REVIEW: Rouge Bunny Rouge For Love of Roses Original Skin Blush “Gracilis”

Jenni reviews: Rouge Bunny Rouge For Love of Roses Original Skin Blush – Gracilis
This review is PART 2 of a three part feature where I review the products I used to create my own “Rouge Bunny Rouge Look.”
Last week I tested out a few of my recent Rouge Bunny Rouge makeup purchases, by creating a ‘casual daytime look’ for work.  I received so many compliments from people asking me about the makeup I was wearing, that I decided to take a few pictures and review my entire Rouge Bunny Rouge look! 
The products I used: 

I also used Fine-spun Light Luminous Skin Wand to conceal my under-eye dark circles, and I highlighted my face for a slightly bronzed glow, by using Rouge Bunny Rouge’s As If It Were Still Summer…Bronzing Glow Powder “AT GOLDCOMBE BAY.”  But Kristin and I will be reviewing this bronzer together, in a couple weeks when we test out more Rouge Bunny Rouge looks.

A few pictures of my ‘Rouge Bunny Rouge Look’ wearing all three products…

For Love of Roses Original Skin Blush – GRACILIS
Gracilis Color Description: Medium rose with a hint of mauve, for a natural glow – Best suited to pale, cool complexions

For Love of Roses Original Skin Blush in “Gracilis” is another favorite RBR product of mine. It’s simply spectacular! The quality of the formula will astonish you, seriously don’t be fooled by the ‘cutesy’ floral imprints on the surface – this is NOT a little girls “lets play with fun makeup” type of blush, Gracilis is a sophisticated and luxurious formula that would put many well known high-end brand blushes to shame.

Here is what Rouge Bunny Rouge says about their Original Skin Blushes…

Gracilis is a powder blush, but it’s so finely milled that it glides on like cream blush, and feels silky soft to the touch. I couldn’t believe how smooth the finish was on both my cheeks and fingers!

For application I used the Rouge Bunny Rouge Blusher Brush 002, and I must say I was just as impressed with the quality of the brush as I was with the blush.  Just a few dabs into the powder, on each side of the brush, resulted in an effortless and even application.

Once applied the color is equally spectacular, and even though the color description suggests “best suited to pale, cool complexions,” I have neither, and I think the color is perfect for me.  When I arrive in NY (on July 1st), for the remainder of the summer, Kristin and I will be ‘playing’ with all of our Rouge Bunny Rouge products to create different looks, and so I am anxious to see how Gracilis wears on her ‘cool’ skin tone.  I’m sure it will be beautiful, but we will post our results with more reviews for you all to see as well.
Here are some lightly applied (two strokes at most) swatches of Gracilis on my arm…

Below are some pictures of me wearing “Gracilis” with nothing else on my face except moisturizer. I purposely applied more blush here, than I did on my arm, so you could see how the color builds …

For Love of Roses Original Skin Blush – $31.00
All Rouge Bunny Rouge products are available at Zuneta and Beauty Habit
Check out this video from Zuneta of the Original Skin Blush appllication tips and tricks:

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