Review: Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo

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I  had the opportunity try out the new Batiste Cherry during New York Fashion Week and I loved it! It was perfect for last minute touch ups before shows to add some volume to my hair as I seemed to be going all over the city for the shows this season. My hair was getting weighed down and blown all over by arctic winds on the way to the different venues! All I had to do in the bathroom was make a few quick parts on the top of my head, spray it down the middle, rub vigorously and comb it out to absorb the excess oil. My hair looked fresh and bouncy…and also smelled like cherries! I love how the can looks on my dressing table as well. It’s so cute! From the Batiste website: “Batiste Dry Shampoo is specially formulated to banish away oily roots and revitalize dull, lifeless hair. Simply spray Batiste lightly onto your hair, massage in thoroughly with your fingertips and then brush it out. The special Batiste formula absorbs dirt, grease, and product build up while giving lifeless hair a quick boost in just a few short minutes.”IMAG1215_1
Dry shampoo doesn’t have to exclusively be used for absorbing grease and creating volume in your hair though! Charlotte Ronson’s collection at NYFW was about woodlands and romanticism. Lead hair stylist, Stephanie Hayes, used Batiste Cherry to create “lived in” bun looks with lots of headbands and hair accessories on the models!1898071_621435291239034_235942814_n 1621957_621450927904137_2135879320_n 1798724_621435787905651_897389555_n 1796642_621450347904195_2142639580_n
 Steps to create the look:
1. Create a defined center parting and apply Batiste Cherry to theroots and lengths to create texture. By spritzing at a distance, the look becomes lived in rather than dusty.
2. Sweep the hair into a low ponytail, keeping an inch section loose,and secure using a black velvet band. Lightly spritz with shine spray.
3. Twist the ponytail and then using a gold scallop effect band (not grips) lightly tie into a bun. Use the loose hair, originally left out,to then wrap around the bun to blend the two bands. The effect is aloose, unstructured bun that isn’t tight to the head.
4. Gently tease out hair around the front hair line and in the bun forthat soft dishevelled finish and then spritz Batiste for a soft fly-away effect.
My favorite hair looks of the show:
CharlotteRonson_016_1366.450x675CharlotteRonson_001_1366.450x675CharlotteRonson_008_1366.450x675CharlotteRonson_019_1366.450x6751920307_621448937904336_2087424797_n1782026_621449137904316_1753111241_n 1959987_621449604570936_221170156_n*PR Sample*
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