REVIEW: Rouge Bunny Rouge Lipgloss “Coy” and “Loves Logic”

Kristin and Jenni wear Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Coy & Loves Logic Lipgloss at the beach!

Jenni (left) “Coy” – A warm sheer strawberry, glistening with silver, gold and fuchsia pearls – A gloss to make your lips look fuller and truly just-kissed

Kristin (right) “Loves Logic” – A Creamy, sheer pink-coral, shimmering with cool white pearls


Jenni says: Coy is a darker shaded gloss than what I am used to wearing. Out of all the Rouge Bunny Rouge lip glosses, Coy is my least favorite, simply for that reason of it being a warmer strawberry red as opposed to my preferred pale sheer pink. However, I do still think it’s a beautiful color and would recommend it on anyone with an olive or tanned complexion. I would love to see this shade on someone with darker hair and/or medium to dark skin; I think the natural reddish tint would look hot!


Kristin says: I love this color! Loves Logic is such a nice iridescent pink that you can wear every day to give your skin and eyes a pop. It really catches the light! This pink color will bring out the natural pink hues in your lips and also give a plumping effect because of the shimmer.

***See more pictures (here) of Kristin wearing Loves Logic***

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