REVIEW: Rodial Glamoxy Snake Mask

Jenni reviews a jet black ‘peel off’ mask with paralyzing viper venom technology and potent brightening ingredients

The Rodial Glamoxy Snake Mask is a black peel-off face mask that contains amino acids and licorice to deep cleanse your pores and brighten your complexion, and has peptides to smooth out impurities and fine lines.  Rodial explains that the combination of ingredients mimic a snakes paralyzing venom “to instantly lift the face, freeze muscles and plump fine lines and wrinkles.”

You know the expression “Beauty is pain” or the commonly posed question “How far will you go for beauty?” – well both can be applied to the Glamoxy Snake Mask, but not necessarily in a bad way.  What I’m trying to say is that this product is a serious mask for those serious about their beauty and willing to try just about anything for desired results.  Speaking of results…the Glamoxy Snake Mask does indeed deliver! Now is this jet black brightening mask worth it?…It is for me, but ultimately you will decide if it’s worth it for you.  Hopefully this review, with pros & cons from my own experience, will help you make that decision.

Before I get into my review, below is the product description of the Glamoxy Snake Mask, and I also highly suggest you check out Rodial’s website HERE and browse through their collection of fabulous skincare, body care and self-tanning products.  With names like ‘Glamoxy Snake Serum’, ‘Glamtox balm’, ‘Boob Job’ (yes that’s right a cream to help improve the look of your bust area) and ‘Dragons Blood Sculpting Gel’ – how could you not be intrigued with Rodial?  I know I am, and I’ll be reviewing several more Rodial products in the upcoming weeks, including: ‘Arm Sculpt’, ‘Glam Balm Lip’ and my personal fave ‘Bum Lift’.

Glamoxy™ Snake Serum created a frenzy when it launched in spring 2010 and quickly became Rodial’s fastest-selling product. It was heralded as the new ‘Botox in a Bottle,’ the glamorous alternative to surgery. This revolutionary oxygenated, viper-inspired serum contains SYN-AKE®, a neuropeptide that mimics the effects of the Temple Viper’s potent venom to instantly lift the face, freeze muscles and plump fine lines and wrinkles. Following the success of Glamoxy™ Snake Serum, Rodial is proud to launch Glamoxy™ Snake Mask!

Glamoxy™ Snake Mask is an innovative black peel-off formula that visibly improves skin radiance and texture. Amino acids and licorice brighten skin tone, while enriched minerals deep cleanse and purify pores to remove excess oil, dirt and impurities. Contains dipeptides, inspired by the potent effects of Temple Viper venom, to help reduce the appearance of fine lines.


  • French clay: deep cleansing and decongesting, helps to reduce pore size, draws out impurities and excess sebum.
  • Cosflor licorice brightens and corrects skin tone.
  • Pomegranate extract is a powerful antioxidant to protect the skin from aging.1.7 oz.

By Rodial.

The snake mask has a thick gel consistency that’s very sticky so it’s not the easiest mask to spread around your face quickly or evenly.  It actually took me two separate times to accurately apply the mask.

I kid you not, it smells just like a gin martini because of the strong alcohol scent (alcohol is 2nd listed ingredient) mixed with whatever other fragrance it contains.  However any traces of alcohol dissipates rather quickly and it ends up smelling pretty nice.  Once applied it dries almost immediately and it looks a little creepy on.  But I have to admit, after the initial ‘creepiness’ it was fun to look at myself in the mirror with a jet black mask on. 

Your face begins to tighten right away and even through the jet black coloring, you can see your skin’s texture becoming smoother and smoother…

Since the mask dried so quickly and formed a hard shield around my face, I had to feel around for a bit in order to find an area where I could begin peeling.  After I was able to loosen up one of the outer edges, it was fairly easy to peel the rest of the mask off…except for when I got to my nose.  In the whole nasal area it felt like I was peeling off my actual skin! Yikes!! It was like removing a piece of scotch tape off of my nose.  It wasn’t painful or anything like that, you just have to peel slowly off sensitive areas like the nose; and no need to worry, I wasn’t peeling any skin away, just removing tons of dead skin cells!

After I peeled the entire mask off and removed a few lingering strips of black ‘venom serum’ with some warm water, I was honestly shocked at the results.  Despite some surface redness from having just removed the mask, my skin was incredibly smooth and tight!  Turns out it’s actually tons of fun to ‘peel off’ a mask and reveal a fresher, brighter & tighter layer of skin!

Almost there…

Ahhh all done.  Hello Glamoxy Glow!

Also, the mask definitely delivers an immediate brightening effect.  As you will see in the photos below, my skin has a luminous shine and overall brightness to it.  If these are the results after just one use I can imagine that repeated usage will help with stubborn discoloration and hyper pigmentation.
Another positive result of using the mask is that it removed virtually all small bumps, spots and impurities from my skin.  Because of the ‘peel off’ feature, it’s almost like those pore clearing strips that I know we all used as teenagers, and then looked closely at the strip afterwards to see all the blackheads that came off.

Looks like a black snake just shed its’ skin

oooh Glamoxy snake skin

eew it’s just my dead skin

Glamoxy snake-stache!

Enjoying the ‘venom paralyzing’ effects from the mask…
Good bye fine lines & sun spots! Don’t ever come back!!

The Rodial Glamoxy Snake Mask is not the prettiest color to look at, it has a strong smell of alcohol for about 30 seconds, it’s somewhat expensive, if you peel too fast it can feel like you’re ripping the skin off on your nose (even though your not at all) and the remaining residue can be messy and annoying to get out of your eyebrows/hairline… BUT… it delivers as promised IMMEDIATE tightening and brightening!  So I pose this question once again, how far will you go for beauty?  If the pros I’ve listed outweigh the cons, than I highly recommend Rodial’s Glamoxy Jet Black Snake Mask!  In fact, I don’t consider my so-called ‘cons‘ to be problematic since the whole experience turned out to be lots of fun!
Personally, I like to use my GlamGlow Exfoliating Mud Mask (review here) twice a week for smoothing fine lines and improving overall complexion, but when I need to instantly and miraculously lift, tighten & brighten – then I’ll grab the Glamoxy Snake Mask for sure!  I love it!

Rodial ‘Glamoxy™’ Snake Mask is available at Nordstroms ($83.00) and ($75.00)

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