REVIEW: Chantecaille’s Nano Gold Eye Treatments

Jenni reviews two new eye treatments from Chantecaille’s Nano Gold collection…

I just recently bought two eye treatments from the Nano Gold collection with a Neiman Marcus gift card I had received last Christmas.  I’m glad I still had the gift card because the retail prices in the gold collection are a little too high for me.  However, knowing Chantecaille’s track record with impeccable products I did have to prepare myself for the possibility of these eye treatments being so incredible that I would just have to re-purchase…and the verdict is – I’m gonna need to sell some stuff on eBay so I can afford to re-purchase my newly beloved Nano Gold eye serum & cream.  Once again…I’m in Love with Chantecaille!

Nano Gold Energizing Eye Serum

I’ve been using both the eye serum and eye cream every night for about two weeks now,  First I apply this beautiful gold stick with a rolling ball applicator, and it feels fabulous as it touches my skin; cooling and soothing my delicate under eye area.

Product Description:
24k Nano Gold helps prevent aging and improves cellular respiration by safely delivering healing botanicals deep into the skin resulting in more energized radiant eyes.

LycoSkin, derived from tomato stem cells, protects from the highly destructive effects of heavy metals on the skin, helping prevent the breakdown of the cellular matrix and greatly strengthening the skin.

Raspberry Stem Cells deliver a robust array of antioxidants, reducing inflammation and slowing the aging process.

The Anti-Wrinkle Hexapeptide has a Botox™-like effect and visibly reduces the depth and length of wrinkles.

White Flower Stem Cells emphatically stimulate and repair collagen growth in skin cells, strengthening thin skin around the eyes.

Matrixyl 3000™ increases production of collagen and plumps the skin from within, visibly reducing the appearance of crow’s feet by 45% in 60 days.

Peptidic Complex stimulates lymphatic drainage around the eyes, soothing and depuffing the skin.

Roller ball applicator gently messages, helping flush out toxins. The result is groundbreaking anti-aging ingredients for the eyes.  97% Botanicals. Paraben free

Nano Gold Energizing Eye Serum – $210.00

Nano Gold Energizing Eye Cream

After the Serum I gently apply a small amount of the Nano Gold Energizing Eye Cream with the included applicator stick, and then dab it in with my finger…the results – WOW!!! Is pretty much all I can say, it’s the perfect texture to compliment the serum because it’s thicker and really locks in the moisture. I also love the slight tint of gold as it covers up my dark circles immediately AND it works throughout the night to reduce my fine lines and correct those dark circles. I definitely wake up with a firmer and brighter eye area.

Product Description:
Nano Gold Energizing Eye Cream is an innovative, highly technical eye cream that uses advanced technology to smooth, firm, and rebuild the delicate skin around the eyes.
This highly efficient cream relies on groundbreaking nano-technology to safely deliver pure gold at a cellular level–which, when bound to silk proteins, penetrates the skin to stimulate cell regeneration and collagen production.
New Swiss Plant stem cell technology from a rare species of apple also penetrates the skin to activate the cell renewal process.
Active peptides and Chinese Ginseng increase cell respiration and blood circulation to reduce dark circles and puffiness, while a suite of natural botanicals including organic Shea butter, jasmine, mimosa, and narcissus flower waxes hydrate the skin to contribute to the anti-aging process.
Light diffusing spheres and advanced photo reflectors all contribute to a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, energizing the skin to make it healthier, firmer and stronger.

Nano Gold Energizing Eye Cream – $265.00

Final Thought: A+++ for Nano Gold!!!!!

Check out these “Before & After” pictures of Chantecaille’s Nano Gold Eye Treatments.  Hopefully you will be able to see how the ‘hint of gold’ really works wonders for covering up dark circles…

*Note – I have nothing on my eye’s in after pictures except the Nano Gold Eye Treatments.

Before (Left Column) – After (Right Column)

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