How To Find The Right Mask For YOU!

By Jenni and Kristin
What mask is right for you?

Face masks come in a range of formulas to benefit every skin type. Here is a simple guide to follow so you can identify which mask is best for you…

Moisturizing masks
Moisturizing masks are ideal for dry skin complexions as they boost the moisture levels in your skin almost instantly!
They can quickly help banish dry patches, relieve flakiness and even diminish fine lines.
Apply your moisturizing mask with your fingers and gently massage into the skin. Leave for 10-15 minutes, then cleanse with a damp cottonwool pad. The residue will act to protect your skin until you next cleanse.

Clay and mud masks
Clay and mud masks are super for oily or combination skins as they help absorb excess oil and impurities, leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed.
Clay masks also help reduce large pores, blot away shininess and clear away pimples. Clay and mud masks are generally left to dry on the skin for 5-15 minutes.
Then you simply rinse away with warm water, taking the excess grime and dead skin cells with it.

Exfoliating masks
Masks with an exfoliating action are a great pick-me-up for the skin. Dead skin cells can leave your skin looking dull and can lead to problems like blackheads.
Exfoliating masks clear away the dead skin cells leaving the plump, new cells. Some exfoliating masks can be rubbed off with a dry cottonwool pad, while others are rinsed away with warm water, leaving your skin feeling polished and renewed.

Peel-off masks
Peel-off masks can be fun to use and still be a wonderful boost for most skin types. Most peel-off masks have a gel consistency and are left to dry, then peeled away to reveal fresher, nourished skin.
Gel masks
Gel masks are suitable for dry or mature skins as well as oilier skins as they leave the skin feeling refreshed. Simply apply the gel mask, lie quietly for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse off with warm water.
Gel masks are a great treat if your skin is feeling irritated or after too much time in the sun.

Sleep-in Masks-

When we sleep, our pores open up more than when we are awake and our bodies are in a regenerative state so this is the best time to put a delicious mask on your face and let your pores absorb all the nutrients your sleep-in mask has to offer. Laneige’s Water Sleeping Pack is one of the best sleeping masks around.

How To Use: About 30 minutes before you sleep, cleanse your face, apply toner and eye cream. Slather on with a spatula evenly across the face. Wait for it to absorb before heading to bed, you want to do this to avoid the product getting smeared on your pillowcase. Once you wake up in the morning just cleanse your face as normal. This is a really good product to bring with you when you travel so you can thoroughly rehydrate your skin at your destination. Note: it may cause breakouts if you have oily skin. You can buy Laneige Water Sleeping pack for $22 on

Sheet Masks

 With the recent rage in Asian skincare remedies, sheet masks have become popular.These masks are usually made of thick paper or cloth soaked in ingredients for the face with different properties ranging from whitening to moisturizing etc. They are packaged in individual aluminium packs which makes this really easy to travel with as well. A Japanese brand of sheet masks called My Beauty Diary is avaialbe on amazon and has many different types of masks for very cheap. You can try all of their masks in the My Beauty Diary Facial Mask All-in-one Set (16 Pcs)Their top 5 masks are:

How To Use: Tear open the packet of mask align it on your face. The mask have holes in it for fitting over your eyes and mouth. Adjust the mask so that there are no air bubbles underneath. You want the skin to have full contact with the mask to absorb the nutrients. Any excess liquid left in the packet can be massaged onto your neck and arms or hands. Leave the mask on for 10-20 mins as indicated in the packet. Remove the sheet off your face and massage excess liquid onto your face.

**SK-II also makes a very nice sheet mask called SK-II Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask($74.99 on amazon for 6 sheets). Each mask is actually two sheets in one — one sheet for the upper half of your face, one for the lower half. They work in tandem to deliver a noticeably lifted and contoured look to the skin. The Clinique Moisture Surge Facial Sheet Mask($81 on amazon for 6 sheets) is also very good as well for hydration.

Have a Happy Masking Day!

But before you do…a few tips to remember…

When applying a face mask:

  • If you’re prone to allergic reactions, test the mask on the inside of your arm before applying to your face
  • Always apply facial masks to clean skin and follow the directions on the label.
  • To intensify the glow and prolong its effectiveness, keep your mask in the fridge.
  • Be sure to slather on the sunscreen after using a clarifying or exfoliating mask as they may make skin more sensitive.
  • Avoid getting the mask near your eyes so it doesn’t dry up the skin on your eye area and cause premature wrinkles.
  • Use masks no more than once a week unless directed otherwise by a qualified professional.

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