Raw Detox Juices from The Juice Press and Bee Yummy Skincare Line

Kristin Visits The Juice Press and Reviews Bee Yummy Skincare

I decided to explore the world of fresh pressed juices because I love how my skin looks when I drink fresh juice and the energy I feel afterwards! I went along with my friend Julie, “the detox expert”, to some of her favorite spots to pick up some of these skin rejuvenating green fresh pressed juices at The Juice Press as well as some natural Bee Yummy products at Live Live & Organic next door on East 10th Street. 

The Juice Press offers fresh pressed juices made using a norwalk cold press machine which is designed to maximize nutrient and enzyme extraction. They have juices, smoothies, as well as raw food items that include raw oatmeal, kale salad, ravioli(raw sliced turnip filled with homemade vegan cashew cheese) as well as sandwiches like the avocado on toast and desserts like the coconut mousse Julie tried(mmmmm!). First, I drank a “F***ing Genius* water which is supposed to help your brain work better. I felt this was necessary for all the information on fresh pressed juices, juice cleansing and organic bee pollen harvesting I was about to absorb. I decided to start my day by eating their avocado on toast which is great for your skin, hair and nails. Any of their green juices are good for your skin too! The Juice Press girl at the counter recommended starting every day with a green juice and a shot of spirulina to brighten up your skin and detox in general. To go a few steps further, you can even do one of their juice cleanses by drinking six of their juices a day. You don’t necessarily have to do a full-on juice cleanse to enjoy the benefits of fresh pressed juice though…just drink more raw juice, eat more greens and cut out processed foods. However, if you live in NYC and are interested, it costs $54.44 per day to do a juice cleanse with The Juice Press. You can pick up your juices at one of their shops or have them delivered. Each juice lasts 2-3 days in a refrigerator set below 38 degrees. When you eat and drink clean your skin looks clean! www.thejuicepressonline.com

Here are some pictures from The Juice Press…

At The Juice Press with Julie
Me enjoying some “F****ing Genius”Water…yes that’s the name. It contains their “ginko brain formula”, vegan DHA omega oil, aloe, and filtered water and it’s supposed to help your brain work better. I think it may have worked! 

Julie and her “Doctor Green” juice and coconut mousse

Dr. Green Juice and F***ing Genius Water

Raw Food item: Avocado on Toasted sprouted grain bread.
Inside the Juice Press…they are dog friendly!

Juice press home delivery orders
Their Green Juice Stock!

Next stop was Live Live & Organic. This is a healthfood store with a specialty in bee pollen products. To my surprise, Live Live & Organic also carries the RMS beauty line. I LOVE their Lip 2 Cheek colors and their Uncover-up. Review on RMS beauty to come soon! They obtain their honey and bee pollen from a farm upstate for the Bee Yummy line that includes an Eye and Lip Cream, a Honey Face Lift Mask, and Skin Food cream.  I really wanted to try their Bee Yummy Skinfood and their Honey Face Lift Mask made with honey cappings. They also carry bee pollen and honey cappings you can eat or mix into a drink. I tried the Honey Face Lift mask as soon as I got home, and it is divine! It leaves your skin totally moisturized and smooth. Since honey has antibacterial properties, I could feel it gently cleaning out my pores as well. You can leave this mask on overnight as well! The Skin Food cream is great if you’re having any issues with dryness or any blemishes that are drying up and need to be healed. It is a live and organic moisturizer that feeds your skin nutrients as it repairs. The bee pollen contains 96 unprocessed natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and hormones to nourish your skin within minutes of application. It’s amazing! Bee Yummy Skin food $39.00 for 2oz and $66.00 for 4oz. Bee Yummy Face Lift Mask $22.00 www.live-live.com 

At Live-Live & Organic to purchase their Bee Yummy line

Bee Yummy skincare products

Bee Yummy Skin Food 

About Bee Yummy Honey from their website:
 Honey is collected from the wildflowers, is unfiltered (just dripped from the comb), and contains the cappings of the hive with their precious, mysterious substances. Pollen, depending on season, is from a mixture of Wild Dandelion, Wild Roses, Raspberries, Asparagus, Goldenrod, Wild Apples, and Cherry Tree blossoms. Propolis is of the highest quality: only from Poplar and Fir trees. The flowers of St. Johnswort are picked by hand at noon, when the juices are drawn up from the roots, stems, and leaves into the flowers. Only select, young tips of Balsam Fir are used as a vitamin C source. No preservatives are needed because Honey, Propolis, and Balsam Fir are the nature’s best preservatives and antibiotics. Honey is the only food on earth that will keep forever, and so will our cream. You have my full money back guarantee.

Review coming soon…
The RMS Beauty line

RMS at Live Live & Organic

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