REVIEW: Tom Ford Makeup Brushes

Review, pictures, and measurements of the luxurious Tom Ford Deluxe 5-Piece Brush Set


Tom Ford Deluxe Five-Piece Brush Set – $365.00

The Tom Ford Brush Set brings ease and luxury to applying your makeup.

Five brushes are meticulously crafted from the finest fibers to perform expertly with Tom Ford color cosmetics. The mahogany-brown, soft-sided portfolio, finished with Tom Ford’s signature gold zipper, holds the Tom Ford shade and illuminates brush, bronzer brush, cheek brush, eye shadow contour brush and eye shadow brush.

 Tom Ford’s brush collection is designed to bring ease and luxury to the process of creating your look—they make expert makeup application completely effortless.

About Tom Ford:

After gaining international fame turning Gucci into an icon of sexy, modern fashion, American designer Tom Ford introduced his own collection in 2005. Part of the original line: visionary eyewear designs that were instantly sported by celebrities and international jet setters.



These brushes are the most luxurious brushes I’ve ever owned or used before.  Everything about these brushes are first class: the beautiful packaging, the gold ferrule and sturdy handles, the quality of gorgeous white hair and the flawless finishes they provide.  The only downside is the price, with the cheapest brush starting at $45 (lip brush) and going up to $110 (bronzer brush.)  However, I believe the hefty price tag on these brushes are worth it because they truly provide for a more natural looking makeup application and they make the process of applying makeup so much easier!  I always enjoy using my Tom Ford brushes and I continue to be impressed with the superb quality of these beauties!

There are 12 white bristle brushes, natural or synthetic depending on the brush, in the Tom Ford brush collection.  My first purchase was the Cream Foundation Brush (review HERE,) and then the Eye Shadow Blend Brush.  Both purchases proved to be outstanding products and some of my best purchases for 2012.  I loved them so much, I ended up buying the deluxe 5-piece brush set from Neiman Marcus for $365.00 as a Christmas present for myself.  It was worth it, plus you get a beautiful Tom Ford brush case that’s perfect for travel!

Here are my quick thoughts and my overall experience with these brushes:

  • All brushes are incredible soft to the touch
  • The hair is perfectly shaped and they don’t emit any weird odors
  • NO shedding what so ever!
  • NO loss of shade or shape after washing
  • Larger face brushes are very densely packed.
  • Smaller eye shadow brushes can be used with cream or powder formulas
  • Easy to clean and always revert back to original shape

The Tom Ford Brush Set includes:


My additional Tom Ford Brush purchases include:



Sculpt and contour the face with precision using this brush designed as the companion to the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate compact. Developed with synthetic hair, it helps to highlight or shade the face to achieve symmetry without creating streaks or unnatural lines. Handle is designed for true comfort and balance.

Full Length – 5.4″ (13.7cm)

Hair Length – .63″ (1.6cm)

Handle Length – 3.4″ (8.6cm)

To be honest i’ve only used this brush once since I got it, so I don’t feel like I can offer an accurate review.  I will be sure to update this post after more uses.



Disperse powder evenly all over the face with this luxuriously soft and smooth brush made with natural hair. Designed to pick up the optimal amount of product to achieve gorgeous and radiant skin. It can also be used as an all-over-face blending tool to smooth lines and create a seamless look after makeup is applied. Handle is designed for true comfort and balance.

Full Length – 6.75″ (17.145cm)

Hair Length – 1.75″ (4.5cm)

Handle Length – 3.4″ (8.6cm)

This brush is UNBELIEVABLE! Out of this world bronzer/powder brush that’s so incredible soft you’ll find yourself brushing your face randomly throughout the day. Well-balanced and sturdy it grabs just the right amount of bronzer or powder for application.  The bristles feel like heaven on your skin and it always distributes the powder perfectly even around the face.


CHEEK BRUSH ($75.00)

Achieve concise and effortless cheek color application with this ultra-soft brush developed with natural hair. It allows complete versatility: layer color to desired intensity or sheer it down to transparency. Handle is designed for true comfort and balance.

Full Length – 6.125″ (15.5cm)

Hair Length – 1.25″ (3.2cm)

Handle Length – 3.25″ (8.3cm)

Perfect for a beautiful, even and natural looking flush of color on the cheeks.  Extremely soft and dense, this brush is also excellent for blending.



The Tom Ford Eye Shadow Brush was designed to craft a softer, allover eye effect. Developed with natural hair, it picks up color with ease and glides it effortlessly onto the skin. Handle is designed for true comfort and balance.

Full Length – 6.75″ (17.145cm)

Hair Length – .5″ (1.27cm)

Handle Length – 4.75″ (12cm)

I’m obsessed with this brush for base eye shadow in cream or powder.  It picks up the right amount of shadow for a soft, crease-free application.  I also love how it’s not too heavy at first swipe so that i’m able to build the color and intensity.

eye shadow brush


The Tom Ford Eye Shadow Contour Brush, developed with natural hair, ensures a flawless crease and corner eye shadow application. A perfect companion for the Tom Ford Eye Color Quads. Handle is designed for true comfort and balance.

Full Length – 6.5″ (16.51cm)

Hair Length – .38″ (.96cm)

Handle Length – 4.5″ (11.43cm)

One of my favorite brushes in the whole collection, the angled hair makes it easier to apply shadow in the crease and outer corners.  I’ve been able to master the ‘outer V’ when going for smokey eyes because you can pack a lot of color on the dense tip of this brush before blending it.  LOVE IT!!!



Create perfect shade gradation with the Tom Ford Eye Shadow Blend brush. Made with natural hair, it effortlessly softens and blurs any harsh color lines. Essential for blending the different eye shadow formulas in the Tom Ford Eye Color Quad. Handle is designed for true comfort and balance.

Full Length – 6.75″ (17.145cm)

Hair Length – 0.65″ (1.6cm)

Handle Length – 4.75″ (12cm)

You only need to dip the tip of this brush in a tiny amount of shadow when using, otherwise the color will not look soft inside the crease.   I  love to use this brush for the crease color but not so much for blending.  I like a fuller and looser brush for blending, this brush is too densely packed for my liking (just when blending.)



Custom designed and developed with natural hair to be the perfect partner for the Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick, this brush flawlessly blends the product’s creamy texture onto skin with a seamless look and delivers the right amount of product where needed. Handle is designed for true comfort and balance.

Full Length – 5.9″ (15cm)

Hair Length – 1″ (2.5cm)

Handle Length – 3.4″ (8.6cm)

*See my full review of the Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush HERE




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