REVIEW: Karuna Anti-oxidant Treatment Mask

BFF Beauty Girls review an All-natural & Organic Antioxidant Treatment Mask by Karuna

As Kristin explained in her previous Karuna Treatment Mask review (Anti-Aging Mask review HERE,) Karuna’s company philosophy is all about loving others and loving oneself as the word “Karuna” means compassion.  There are also quotes from the Dalai Lama on the inside cover of each mask, along with a description of the mask’s “mission” and a list of all the ingredients in the mask which will help you achieve that mission. 

Today we are reviewing the “Antioxidant” mask, and below are a few pictures of the beautiful Karuna packaging, the mission and the Dalai Lama quote:

Kristin Says: I reviewed the Karuna Anti-Aging Treatment Mask HERE right after Mother’s Day, and I thought it was time to use one of their masks again since it’s been a little over a month, and I loved how my skin felt the last time!

Jenni Says: I would reccomend Karuna masks for all skin types, because the organic & pure ingredients as well as the all-natural fiber cloth provides for a truly natural and nourishing experience. I agree with Karuna 100% that these masks will “bring care and compassion to all skin types with a feeling of hydration, nourishment and renewal.”

Directions for the Antioxidant mask and the Fiber Cloth:

Kristin Says:  I just came back from the beach so I thought it would be a good idea to fight some free radicals. I wasn’t ready to go indoors yet in the air conditioning so I sat outside with it on:

It is easiest to take it fully out of all the packaging before applying it to my face
Relaxing with my mask on!

Jenni Says: I used the Antioxidant mask for the first time two months ago, and I enjoyed it so much that i’ve used it three times since then. I’m all out of Karuna masks so I will definetly be re-purchasing for the summer.  Below is a picture of me ‘masking’ with my dog Cooper by my side:

Kristin Says: I found this mask to be very similar to the Karuna Anti-Aging mask…except a little less slimy and a different smell(both are pleasant and not too strong). The feeling during the Anti-oxidant mask was the same as well(relaxing, cooling and almost numbing effect after 20 minutes). My skin also felt soft, revitalized, and moisturized after I removed it. I think these masks are great for relaxation and moisture, but they are all pretty comparable as far as results so I wouldn’t say it matters which one you buy! They are both great! I think they would also be more beneficial if used something like once or twice a week. I will have to re-purchase some at and take advantage of their 20% off sale (details of sale below) to use more frequently during these next 8 weeks of summer!  I’m sure my skin will thank me for it!

Karuna Anti-Oxidant Treatment Masks($28.00)
**SAVE 20% at right now with promo code BEACH20

Jenni Says: What I like most about this mask are the soothing and calming properties it provides for my sensitive skin. The plant extracts, peptides and antioxidants worked wonders on balancing my skin tone, while clearing my skin of free radicals.  Below are a few before & after pictures showing how the karuna mask helped clear the red spots on my irritated skin:

After ‘masking’ my skin is calmed and free of red spots!

Kristin Says: After the mask, I applied samples I had of By Terry Firming-Lift Radiant Eye Serum and By Terry Baume de Rose on my lips…REVIEWS TO COME on those products and many more By Terry goodies next week from the BFF Beauty Girls’ upcoming 4th of July beach trip!

Feeling happy and revitalized after the mask wearing By Terry Firming-Lift Radiant Eye Serum and By Terry Baume de Rose on my lips
By Terry Baume de Rose (in sample jar)
By Terry Firming-Lift Radiant Eye Serum

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