REVIEW: Arcona Toner Tea Bar

Jenni reviews Arcona’s 100% organic cleansing soap bar

This cleanser, in the shape of a large soap bar, is currently my latest beauty product obsession.  I can’t get enough of it!  I look forward to washing my face each morning and night; I even try to figure out some accuse as to why I need to wash my face in the middle of the day.  I’m so in love with this bar right now, its just so much fun to use!


ARCONA Toner Tea Bar

Antioxidant facial cleanser heals and strengthens your skin as it tones and minimizes pores. Neutralize free radicals, calm and protect skin with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory green and black teas. Nourish, oxygenate and clarify your skin with antibacterial enzyme-rich manuka honey and vitamin E. Maintain your skin’s natural ph balance with soothing lecithin, yucca and aloe extracts.

Directions: Use daily: Apply to wet face with light, upward and outward circles. Rinse well.

Available in 4oz

I bought the Arcona Toner Tea Bar three weeks ago because I was simply bored with my cleansing routine.  I don’t know if this happens to many other people, where your skin just isn’t reacting the same way it used to while using a product.  It’s almost like my skin ‘adapts’ to a cleanser after 6 months of using it.  I have no scientific bases for this, and I completely admit that it’s probably in my head, but I swear this ‘adapting’ thing happens to me all the time.  Anyways, the cleansers I was using just weren’t up to par as of late, and so I wanted to try something new – something different – something exciting…hello Arcona Toner Tea Bar.

First off, it’s a bar of soap, yes that’s definitely different but I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to like it.  You have to wet your face (not the Toner Tea bar) and then apply the bar to your face in a circular motion for about one minute.

OK so this is new, there’s not a lot of water involved and I’m holding my cleanser in my hand just rubbing away.  It’s annoying at first to try and figure out the contours of your face and the best way to get around all the groves to clean everything.  However, you get used to it very quickly and by your third wash you’re an expert with moving that bar effortlessly around your face.

After the minute was up I was surprised because there wasn’t much soap residue on my face and I wasn’t quite sure enough ‘toner tea’ was released from the bar.  But during the next phase of washing my concerns were quickly silenced because once you apply water to your face again the remaining soap comes to life in a fabulous foaming frenzy!  Your face lathers up with toner tea and you can really feel the ingredients working as they deeply penetrate your pores and cleanse everything thoroughly!  Afterwards your face feels so incredibly squeaky clean, you can actually hear the ‘squeak’ noises of your fingers rubbing up against your cheeks.  Best part is that you’re clean but not dry in the least.  In fact, my face always feels silky smooth afterwards and it does an excellent job at tightening pores!
Also, you don’t even have to rinse the bar off, you just place it back in the convenient container with a built in ‘drip pad’, close the lid and your done!  It’s fabulous!!!

FINAL THOUGHT:  If you are bored with your current cleansing routine, and feel like shaking things up a bit – then I highly recommend giving Arcona’s cleansing bars a try.  I’m currently obsessed with mine and I can’t imagine anyone else being disappointed.  The only thing I will warn people about is that this bar may feel too drying on already dry skin.  Even though it doesn’t dry my skin at all, I can imagine if someone who enjoys a more moisturized feeling from their cleanser, may not enjoy the uber-clean feeling the Toner Tea Bar provides.

Arcona Toner Tea Bar ($38) is available at Arcona, Nordstroms,,,

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