REVIEW: I DEW CARE Disco Kitten Illuminating Diamond 💎 Peel-off Mask

One look in my refrigerator(where I keep more beauty products than food), you will find I have a K beauty(Korean beauty) obsession. I specifically have a Korean mask obsession. When I tried I DEW CARE’s “Disco Kitten Illuminating Diamond Peel-off Mask”, I was confused by the fact that it has a different name on the box than it it does on the back of the jar. The back of the jar calls it the “Magic Chrome Mask Disco Kitten”. I will just call it Disco Kitten for all Illuminating Disco masking purposes. When I put on Disco Kitten for the first time, my skin was very dry and needed a good exfoliation. Peel-off masks are usually a good quick fix for this since it actually takes off a lot of the dead skin cells just from the process of peeling it off. However, this mask also seemed to immediately moisturize and brighten my skin after. My cheeks were so soft and smooth! I definitely will use this whenever I need a pick me up after a night out or when my skin is dry as a bone like it was today. The formula is very thick and gooey. It’s easiest to apply with a silicone mask brush or flat Foundation brush so you don’t get goo everywhere. It is gentle on the skin, and it’s a lot less painful peeling this mask off than other peel off masks I have tried. Some of the harsher Korean peel off masks dry on your face like Saran Wrap, and you can rip out your hairline and some of your eyebrows too while taking it off. I recommend not applying it anywhere near your hairline or eye brows just to be safe.

When it dries on your face, it becomes an iridescent pearlized white color which is really cool looking!  I don’t think it really does anything for your face to look like a pearl but it’s fun nonetheless. Teen girls would probably appreciate looking like a real life sparkling jewel. If you’re looking for a fun skincare gift for a young girl, this mask might be perfect for them or for yourself if you want teenage radiant skin!

If you have sensitive skin, always do a test patch somewhere first. This is a very gentle and super hydrating mask that will leave your skin brighter and as soft as a baby’s bottom. My pores are still thanking me, and I will definitely be adding this mask to my ever growing K beauty collection.

You can shop I Dew Care’s Disco Kitten mask at Ulta for $23.


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