REVIEW: Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel

Jenni reviews an innovative anti-ageing formula that helps to volumize and define facial contours.



Rodial’s revolutionary dragon’s blood sculpting gel, an innovative anti-ageing gel which helps to define facial contours and plump sagging skin. Rodial dragon’s blood works by forming a unique second skin-like film around the face which effectively protects, reduces redness & firms for a smoother, plumper & more youthful looking complexion.

Dragon’s blood – contains phytotherapeutic actives that when applied creates a second skin-like film to protect against free radical damage and stimulates cell regeneration. Anti-inflammatory properties soothe and repair skin and reduce redness.

Collageneer – a patented active ingredient that effectively increases the synthesis of collagen, ensuring skin appears tighter, firmer and more wrinkle-free by promoting the production of high quality collagen.

Volufiline™ – increases fatty deposits within the skin to provide a fuller and plumper more line-free appearance.

Commipheroline – renowned for its anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulant properties, a more line-free appearance is created through a plumping action, by modulating two key mechanisms that activate lipogenesis.


  • Trial volunteers saw an increase in skin elasticity by 92% in 3 months
  • Trial volunteers saw a reduction in skin sagging by 72% in 3 months
  • Skin is dramatically defined and volumized
  • Skin is firmer around the jaw line and cheek bones with improved tonicity

How to use: Gently massage onto a cleansed face and neck morning and evening, allowing gel to absorb thoroughly.

If you’ve already read my previous Rodial product review, the Glamoxy Snake Mask (review here), than you know I’m a little obsessed with the brand Rodial right now.  I’ve purchased many Rodial products recently and I continue to be impressed with their superb quality and amazing results.  The Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel that I’m reviewing today, happens to be my absolute favorite Rodial product that I’ve tried so far.  It’s one of those products that when you try it for the first time, you feel like it was created specifically for you and your skin, and all you can think about is “where has this product been hiding all my life?”  It’s extremely rare that I get this feeling and I instantly fall in love, but when I do it’s a special moment and I know it’s a phenomenal product!

Now I understand that just because my skin reacted so well to Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel, doesn’t mean that your skin will do the same…but I have to believe many other people share my sentiments for this product, considering it’s completely sold out on Rodial’s website.  Also, I read somewhere that Dragon’s Blood was included in one of those Academy Awards gift bags, and as a result it has become a huge hit among celebrities and movie stars alike.  Additionally, Lady Gaga is said to be have prepped for the Golden Globes with a Rodial Dragon’s Blood routine and both Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckham are fans of the line.

OK enough fawning over this product already, it’s time for my actual review…

With a name like Dragon’s Blood and packaged in a bright orange bottle, I can imagine this product either grabs your attention immediately or puts you off – fortunately for me, I first heard about Dragon’s Blood (the ingredient) when it was featured on a Dr. Oz show about remedies for dry skin.  As Dr. Oz explained, this bright red resin comes from a tree in the Amazon and is a storehouse of phytonutrients.  It accelerates healing and creates a barrier to lock in moisture.  I was thoroughly intrigued and even more excited to try Rodial’s product containing this amazing ingredient– I wanted me some Dragon’s Blood ASAP!

The Dragon’s Blood Range by Rodial

What’s in a name anyways? Well Dragon’s Blood is actually the name of a dark red tree sap (that Dr. Oz was talking about) of the Sangre de Grado tree from the Amazon.  The sap from the Dragon’s Blood Tree is said to have super healing powers and has been used as a form of medicine for hundreds of years.  Rodial harnessed these powers in a sculpting gel that claims to reduce redness and inflammation, increase volume and elasticity and protect against environmental damage.

Out of all the claims, what grabbed my attention most were phrases like – calming, healing, and reducing redness for sensitive skin.  I desperately needed a soothing, calming gel since I do have sensitive skin and I’m very prone to random red spots, irritated skin and inflammation.

The texture is a creamy gel-serum, that is light enough to layer under a moisturizer like a serum, but also rich enough to wear alone if you have oily skin.  It glides on so smoothly and it has a pleasant cooling effect as you swipe it around the contours of your face.  The consistency may weird you out at first, only because it’s unlike any other gel/serum  out there.  You really can’t tell if it’s sticky or gooey or what it is – but I need to stress the point that this confusion only occurs AT FIRST touch, because once you feel it glide up against your face, it’s pure magic!  It melts into the grooves incredibly quickly and leaves a lovely soft ‘second-skin’ effect.

Once fully applied onto my face and neck, I couldn’t believe (and still can’t believe) how accurate the description of Dragon’s Blood is.  Amazingly, this product really does lift and sculpt the face, hydrate, plump and define facial contours – and it does so instantly!

Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel on finger tips

Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel blended into hand

But wait there’s more!  Can you believe I haven’t even told you about the best part yet?  Well about 5 minutes after application, the most amazing thing happens to your skin…ALL redness, ALL blotchiness, ALL irritation – ALL GONE!  I really don’t know how it does it, but I really don’t care because I’m so incredibly grateful that I’ve found my super-serum for calming irritated skin.  I use Rodial’s Dragon Blood Sculpting Gel all the time now, I simply love it!  It has allowed me the luxury of being able to test more products and try out different makeup looks without having to constantly worry about my sensitive skin becoming irritated every time I put something on my face.  Dragon’s Blood is my new product savior that not only calms my skin down but also makes it looks fantastic! I HIGHLY recommend this product to everyone, no matter what your skin type is I can’t imagine someone not enjoying this liquid face-lift!

Being that it’s the Year of the Dragon, with wealth and power as the dominate themes, go ahead and treat yourself to a powerful age-defying product that’s rich with phytotherapeutic actives – Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel! ($95.00)

Available at: (sold out  online)

Nordstrom (sold out online) (20% OFF with code FAB20) 

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9 thoughts on “REVIEW: Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel


  2. That’s interesting because i’ve only ever purchased my Rodial from Nordstroms and it comes in a box. Without seeing your bottle I can’t say for sure if it’s 100% authentic, but if you’d like to email us some pictures of your bottle ( i’d be happy to compare it to mine and let you know if it looks similar.
    Also, Rodial is available at with 20% OFF discount by using code HEARTS20 at checkout. Hope that helps!
    Thanks for reading our blog!
    -J & K

  3. Hi, Just asking for a friend who just bought Dragonsblood. Since she started using the cream (I think that is what she’s using) her skin now has two tones like she’s peeling. Is this normal?


  4. I would say this is not normal and she should stop using it as she may have an allergy to it. If she only just started using it, maybe she can reintroduce it to her skin every other day until it gets used to it. Otherwise, she should go for something less intense. Let me know if she would like a recommendation!


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  7. I’ve just started using redial producers.

    Do you use this gel after the spray toner or immediacy after using the cleanser.


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