REVIEW: Rouge Bunny Rouge Dazzling Sip Shimmering Luxe Balm

Jenni reviews the truly luxurious ‘Luxe Balm’ by Rouge Bunny Rouge

Dazzling Sip Shimmering Luxe Balm –Sip of Pink

Product Description: This treatment balm adds a barely-there hint of pink, with a subtle golden glimmer.

It’s a soothing yet scintillating mélange of exuberance and healing which quenches your lips with richness while glinting them with a light veil of precious pearls. This sumptuously luxuriant balm melts creamily, dispelling cold and fatigue, making your lips as soft to the touch as unopened buds, while also polishing them with a dewy gleam. Your shining smile will sweep everyone around you into the heart of the Water Faeries’ abode, where you can swim unabashed in your own bubble of contentment!

Luxury care, with a reflection of pearls. An innovative lip balm that nourishes, restores and protects with a Triglyceride-packed formula. With specially selected actives: an emollient complex, Rice Bran Oil and Vitamin E for anti-oxidant and emollient properties. Aloe adds moisture and promotes natural healing. A structured, full-bodied cream glides on smoothly and melts onto the lips. The immediate results are healthy lips with a brilliant veil of precious pearls.

Small Tricks: As an additional care use DAZZLING SIP under your lipstick or gloss.

Jenni says: OK so usually we show lots of pictures of lip products we are reviewing on our lips or pictures of us in different situations wearing whatever lips gloss/treatment, so I apologize ahead of time for not providing similar pictures for Dazzling Sip Shimmering Luxe Balm…but since Dazzling Sip is really a treatment balm with subtle hints of color, pictures will not do this product any justice.  The true magic of Dazzling Sip comes to life in person – when the natural light hits your lips with a “reflection of pearls,” and revealing a ever so sweet pink opulence & golden shimmer!

With that said, I will begin my official review and start with the key factor (in my opinion) that makes Dazzling Sip Shimmering Luxe Balm out-perform many other Lip Balms… Well my biggest problem with most lip glosses & lip treatments – APPLICATORS! I can’t stand flimsy applicators, small applicators, gooey or sticky applicators, harsh stick applicators or the worst offender of all – no applicator at all, and having to use your finger instead. I will never understand why a cosmetics company would make a ‘pot’ of their lip product, forcing you to stick your finger in the ‘goo’ (infecting it with whatever bacteria you have) and then applying it to your lip…what the hell are you supposed to do with the residue left on your finger? It’s all good when applying a ‘pot of gloss’ in the comfort of your own bathroom, with your mirror in front of you, and soap & tissues to clean your hand afterwards – but how many times, throughout the day, do we find ourselves needing nourishment for our lips outside of these pristine conditions? A LOT! And so bad applicators are just not an option for people serious about their beauty…I am serious about my beauty, and odds are if you are reading this…you are too.  On behalf of all of the serious beauty girls out there, THANK YOU Rouge Bunny Rouge for making a lip treatment balm in a shape of the perfect applicator – a lipstick!
This soothing and healing balm melts on your lips, providing complete nourishment with its triglyceride and anti-oxidant formula. And if that wasn’t enough, Sip of Pink leaves a beautiful light veil of color that would be best described as – A soft and precious dewy-pink with a touch of golden shimmer. It’s neither glossy nor matte, it’s more like a mist of pinky-peach hydration covering your lips with an unparalleled glow. 
**Side Note – If someone came to me and said “I can afford to buy three Rouge Bunny Rouge Lip products, what should I buy?”  I would chose products with colors that will work on every one’s lip and I would reply with these:
1) Lip potion or xxx Lip plump (depending on your preferred look of pampered lips or plumped lips)
2) Dazzling Sip Shimmering Luxe Balm in ‘Sip of Pink’
3) Color Burst Lipstick in ‘Nothing Unknown’
– These three products will provide for perfectly healthy, glowing, glamorous and youthful lips!

Dazzling Sip gets an A +++ in my book, and I am 100% recommending it to everyone out there serious about their beauty and especially their lips!

Check out this video from for Dazzling Sip shimmering Luxe Balm application tips & tricks…

Rouge Bunny Rouge Dazzling Sip Shimmering Luxe Balm is available at (US $26.00) and (UK £33.92)

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