115 BY TERRY purchase!


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