REVIEW: Dr. Haushka Lip Balm

Special guest writer and Beauty BFF, Carly, reviews a rich & nourishing lip balm from Dr. Haushka’s all-natural skincare line

Guest Writer and Beauty BFF – Carly

Between living in the dry desert climate here in Utah, and also having a terrible habit of picking the dry skin off of my lips until they bleed, I have lip ointments of every kind imaginable in every place imaginable–car, junk drawers, bathroom drawers, pockets of every jacket, etc. etc.
I feel I have given many, many kinds of lip ointments a try over the years at healing my dry, cracked, sore lips. On Sunday night, my lips were about as dry and sore as they get…they were literally cracking and bleeding (sorry if that is TMI). I decided to try Dr. Haushka’s Lip Balm…

It literally felt like magic on my sore, chapped lips. I felt like it immediately went to work healing them–I would compare it to pulling a warm blanket out of the dryer when you are freezing cold, and rapping yourself in it while sipping a hot beverage. That’s the best way to describe the sensation I felt on my lips. I obsessively reapplied it for the remainder of the night (even in the middle of the night!), and woke up with a dramatic difference in my lips. They were moist, and most of the sores and cracks were healing up already. Plus, again, another organic, and natural product that you can feel good about putting on your lips/skin. I would definitely purchase this product!!

Product Description:  An intensive care product to protect and heal your lips.

Enlivens and strengthens the lips.
This rich balm gives intensive nourishment to dry, cracked lips. Anthyllis and Calendula extracts stimulate skin renewal and healing, whilst waxes and oils soften the lips. Lip Balm provides a translucent shine and aids in the prevention of fine lines around the mouth.

  • Calendula and St. John’swort extracts encourage renewal
  • Silk and anthyllis strengthen delicate lip tissue
  • Jojoba and wheat germ oils moisturize and protect
  • Natural botanical ingredients do not encourage dependency

$16.95 / 0.14 oz
Available at and

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