BEAUTY BFF REVIEW: Sponge Skincare Krema Niktas Night Cream

Carly brings us another Sponge review!  Today She’ll be reviewing the antioxidant enriched night cream – Krema Niktas



KREMA NIKTAS – St. Johns + Linden + Sage – $70

restore and replenish – enriched with the powerful anti-aging and antioxidants benefits of olive leaf, st. john’s wort, linden and sage, this nourishing cream helps prevent and repair signs of aging by restoring moisture, elasticity and cellular renewal while you rest



Typically I opt out of night creams because they’re usually very expensive and I have personally seen limited results from using them.  For my dry, sensitive skin, night creams in general don’t seem to provide a heavy enough hydrating and moisturizing benefit, or they tend to be too harsh and drying.  I subscribe to an “oily” regimen since my skin always appears very dry and dehydrated.  Thus, when I began using the sample of the Night Cream “Krema Niktas” by Sponge Skincare, I was very surprised to see a quite immediate change in my skin—for the better.


I noticed that my skin suddenly seemed to appear more hydrated.  The night cream skeptic in me was very doubtful at first.  But, after using KREMA NIKTAS Night Cream for several days, and then followed by my regular “oils,” for extra moisture it became clear that I was not having just a few “good skin days” (those lucky days every once in a while when your skin glows for no concrete reason!) my facial skin was truly, improving.  And, because I kept up the use of my usual “oils” and night time skin routine.  I knew the credit for the improvement was owed to Krema Niktas.


Sponge Skincare’s Krema Niktas is a “deeply replenishing formulation,” and it features ingredients such as St. John’s wort, olive leaf, linden and sage (all antioxidants).  It is heavy in hydration and is claimed to boost elasticity and cell renewal.  So it seems that with these wonderful ingredients and hydration my skin really was getting replenished each night and explains why it seemed more hydrated and youthful.




I also have to mention that I LOVE the smell of Sponge’s products and the story behind their product line is quite alluring as well…The products were first created by a doctor for use on pregnant patients…which translates that this skin care line is safe and made with organic, plant and herb-based ingredients! (Always a BIG plus).  The Sponge Skincare products also originate in Greece, and all of the plants and herbs and flowers that are used in their products are grown in Greece.  Can’t you just picture these wild, organic plants growing in a beautiful Grecian countryside?

sponge1 copy

Lastly, between the romantic story, beautiful, signature fragrance and the gorgeous, and simple glass packaging that Sponge Skin Care uses, (AND the improvement of my skin) it is truly a special treat to end my day using Krema Niktas! I highly, highly, highly recommend this Sponge Skincare product!!

Sponge Skincare KREMA NIKTAS Night Cream is available at Beautyhabit Modern Luxe Apothecary for $70.00

BONUS DEAL – GIFT WITH PURCHASE!  Wild Herbs! Straight from the Greek Isles, Sponge Skincare utilizes nature’s most powerful plants & herbs to promote healthy glowing skin! With your $85 or more Sponge purchase, receive a FREE full size Wild Herb Cleansing Gel – a $30 value!

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