REVIEW: Clé de Peau Beauté Intensive Brightening Mask


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The reason the mask comes in two parts is because apparently each side is designed to target specific areas of the face with different active ingredients. It is supposed to even out your skin tone and brighten IMMEDIATELY. I wouldn’t quite say it does this immediately, but I definitely saw results after using them every week for three weeks. I found that at $120 for 6 masks, sticking to it religiously would be the only way it is worth it to invest in these.  I have used all 6 masks and my skin does seem more even and my melasma has lightened. Melasma is a hormonal skin condition which causes some darkened patches on the face and is exacerbated by sunlight and even heat. It’s an annoying skin condition to have that never goes away, but it’s manageable with products like this and sunscreen. The main two ingredients to deliver these brightening results are Tranexamic acid and Vitamin C. My skin looks hydrated and glowing immediately afterwards. I recommend leaving it on for 20 minutes. Another added bonus, is my pores also appear smaller! If you are over 30, then these masks are great to have since we could all use a little evening out and brightening over the years.
FINAL THOUGHT:  Since Tranexamic acid inhibits Melanin production, this mask is great for people with melasma like me!

intensive brightening mask

A high performance treatment mask for immediate and dramatic treatment of sun spots and… [More]

Price: $160.00

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