INSTANT RESULTS! Review of Bremenn Upper Eyelid Lifter

By Jenni

Before I review this product I feel like I need to make a Disclaimer…so here it is:  I don’t have large ‘hooded’ eyes like someone, who would be interested in an upper eyelid lifter, may have.  However, I do wake up some mornings with slightly swollen upper eyelids where the skin along my brow bone appears a bit ‘droopy.’  Usually I just need to drink a lot of water, take a cold shower, drink a cup of coffee or whatever it is that day I need to do to ‘wake up and get going.’ Unfortunately though, there are those days where the ‘droopiness’ does not go away! 

Now I firmly believe that great skincare products are very hard to find, mostly because it takes a lot of patience and a long time to see actual visible results from problem solving skincare products.  This is why I typically stay away from anything that promises “Instant results” but since I consider my eyelid problem to be relatively mild and occuring only sporadically,  I decided to give the Bremenn Labs Upper Eyelid Liftera try…

…and only because I’ve completed my Disclaimer  I can say this about Bremenn’s lifting cream – WOW!!! I had unbelievable results INSTANTLY!  I’m talking as soon as I finished rubbing it in and the cream was fully absorbed, my upper lids were tight and bright.  I have no idea if this will work for a more serious “hooded” eye, but if you are looking for just a little help lifting and firming your lids – buy this product immediately!


Upper Eyelid Lifter™
What it is:
An extraordinary eyelid cream that makes your eyes look bigger, brighter, and fresher.

What it is formulated to do:
This specialized formula was created specifically to address deflated, drooping lids for a more wide-awake look. Ordinary eye creams designed to counter under-eye puffiness don’t fit the bill when it comes to supporting sagging eyelids—choose this targeted solution for a serious boost, exactly where you need it.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens

Bremenn Upper Eyelid Lifter Price:         $59.00

Available at: , ,
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