REVIEW: My New obsession “Malin+Goetz”

Jenni Reviews Several Products from Malin+Goetz

Not so long ago I got this Malin+Goetz Mojito Lip Balm ($12.00 – .35 oz) inside a gift bag from a Bloomingdales.  It’s incredibly soothing, has a delightfully fresh minty taste & smell, and glides on smoothly without leaving a sticky residue.  So after going through the sample in less then a week, I returned to buy another tube of lip balm and was given another sample – but this time it was of the Grapefruit Face Cleanser.  Long story short, I returned week after week, purchasing one more product and getting one more sample…fast forward to today, I ended up buying everything that I sampled and as you can see (in the picture above) I have a new obsession with Malin + Goetz!
About Malin+Goetz:  MALIN+GOETZ is a family-owned business located in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. Each advanced formula blends trusted natural ingredients with gentle performance technologies to address skin sensitivities, irritations and allergies resulting from unnecessary products and harsh ingredients.
Lime Hand Wash & Rum Hand Wash: I’m obsessive compulsive when it comes to washing my hands, I’m constantly scrubbing away at them with whatever harsh hand soap is available.  I can think of at least 6 instances per day, that I’m cleaning my hands as a result of my two Fur Children (some people call them dogs but they’re really just babies in fur coats.)  That doesn’t even include the harshest ‘hand wash’ of the day, doing the dishes with the chemical-rich dish soap.  Because of this repetitive hand washing problem, my hands are left stripped of their natural oils and extremely rough, tough and dry.  But after using this Lime and Rum hand wash, my hands are looking about 10 years younger!  It lathers and foams up nicely, doesn’t feel thick or sticky and rinsing off cleanly.  But the best part is how soft, fresh and squeaky clean it leaves my hands.  I now have a bottle of either the Lime or Rum wash at every sink in my home.  ($20.00 – 8.5 oz)
Product Description: Our foaming cleansing hand gel synthesizes our fresh lime tonic eau de toilette with amino acid-based cleansing agents. Gently and effectively purifies and balances all skin types, unlike traditionally harsh detergents. Blended to hydrate, rinsing free of residue without irritation, drying or stripping; helping to reduce epidermal stress.
Grapefruit Face Cleanser: This wonderful cleanser produces just the right amount of foam to effectively clean out my pores without stripping or drying my skin.  The 0.5% grapefruit extract invigorates my skin and provides  refreshing citrus smells while I wash. I have a bottle of this cleanser in my shower, because I love to use it in the morning to help ‘wake up my skin.’
Product Description:  Our foaming cleansing gel synthesizes natural grapefruit extract with amino acid-based cleansing agents. Unlike traditionally harsh detergents that can be drying, stripping and irritating, this formula gently and thoroughly purifies and hydrates to ph balance all skin types, especially sensitive. Rinses residue free, eliminating the need for a toner. Perfect make-up removal. Natural fragrance and color. Easily integrated into daily maintenance and prevention regimen ($30.00 – 8 oz)

Eucalyptus Deodorant: I use this fabulous deodorant as much as I can because it’s all natural, its smells delicious, it glides on perfectly while feeling crisp & cool, it doesn’t feel sticky at all and it doesn’t dry out my skin.  But most importantly it prevents me from stinking without putting harmful aluminum in my pores!  The only negative is that the natural ingredients aren’t strong enough to work during certain activities like exercising – but that’s OK, I just alternate between my Eucalyptus and Secret, and I’m all good!

Product Description:  Synthesized with refreshing natural eucalyptus extract and odor-neutralizing citronellyl for 24 hour effectiveness, our deodorant is appropriate for all skin types, especially sensitive. Blended to absorb without residue, staining, irritation and pore clogging. Natural fragrance and color. ($18.00 2.6 oz)
Detox Face Mask: This is my favorite product from Malin + Goetz, but that’s probably because I’m in love with all Foaming Masks in general.  This one holds a special spot in my heart though because the gel feels so AMAZING on my skin and it leaves my face feeling incredibly clean, rejuvenated and ‘detoxified.’  Love it!
Product Description:  An easy five minute foaming gel mask: Innovative, oxygenating cleansing agents replace harsh detergents and drying clays to deep-pore-cleanse, lifting dirt, oil and make-up away from the skin without irritation, while creating a physical barrier to seal hydration. Complex amino acids and natural almond extract gently and effectively purify, clarify, balance and soothe. Stable Vitamin C, anti-oxidant Vitamin E and Soy Protein help firm and address concerns for aging. Natural fragrance and color. ($40.00 – 4 oz)
Vitamin B5 Hand Treatment: I am loving this hand cream more and more every day.  It really does feel like a vitamin hand treatment as appose to just another cream.  It doesn’t feel sticky or slimy, it absorbs right in and the more I use it the more I see definite improvements in my hands texture and appearance.  Vitamin B-5 keeps your skin moisturized and keeps your skins metabolism stable, while penetrating into deeper layers of skin and stimulating skin-pigment formation. Great hand treatment!!!
Product Description: Our oil-free, residue-free hand treatment scientifically synthesizes natural vitamin b5 and soothing almond extract with absorbent fatty acids for performance. Naturally hydrates and ph balances all skin types, unlike traditionally greasy, pore-clogging oils and wax and silicone fillers. No slick or slippery false sense of moisturize. A nourishing treatment that eliminates wait-time for use of hands. Natural almond fragrance and color. Easily integrated into daily maintenance and prevention regimen. ($20.00 1.7 oz)
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