REVIEW: LaVanila Labratories “The Healthy Deodorant”

All of the BFF Beauty Girls rave about LaVanila Laboratories – The Healthy Deodorant in Vanilla Coconut.  Finally there’s an all-natural & aluminum-free deodorant that smells amazing and actually works!

The Healthy Deodorant in Vanilla Coconut first came on to our radar when BFF Beauty Girl, Alex, proclaimed “this stuff smells amazing, you have to try it!” 

Shortly after Alex announced her obsession with this product, the love for LaVanila continued to spread like wildfire as the BFF Beauty founders, Kristin & Jenni, tried The Healthy Deodorant in Alex’s favorite scent, Vanilla Coconut, as well as in Vanilla Passion Fruit.
This stuff IS amazing!

With three enthusiastic stamps of approval from Alex, Kristin and Jenni, there was only one Beauty BFF ‘tester’ left before being able to officially claim LaVanila’s The Healthy Deodorant the BEST all-natural deodorant around.  Which brings us back to the current review… 

Continue reading to find out what BFF Beauty Girl, Carly has to say about Vanilla Coconut. Does she love The Healthy Deodorant too?  Could it be that we found the only all-natural deodorant that smells amazing AND actually works?
But first, a quick description from LaVanila Laboratories…
LaVanila Laboratories “The Healthy Deodorant”


What it is:

A clinical-strength deodorant that is 100 percent natural, safe, and effective.


What it is formulated to do:
LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant uses beta-glucan technology to effectively fight odor while soothing, conditioning, and strengthening the skin. It goes on clean, with no sticky wetness, and delivers long-lasting, luxurious results.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Synthetic Dyes
– Petro-Chemicals
– Phthalates

What else you need to know:
This dermatologist-recommended, non-irritating, allergy-tested formula does not contain aluminum or mineral oils.

Key Ingredients in Vanilla Coconut:

  • Beta-Glucan technology: Promotes healthy skin and fights odor with a complex of powerful antioxidants, anti-bacterial agents, and polysaccharides.
  • Goji Berry: Provides powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, 21 essential minerals, and 18 amino acids.
  • Japanese Honeysuckle: Acts as a natural preservative and an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Lichen Lemon and Tea Tree Oils: Prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Provide safe, long-lasting protection sans harsh chemicals or alcohol. 

It’s going on over 6 years now that I have been trying various brands of natural deodorant. I have tried countless different formulas with varying scents, and have never found any as effective (nor with a better fragrance) as “The Healthy Deodorant,” by LaVanila Laboratories.

I have been using “The Healthy Deodorant” for close to a month now, and have already put it to some extreme tests. The most noteworthy of these “tests” being putting it on first thing in the morning (8:00 a.m.) and then going on about a busy and very active day—which included cycling up a mountain, and then coming home and quickly changing my clothes (no shower—didn’t have time!!!), so that I could relieve my babysitter…by now it is 2:00 p.m. and guess what??  No under arm odor!! AMAZING! And, this was not just one of those random days where maybe I just didn’t sweat as much, or didn’t smell as much for some reason—I have repeated this particular “test” multiple times now, among many other just-as-active days, and still no under arm odor!! Up until now, I have had to keep an emergency stash of aluminum and chemical ridden deodorants in my cabinet for those times that I could not chance being smelly!

I am absolutely thrilled to have discovered “The Healthy Deodorant!” Finding a natural and effective deodorant has been a topic of discussion and conversations with many girlfriends, book club gatherings, and with the poor souls who work in the health and beauty section at Whole Foods, whom I have tortured with my questions about natural deodorants for years! (No exaggeration). I cannot tell you what a relief it is to find a natural deodorant that really and truly works! I am in love with this deodorant–I love how wonderful it smells, and I love the cool and refreshing feeling when applying it.

No white residue when applied onto arm

LaVanila Laboratories is a fantastic company dedicated to creating products that are carefully formulated with the highest quality of organic as well as natural ingredients. All of their fantastic products are completely free of harsh chemicals. “The Healthy Deodorant” in particular is free of parabens, aluminum, and all other harsh chemicals—plus as an added bonus they include soothing essential oils and powerful anti-oxidants.


LaVanila Laboratories also offers other face and body products on their Web site, including a “Healthy Baby” collection, sun screen, and fun gift packages—all of these being available in 8 different scents. Did I mention how delicious and refreshing “The Healthy Deodorant” is in the Vanilla Coconut scent?? HA! I can only imagine how wonderful the other scents must be! 

More scents available in The Healthy Deodorant:


The Healthy Deodorant is available at:
Lavanila – single for $18.00, trio pack for $44.00
Sephora – $18.00
Skinstore – $18.00 with 20% OFF using code SSANNIV at checkout

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3 thoughts on “REVIEW: LaVanila Labratories “The Healthy Deodorant”

  1. Yes! I love it, and I know LaVanila is one of Jenni’s favorites too! She used it all throughout her pregnancy this past year! It even comes in travel sizes. Thanks for your recommendation Danielle!


  2. After trying tons of natural deodorants, this one still ranks very highly for me as well. I loved reading each of your opinions and honest reviews on this deodorant and am so happy that it worked so well for all of you. 🙂

    All the best,


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