REVIEW: Rouge Bunny Rouge Long Lasting Trio Eye Shadow Keeper

What’s in my Rouge Bunny Rouge Trio Keeper?

Let’s take a look inside…

But first…whispers from the enchanted garden of Rouge Bunny Rouge…

When Birds are Singing…Long-lasting Eye Shadow

The firefly festival is eagerly awaited all year in the Enchanted Garden. For then on this very special day, the best voices of the bird-world feed on tiny fireworks to embellish their voices and then gather to perform a single concert together. Their jubilant musical notes are inscribed in a syrup of figs and milk and preserved in tiny pots to be enjoyed all year round. Like this golden froth of musical syrup, WHEN BIRDS ARE SINGING… eye shadows are a time defying exotic enigma. This is plumage to adorn you in shades as deliciously mellow as soft silence that flows, or as brilliantly potent as jewelled notes. So addictive are these morsels that you’ll be causing your own kaleidoscopic ripples every time you wear them.

Discover a new powder eye shadow with an astonishing lightweight, creamy touch and unprecedented adherence. This formula creates pure dynamic iridescence while it maintains second skin effect. It has extended 8-hour wear that will stay perfect and look freshly applied all day. Orange-derived Flavonoid improves blood microcirculation, enhances luminosity and serves as free radicals scavenger.

RBR Eye Shadow Keepers


Your favourite shades will be wrapped in a sleek black compact adorned with RBR flowers. You can choose between universal and elegant Duo or Trio Keepers which are both handy, must-have tools. These exquisite pieces have a compact size ideal for travelling or just for storing your beloved eye shadows, and include a useful double-sided applicator.

These incredibly convenient Eye Shadow Keepers feature an array of six new Long-lasting Eye Shadows in our well-known buttery texture. New essential and versatile colours for any occasion can be selected and will be securely packed for wherever you go. You can mix rich natural shades such as bronzed champagne and dark umber chocolate with bestsellers like ‘Abyssinian Catbird’, ‘Unforgettable Oriole’ and ‘Solstice Halcyon’ to achieve stylish and natural looking make-ups alike. More of the bestselling shades will be available in our new pallet size soon.

All new refill shades for the pallet are made in size and weight to fit into the Keepers and hold securely with a magnet. Refill shades will be delivered in a small black RBR envelope and can be placed and removed easily.

When selecting refills for my Trio Keeper, I wanted to have three shades that I could wear together – one highlighting shade, one mid tone shade and one contour shade.  I also wanted three shades I could wear separately by themselves, or paired with my other full sized RBR shadows.

The three shades inside my Trio Keeper are:

Solstice HalcyonSemi-matt mauve beige.  Use with Gracious Arasari for the perfect nude make-up

Unforgettable OrioleDelicate, metallic white gold – perfect as a highlighting eye shadow or full-on dazzle effect for the evening

Bohemian Waxwing – Iridescent bronzed champagne

These three shades I picked turned out to be perfect! Not only do they fullfill my wishes, but they far exceed them with their beauty.  All three shades do have some shimmer, although Solstice Halcyon’s shimmer is minuscule and only comes out in direct sun.  The formulas of RBR shadows create lively, dynamic iridescence that melt into the eyes for a truly ‘second-skin’ look and feel.  I find the formula to be incredibly lightweight and shockingly creamy for a powder – they stay perfectly placed and look freshly applied all day long.    
Pictures don’t show how truly special these colors are; in the words of RBR “Don’t be fooled by the colours you see in the swatches. Once applied, these eye shadows come to life, dancing with multi-toned pearls and shimmer, resembling the plumage they were inspired by.”

Swatches of all three shades…

Solstice Halcyon – Semi-matte mauve beige. Use with Gracious Arasari for the perfect nude make-up

QUICK TAKE: I think Solstice Halcyon should be a staple in every woman’s beauty chest. It is the perfect mauve beige with purple undertone and provides a gorgeous satin finish. I don’t see any flaws with Solstice, the color is somewhat subtle but very beautiful. It can be worn alone for a more natural look, or paired with a darker color and blended in the crease for a more dramatic look. I love to pair it with Gracious Arasari for a natural daytime look, and pair it with Bohemian Waxwing or Umber Firefinch for a dramatic nighttime look.

Unforgettable OrioleDelicate, metallic white gold – perfect as a highlighting eye shadow or full-on dazzle effect for the evening

QUICK TAKE:  Unforgettable Oriole has a refined iridescent finish and is extremely smooth to apply. It’s a little more sheer on the eyelid than it appears on the finger, which is fantastic because it’s buildable and allows you to adjust the coverage making it the best gold highlighter to use with literally any other shade. I have worn it with pretty much every other shade in my collection as well alone, on the lid, for a full on dazzling effect. I love it!

Bohemian Waxwing – Iridescent bronzed champagne

QUICK TAKE:  Bohemian Waxwing is not so much of a brown as it is a muted bronze with a touch of taupe and a beautiful iridescent finish. It’s the perfect contour shade for neutral palette because it’s darker than most neutral shades, but not so deep in color where it could come across harsh looking.

Rouge Bunny Rouge When Birds Are Singing…Long-lasting Eye Shadows ($27.00) & Eye Shadow Refills ($19.00)
Duo Keepers ($16.00) Trio Keepers ($18.00)

Available at Zuneta (UK) and Beauty Habit (US)

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