REVIEW: ISUN Vegan Moisturizing Mask

Guest Writer and Beauty BFF, Carly, reviews a richly nourishing, 100% Organic and Vegan Moisturizing Mask by ISUN

 ISUN – Vegan Moisturizing Mask – 50 ml – $39.00

Raw superfoods high in antioxidants enliven this deeply penetrating and delicious vegan moisturizing mask. Raw shea butter from Ghana and extra virgin coconut oil are blended with agave nectar, goji berries and raw cacao with concentrations of acai berries, raspberry and cranberry oils to create excellent moisturizing and nourishing benefits.

Skin is richly nourished, deeply moisturized and protected.

Agave Nectar*, Raw Ghana Shea Butter*, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil*, Tibetan Goji Berries*, Aloe Vera Juice*, Goji Berry Extract*, Rice Bran Wax, Acai Extract*, Raw Cacao*, Aspen Bark Extract, Cardamom Essential Oil*, Raspberry Seed Oil*, Cranberry Seed Oil*, Seabuckthorn Berry Oil*, Vitamin E Tocopherols, Vanilla Absolute*.

*Organic or Wildcrafted.

Beauty BFF – Carly

WOW. I tried ISUN’s Vegan Moisturizing Mask and was amazed how energized my skin immediately felt. It has a dark, rich color, and smells like chocolate and coconut, and other wonderful super foods. It is a raw, super food product—exuding mega antioxidants, and health.

Once applied, my skin immediately began tingling and getting warm—which is interesting for a mask that is meant to be moisturizing. It is touted to “enliven and deeply penetrate” the skin—which is exactly how I would describe the sensations I felt while using it. I left it on for about 20minutes while I went about my nighttime routine. After rinsing it off, my skin felt very stimulated, soft and nourished. I had a nice healthy flush on my cheeks. This product seems to deliver exactly what it advertises; moisture, hydration, nourishment, and it’s delicious—it truly smelled good enough to eat. I wanted to pour a little over some fresh berries for dessert!

I love the fact that ISUN Vegan Moisturizing Mask is made from vegan super foods such as shea butter from Ghana and extra virgin coconut oil, agave nectar, gogi berries and raw cacao, acai berries, raspberry, and cranberry! No wonder I felt like tasting it!! Eating these ingredients is proven to be healthy for your body—why wouldn’t they be wonderful for your skin too?! I enjoyed trying this mask–I would choose to use it when my facial skin needs a little “pick me up,” something to make it look healthy and alive. It’s nice to know there are products out there that can deliver the look of good health, and be fantastically healthy for you at the same time. I look forward to many more treatments using this product!

ISUN – Vegan Moisturizing Mask – 50 ml
Available at $39.00

ISUN is pure, dynamic skin care that synergizes nature and advanced science with intuition and caring. The result is an amazing range of organic and natural products that feel good, smell fantastic and give your skin outstanding, transforming results!

Organic, wild-crafted and natural plant ingredients used in the products are chosen for their regenerating, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, purifying and moisture-balancing benefits for great, younger-looking skin. Plants are selected for their purity, sustainability, biodynamic growing and harvesting methods, and to help support domestic organic farmers and indigenous cultures in fair trade.

ISUN skin care products give peak performance with unusually high levels of skin-transforming ingredients kept vitally alive with natural cold-process manufacturing techniques. To maximize effectiveness, special anti-aging treatment products are enhanced with active regenerating plant extracts that include peptides, activating enzymes, and powerful antioxidants.

Every step in the production of ISUN products happens in the company’s own lab facility and fulfillment center in the pristine San Juan Mountains of Colorado. The products are made with great care and with the intention that ISUN will not only give you the results you want in safe, organic and natural skincare, but also that you will feel a renewed sense of well-being and joy for yourself and to share with others.

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