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REVIEW: Clé de Peau Beauté Intensive Brightening Mask

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The reason the mask comes in two parts is because apparently each side is designed to target specific areas of the face with different active ingredients. It is supposed to even out your skin tone and brighten IMMEDIATELY. I wouldn’t quite say it does this immediately, but I definitely saw results after using them every week for three weeks. I found that at $120 for 6 masks, sticking to it religiously would be the only way it is worth it to invest in these.  I have used all 6 masks and my skin does seem more even and my melasma has lightened. Melasma is a hormonal skin condition which causes some darkened patches on the face and is exacerbated by sunlight and even heat. It’s an annoying skin condition to have that never goes away, but it’s manageable with products like this and sunscreen. The main two ingredients to deliver these brightening results are Tranexamic acid and Vitamin C. My skin looks hydrated and glowing immediately afterwards. I recommend leaving it on for 20 minutes. Another added bonus, is my pores also appear smaller! If you are over 30, then these masks are great to have since we could all use a little evening out and brightening over the years.
FINAL THOUGHT:  Since Tranexamic acid inhibits Melanin production, this mask is great for people with melasma like me!

intensive brightening mask

A high performance treatment mask for immediate and dramatic treatment of sun spots and… [More]

Price: $160.00

REVIEW: By Terry Ombre Blackstar Cream Eyeshadows

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Blonde Opal color of By Terry’s Ombre Blackstar on Kristin

So, I recently became a big fan of cream eye shadows. This shimmery cream eye shadow stick from By Terry is my absolute favorite. I love how iridescent and pigmented it is. It brightens the eye if you blend it all the way up to the brow with a beauty blender (and not some kind of food like an egg which seems to be trending on twitter right now!).  It goes on incredibly smooth and can be used as a highlighter on the cheeks as well.  I used the ‘Blonde Opal’ color as a base and highlighter for this smokey eye look. I have the ‘Blonde Opal’ color as well as ‘Frozen Quartz’. I have to say that my favorite color between the two is ‘Frozen Quartz’. It’s definitely worth the price since it is really a 2 in 1 product, both an eye shadow AND a highlighter.

By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Frozen Quartz
The tip of the stick.
In bright light.
In low light.
After blending close-up of Ombre Blackstar in Frozen Quartz
Ombre Blackstar in Frozen Quartz after blending.

REVIEW: Top 4 Under-Eye Concealers

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This under eye concealer will change your life! If you are anything like me, you hate applying concealer under your eyes and trying to blend it perfectly without it cracking a part or getting into your eyes. That’s not to mention the worst part of the whole process – having to dab powder on top of your failed attempt of concealing your dark circles – Well if you have these same problems, you can thank me later because I found the solution… This little stick glides on seamlessly because it has a layer of concealer and a layer of ‘bio-lift’ cream (botanical squalane, soy & vitamin E)…so it softens the area while concealing it.
Here is a brief description from the manufacturers, which I firmly believe it to be true:
A concealer that actually works to erase fine lines as it covers them. This powerhouse product combines innovative technology with ultra-smooth color coverage. Its core delivers an anti-wrinkle hexapeptide, relaxing existing lines and prevents new ones from forming. The light reflecting particles offer a hydrated and smooth finish to the undereye area, and the packaging makes it easy to reapply throughout the day as needed. Offers a non-chemical SPF 10.”
After you use the stick to apply the concealer, all you have to do is dab & blend with your finger or with the pointed end of your beauty blender (reviewed here).

Final Thought:
Although I love this product and never leave home without this tiny silver stick stashed away safely in my purse, I do have to use a heavier under eye concealer for those days I need to wear more makeup or I have those pesky stubborn dark circles that appear much bigger than usual. With that said, I have tried many,many, MANY (probably too many) different under eye concealers for such occasions. I have not found ‘the perfect’ one just yet, but I have realized that my skin, and in particular my under the eye skin, requires different types of concealers for different situations. 
Bio Lift Concealer: A (For daytime look with minimal makeup) B (For a heavy makeup ‘night out on the town’ look)
Chantecaille Bio Lift is my go-to daily #1 concealer for a basic cover up, but then I alternate between YSL’s Touche Éclat, Laura Merciers Secret Concealer and Bobbi Browns Creamy Concealer Kit for extra coverage.
YSL touche eclat, blog, beauty blog, concealer review
What it is: A luminizing pen that brings light and radiance to the skin, immediately erases any signs of fatigue, and brightens the complexion.

What it does: The award-winning Yves Saint Laurent TOUCHE ÉCLAT Radiant Touch is like eight hours of sleep and an instant pick-me-up in a magic wand. With a few strategically placed strokes of TOUCHE ÉCLAT, the complexion immediately looks rested, rejuvenated, and radiant.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Neutralizer


Price: $38.00


Size: 0.1 oz
laura mercier secret concealer, beauty blog, bff beauty blog
Product Description:

Developed specifically for use under and around the eye area. Secret Concealer’s moisture-rich, emollient formula is specially designed for the dry, sensitive skin under the eye to conceal discoloration and dark circles.

Laura Mercier Secret Concealer

Moisture-rich concealer designed specifically for under and around the eye area works t… [More]

Price: $27.00


Size: 0.08 oz
bobbi brown, bobbe brown concealer, bff beauty blog, beauty blogs
What it is: A portable kit that includes a versatile concealer and fuss-free pressed powder.
What it does: Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer blends easily to instantly cover and brighten dark circles. It also helps maintain skin’s moisture levels for a smooth, virtually lineless look. Fuss-free pressed powder sets concealer for long-lasting wear.
Size: Creamy Concealer 0.05 oz/Sheer Pressed Powder 0.06 oz

REVIEW: Colbert MD Intensify Facial Discs

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BFF Beauty Girls get microdermabrasion treatments at home – in a bottle!

Facial Discs
Your weekly wake-up call*

Microdermabrasion and enzyme action increase surface cell turnover, prepping the skin and maximizing the effectiveness of the other products in the system. Promotes new collagen production while leaving skin radiant and fresh.

Dampen one disc with water and apply to clean face with a gentle, circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with water. Use morning or night. Follow with The Serum.

*Intensify Facial Discs have been specially formulated for use one to three times a week, depending on skin type. Delicate skin use once a week or bi-weekly, as tolerated.

Bromelain A highly concentrated form of pineapple enzyme, eliminates dull skin and clears environmental toxins. Promotes long term healing while leaving skin fresh and luminous.

Lactic acid A gentle natural exfoliant, helps reduce fine lines, hyper- pigmentation and other signs of aging.

Available at Colbert MD, Barneys, – 20 Discs $58.00

My first Colbert MD purchase, the Intensify Facial Discs, did NOT disappoint – they are truly spectacular.
The Intensify Facial Discs are such a pleasure to use– they come with a backing designed to be peeled back halfway so you have a small built-in handle – it’s genius! Two to three times a week, after cleansing your face, you simply remove a disc from the beautiful glass stained jar and apply to a damp face. As you gently move the disc around your face it begins to lightly foam-up and it feels so refreshing and extremely gentle even on my sensitive skin. Colbert MD recommends massaging over your face in a circular motion for 30-60 seconds and then rinsing off. I’ve been using these discs once every two weeks for about three months now, and have experienced nothing but pure pleasure. I don’t use them as suggested (2-3 times per week) because I use so many other exfoliating products already and I don’t want to destroy my skin’s natural defense barriers.  For me, one at-home microdermabrasion every 14 days has proven to be be just what the Dr. (Dr. Colbert that is) ordered. They’ve never irritated my skin in any way, which is why I love them so much – gentle but still highly effective at exfoliation while leaving my skin smooth, fresh and radiant. To sum it all up, these discs are quick and simple to use, they feel gentle on sensitive skin, and they produce fantastic results!  Your skin feels just like a babies bum!

KRISTIN SAYS: I love the little built in handles on these discs! My combination/ oily T-zone type skin needs to be exfoliated heavily, so these are perfect for me to use as directed 2-3 times a week. The little pads with handles really allow you control where you are scrubbing and get into little crevices easier. I have to exfoliate my nose a little bit more than other areas of my face to keep it from getting congested, and these pads really help with that.

I’ve been using them twice a week, and I notice my pores are so much clearer!  I am using Dr. Colbert’s Facial Discs in conjunction with the new Clarasonic Mia 2 on a regular basis. My products are working better and penetrating my skin even deeper than they would with just regular cleansing.  An at-home microdermabrasion that is gentle like this is appropriate for any skin type, and I highly recommend it if you have stubborn pores like mine that don’t easily let products in to do their work!  As an added bonus, I also love how soft my skin is immediately afterwards! This one definitely earned a place in my medicine cabinet.


Daily Nutrition for Skin

3 Key Products. Once a Day. Every Day.

Colbert MD’s system initiates the skin’s own natural healing and repair processes

Dr. David Colbert is a board certified dermatologist and the founder and head physician of New York Dermatology Group. Working with a leading chemist, he has created an entirely new approach to daily skin care.
Dr. Colbert is a strong believer that healthy, beautiful skin can and should be effortlessly realized by every one of us. Since the skin has its own healing mechanism that will prompt it to regenerate, we can create the environment in which it can repair and restore itself.

How? The ColbertMD daily system nurtures the skin in the same way that dietary nutrients fuel the body’s daily performance and general health. With its groundbreaking patented QuSome™ technology to keep all ingredients potent, the ColbertMD system delivers daily ‘nutrition’ to the dermal levels where cellular renewal and change actually take place.

With this uniquely effective technology, all you do is give your skin the daily care it deserves—your brilliantly simple new skin care routine. ColbertMD, helps you renew, fortify and protect your skin efficiently and naturally. All you need is the nutrition: in three key products, once a day, every day.

“The skin has a beautiful natural ability to heal itself. With the right nutrients, it will renew and change, and do so quickly and completely”

– David Colbert MD

THE FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT: Cutting-Edge Brightening & Tightening Products

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4 New Brightening and Tightening products developed using science, ‘futuristic’ technology, and cutting-edge ingredients


New Technology – Biotechnical Fermentation Process (Bioferm)

Summary – An exclusive complex that mimics the paralyzing protein in viper venom to smooth out wrinkles, firm up skin, erase past sun damage and even-out skin tone – all while regenerating skin cells.

Company Details – IMMUNOCOLOGIE is the first ever skincare formulation to work in cooperation with the skin’s immune system. Created with a unique BioTechnical Fermentation Process (Bioferm), IMMUNOCOLOGIE repairs and rejuvenates skin from the inside out.
The story of IMMUNOCOLOGIE is linked to that of Hungarian biochemist Albert SzentGy Szent Gyorki, the Nobel Prize winner who discovered Vitamin C. His work on Oxidation, Fermentation, Vitamins, Health, and Disease inspired IMMUNOCOLOGIE formulator Manzoor Jaffery who already made his mark in history by being the first to discover the anti-aging properties of and patent Alpha Hydroxy Acids – to develop an original skincare range based on the extraordinary benefits of biofermentation.

Treatment Crème VenoMAX – Manufacturers Description – This superior regenerating Crème delivers immediate and lasting hydration while providing essential nutrition to skin cells. Its rich but lightweight formula supports the natural immune barrier function of the cutaneous tissue with a Bioferm complex of Elk Antler Velvet (EAV) and Marine Phytoplankton. EAV is a powerful anti-inflammatory that has been shown to stimulate cell growth. Marine Phytoplankton is a powerful immuno-stimulant that has been proven to regenerate damaged and aging skin by accelerating and sustaining collagen production human fibroblasts.

Key Ingredients:

  • EAV- Elk Antler Velvet
  • Marine Phytoplankton
  • Mangosteen

Key Benefits:

  • Powerful cell growth factors.
  • Potent anti-inflammatory substances with aging the immune system becomes less effective and inflammatory activity increases.
  • Provides unsurpassed long lasting hydration.
  • Firms and tones the skin.
  • Helps to erase past sun damage and even skin tone while regenerating skin cells.
  • Skin feels soft and supple with a renewed clarity

Available at ($275)


New Technology – Advanced ion-based

Summary – This eye renewal system reduces wrinkles by pairing topical treatments with an advanced ion-based technology. Delivering Hyaluronic via micro-current.

Product Description – The WrinkleMD Eye System is a Hyaluronic filler system that uses a gentle micro-current to deliver Hyaluronic Acid — the wrinkle-filler injected by dermatologists — and peptides by infusing them into the layers of your skin, deeper than creams or serums can reach. Each 40-minute treatment targets wrinkles with an intensive boost of Hyaluronic Acid. Visible results are immediate and continue to improve with as little as one treatment per week. All you feel is a gentle, euphoric tingle and all you see is beautiful, younger-looking skin.
Without Hyaluronic Acid, our skin’s network of collagen and elastin is weakened, leading to wrinkles, loss of firmness and loss of hydration. The WrinkleMD Eye System delivers Hyaluronic Acid directly where you want it — in the skin’s surface – without injections.
Clinical Results at Home
After 40 Minutes:
In clinical tests, 95% of women experienced immediate results after 40 minutes: smoother, softer, plumper-looking skin, with a significant reduction in the appearance of fine lines.
After 4 Weeks:
With continued use, women saw even greater results – firmer, younger-looking skin and a dramatic reduction in the appearance of deep-set wrinkles. 
Kit Includes:
Activator Pod and Pouch
The power source for the patches, the heart and brains of the WrinkleMD Eye System.
Eye PatchTreatments, 6 pairs
Skin Prep Wipes, 6 wipes
Eye Serum C, 0.25 oz
After approximately 25 treatments, the Activator Pod will stop working and should be disposed of and replaced.
Available at ($179)
Discount Alert – $129.00 for complete system PLUS 20% off using code FAB20 at
New Technology – Exclusive Melatreatment Complex
Summary – This sleek little pen delivers a “Melatreatment” complex to lighten spots, acne scars and blemishes without the use of a beaching agent.

Product Description – Erase age spots at the deepest levels for luminous, even skin. A powerful dark spot corrector that: Reduces the appearance of age spots. Promotes an even, clear complexion.
The Age Spot Brightening Pen regenerates damaged elastin fibers to restore resiliency and release trapped melanin. Its exclusive Melatreatment Complex™ quickly and dramatically reduces visible discoloration, not only on the surface, but also between the layers of skin.
Key Ingredients:
  • Horsetail extract – Accelerates production of elastin, releasing trapped melanin.
  • Melatreatment Complex™ – Prevents the accumulation of melanin.

About Amore Pacific:

More than 60 years ago, Amore Pacific founder Sung-Hwan Suh introduced his concept of harnessing the natural restorative powers of indigenous Asian botanicals to deliver a more healthy, youthful appearance. The Amore Pacific collection features treatments derived from plants such as bamboo, green tea and Korean red ginseng, which are harvested at peak times to capture the highest nutrient potency.
Available at ($140)
New Technology – Concentrated Peptide P-199
Summary – This eye cream is formulated with “Peptide P-199” a technology that treats signs of aging by reactivating dormant stem cells.

What it is:
An eye cream that treats all signs of aging around the delicate eye area.
What it is formulated to do:
Formulated with Peptide P-199, this concentrated treatment helps with dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness. A younger, more radiant appearance results.
What it is formulated WITHOUT:
  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Synthetic Dyes
  • Petrochemicals
  • Phthalates
  • GMOs
  • Triclosan
What else you need to know:
According to Kate Somerville, this eye cream reactivates dormant stem cells. Kate Somerville CytoCell™ Dark Circle Corrective Eye Cream is an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner.
Research results:
According to Kate Somerville, after four weeks of use, a 25-person user study revealed:
  • 88% said skin around their eye area appears dramatically more hydrated
  • 72% said their overall appearance feels significantly more youthful
  • 64% reported that darkness under the eye appears significantly lighter and brighter
  • 60% said dark circles under the eye appear dramatically reduced
  • 76% reported they would highly recommend this product to a friend
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