REVIEW: Haircut at the new NYC hair salon “A.K.A Cedric” PLUS Tips for a great Blow Dry!

Kristin gets a haircut at the brand new NYC Salon “A.K.A Cedric” and gets some great blow drying tips & tricks!

Cedric Celik has been cutting my hair for almost 10 years from back when he worked at Frederick Fekkai in New York City. Even when I’ve lived in other countries and different cities over the years, I would always come back to see him and have always regarded him with giving me the best haircuts I’ve ever had! That’s why I was ecstatic to learn that he was opening his very own salon this summer called AKA Cedric in NYC on West 37th Street! Here is a little bit more about Cedric from the salon’s website:

“Fuat Celik, aka Cedric, is Aramaic, born in Turkey where he lived until his family moved to Brussels, Belgium in 1980. It was while living in Brussels as a young man Cedric discovered his passion for hair styling. He studied at the prestigious beauty school in Brussels, Cours Professionnels de Coiffure d’Ixelles. After CPCI, with dreams and aspirations stretching beyond Belgium, Cedric got a job as an assistant with the world renowned Jaques Dessange Salon in Brussels. Before long Cedric became one of the top stylists and began teaching the Dessange technique.

In 1998, Cedric’s dreams of moving to America were brought to fruition when he was offered a job with Frederic Fekkai in Los Angeles. At Fekkai, Cedric worked with numerous celebrities and high-profile clients. Yet again, with his passion and love for his art, buttressed by a strong work ethic, Cedric quickly became one of the top senior stylists and trainers of the Fekkai technique. After his success in LA, Cedric felt he had one last territory to claim before he would be satisfied with his career. Moving to New York in 2001, Cedric repeated his success story for the third time.

Cedric owes much of his success to his schooling, his family, the Jacques Dessange team, the Frederic Fekkai team and Executive Success Programs, a personal growth company.

After several years of working for industry icons, Cedric decided it was time raise the bar yet again and start anew. In 2009, Cedric left Frederic Fekkai to start his own private hair studio, AKA Cedric.”

AKA Cedric is a beautiful salon by appointment only, and I was lucky enough to come in for a pre-opening complimentary haircut recently! My experience and my hair was beautiful! The salon is sleek yet comfortable and inviting…Cedric and his staff are so nice and make you feel right at home!

Cedric washed and cut my hair. Best shampoo and head massage ever! He even did a Moroccanoil hair mask on my hair. I loved the Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask so much, I bought it(review to come)! It made my hair so silky smooth and healthy afterwards. A great tip from Cedric was to apply it and then drape a hot dampened towel around your hair while you let the mask do it it’s magic! He left it on for about 10 minutes…the longer you can leave it on the better! You can purchase this mask at AKA Cedric or other salons that carry Morrocanoil products or in-person at drugstores like Duane Reade and Ricky’s NYC (Moroccanoil products are for retail exclusively through professional salons and are not authorized for online distribution).

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask

For my haircut, Cedric gave me some nice natural layers and took off just enough of the dead ends to give my hair some new life and bounce! I got a natural and healthy looking result, which is all I could ever want!

Cedric and I after my wonderful haircut!

Cedric working on another client.

Shaeena Etienne gave me an amazing blowout! She also gave me some great tips to give myself a silky smooth and volumized blowout at home! The key are *velcro rollers* which you can get at any drugstore! You’ll also need a round metal brush, and these two amazing L’Oreal Professionnel Products from their Texture Expert line: Lift extreme root lifting mousse before the blowout and Infinium 4 finishing spray after. These products do wonders are suitable for all hair types!

BLOW DRYING TIP: As you blow dry each section, put your sections of hair up in velcro rollers to take out frizz and static. Release them all when finished for a smooth and volumized look!

L’Oreal Professionnel INFINIUM 4 FINISHING SPRAYFinishing spray that leaves your hair looking glossy and shiny!
L’Oreal Professionnel LIFT EXTREME- Root lifting mousse that gives you a huge amount of volume and bounce that will last all day!

I had a great experience at akaCedric and plan on coming here for years to come! Call for your appointment with Cedric or one of his amazing stylists or for a fantastic blowout by Shaeena! akaCedric Salon is running a $35 blowout special until Sept 5th!

AKA Cedric Salon
8-10 west 37th street, 2nd floor,

(212) 933-0580
9:00 am – 7:00 pm
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