Makeup for Bachelorette Weekend in Vegas: Part One

Jenni wears a rich, bright, and vibrant coral lipstick while in Vegas for a bachelorette party

QUESTION:  You’re in Las Vegas for the weekend, celebrating a close friend’s bachelorette party with 12 of your girlfriends.  On the first night of the celebration, the bride-to-be has supplied matching outfits for everyone – which includes:  Heart shaped sunglasses, black lace leotards and a variety of neon colored tutu’s (yes that’s right the bride-to-be made us all wear tutu’s)…The question is, what color lipstick do you wear?  It must be a shade that fits right in with the bright lights and party-all-night atmosphere in Vegas.  The shade should make a statement like “Yeah that’s right I’m wearing a leotard with a tutu!  So what? I’m in Vegas, I’m ready to have fun and I’m here to party!”

Jenni in Vegas celebrating one of her BFF’s Bachelorette extravaganza…
Yes she’s wearing her tutu on her head!  What do you expect? – It’s Vegas!

ANSWER: My ‘Bachelorette party in Vegas’ lipstick shade pick is…drum roll please…Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color Lipstick in the shade – SUNDAY!

Official description:  “Sunday” is officially described as a rich, bright coral shade.

Jenni says:  I would say “Sunday” is a true coral-red with a touch of magenta and scarlet.  It’s bright and warm with a beautiful rich & full finish!

Official description: A richly pigmented, conditioning lip color that hydrates and protects.  Rich, full coverage lip color enhances the appearance of the lips while Vitamin C and Shea Butter help lips maintain youthful volume, fight fine lines, and give continuous hydration. Paraben free. 
Jenni says:  I can confirm that all of Riley’s lipstick shades do indeed condition, hydrate, enhance and protect my lips – but I’d also like to add that the color “Sunday” looks scintillating & hot, youthfully sexy, outrageously fun and Vegas-tasticly Vibrant! …Yeah that’s right, I just made up a new adjective/saying…

Las Vegas + fantastic + vibrant = “Vegas-tasticly Vibrant”

Definition: It’s Fantastic!!  Something so incredibly dazzling, fun and radiantly bright it can only be found in Vegas!

Official description:  Signature technology!  Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color features an advanced pigment delivery system that keeps the creamy and vibrant color locked in for up to 4 hours. This long-lasting lipstick features vitamin C and shea butter for a protective formula that deeply hydrates, softens and restores the lips.
Jenni says:  Lasting 4 hours is an understatement! This creamy & hydrating lipstick actually looks and feels like a matte stained finish, and it lasted well past 6 hours without smudging or fading!  Need proof?  Just take a look at the pictures below where you can still see the warm coral-red shades of my “Sunday” lipstick shining bright, even after several hours of intense Vegas style dancing…in a tutu!

FINAL THOUGHT:  Sunday Riley has yet another fabulous hit with the lipstick shade “Sunday,”  which happens to also be her signature (and favorite) shade!  I love-love-LOVE this lipstick color!  I had a blast wearing “Sunday” in Vegas this past weekend,  and I felt like a I was 19 years old again with endless energy.   However, you don’t have to be in Vegas or a 19 year old partying like a rock star to enjoy this shade, you can wear this gorgeous and fun lipstick color anywhere – anytime!  It’s simply fantastic, or should I say Vegas-tastic!!!
Riley’s signature shade “Sunday” gets and A +++
$32.00 at Barneys
$32.00 at Dermstore (10% OFF & FREE 2-day shipping with code: REMINDER)

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