REVIEW: Rouge Bunny Rouge Milk Aquarelle Liquid Foundation

Jenni reviews a heavenly smooth gel textured liquid foundation from Rouge Bunny Rouge

There is something about Rouge Bunny Rouge that makes me feel good inside. Each time I order a new product, it feels like I’m treating myself to a well deserved spa day or I’m buying a Christmas present for myself. I get embarrassingly giddy and youthfully excited when a package filled with Rouge Bunny Rouge products arrives at my doorstep. I even feel prettier just by opening my beauty cabinet and looking at my beautiful RBR product bottles, adorned with adorable butterflies and delicate flowers straight out of the enchanted garden. Well, the Milk Aquarelle Liquid Foundation is no exception, as it feels like magic on my skin!

I don’t even know how to accurately describe the unbelievably smooth texture of Milk Aqaurelle.  It’s almost like Cool Whip, because it’s light and fluffy yet easily spreadable.  The most amazing part is that despite the ‘whipped’ light formula, it still provides for a natural looking, flawless and FULL coverage!  It’s also the easiest foundation to apply EVER with absolutely NO STREAKS!  Below are the pictures of the Milk Aquarelle swatches (from above) blended into my leg using my fingers only.  As you will see the finish is perfect and no brushes were used at all!

July 4th party – first time I wore Milk Aquarelle Foundation this summer

This incredible light & fluffy gel texture not only looks flawless on the skin, but it feels oh so luxurious AND it’s loaded with skin nourishing ingredients. Here is the official product description from Rouge Bunny Rouge:

Milk Aquarelle

Liquid Foundation

On a rare, rare night, just as the Enchanted Garden prepares itself for sleep, ethereal o’wisp forms rise through the miasmic air, as if formed from a dissolved elixir of the forest’s autumnal cloak… Voiles of the softest nutty tones mingle sweetly through the balmy milky clouds, suffusing the atmosphere with calm – as though a brush of light had softened every line into a lambent glow. Here, at the root of just one chosen tree, the ceremonial wood nymphs lay their whispered chants gently, blessing it so that all who rest there will be soothed. Their fatigue melted away by a hazy bacchanalian light, which cradles them with a feeling of deep serenity.

These same gentlest of natural phases of tone and transparency are translated here for RBR MILK AQUARELLE foundations. Five shades of delicately creamy swathes of colour, in a mélange of stirred light, to giving your complexion brightness and lucidity. Stroke yourself with innocence and comfort and watch as others sway towards you, helpless, like netted birds, caught by a sudden feeling of tenderness.

The dreamily light gel texture blends and moves with the contours of the face like a second skin and minimises imperfections to give the appearance of a flawless complexion whilst allowing your natural beauty to show through.

Packed with skin-saving protectors and botanicals including Detoxyl, a powerful anti-pollution ingredient to keep the world at bay and Bamboo, which conditions, softens and repairs the skin. Shea Butter nourishes; Panthenol imparts long-lasting moisturisation, stimulates cell regeneration and normalises skin. Egyptian Lotus and White Water Lily Extracts protect, soften and fight free radical damage.

Small tricks:

Apply our MILK AQUARELLE foundation quickly, using our Foundation Brush (# 009) or your fingertips. For a glowing complexion, smooth on SEAS OF ILLUMINATION before the MILK AQUARELLE, or mix them before application

Foundation is best applied with a brush as this ensures an even and professional finish. Use light up-and-down strokes on the cheeks to give a natural look. As MILK AQUARELLE has a gel texture, it can be layered to give the coverage you want.

Do not apply foundation to the neck; finish the application just above the jaw line and blend down with the fingers or brush to give a perfectly natural finish.

If your lip line is uneven, use a little MILK AQUARELLE over the lips first to create a blank canvas on which to create the perfect pout.

I currently use the shade “Chestnut Milk Parfait,” which is simply perfect for my skin tone.  Below are a few ‘Before & After’ pictures of Chestnut Milk Parfait applied to my chest…

I LOVE this foundation and I’ve moved past the point of obsession where now I can’t live without it!  Below are a few pictures of me wearing Chestnut Milk Parfait during my recent trip to Las Vegas for a bachelorette party weekend…

When I recently ordered something else from the online retailer, they sent me a sample of another Milk Aquarelle shade called “Cashew Milk Parfait.”  Below are the two shades color descriptions and swatches…

  • Chestnut Milk Parfait – Warm, pale ochre beige
  • Cashew Milk Parfait – Medium, warm olive beige

Also I thought it might be helpful to see how Milk Aquarelle’s formula compares to other foundations, and so I took side-by-side comparison swatches of all the foundations I had in my beauty cabinet…

Since I’m officially head over heels in love with Rouge Bunny Rouge, I’ve acquired quite a fantastic collection of their skincare and makeup products over the summer.  So I’ve decided to show you picture swatches of my RBR Milk Aquarelle Foundation mixed with each of the other Rouge Bunny Rouge products I’ve worn it with before.  I’ll start by providing the “Small tricks” that are listed on the RBR website on how to best apply the foundation with a variety of RBR products, then I’ll show you the results…OK let’s get started…

MILK AQUARELLE Liquid Foundation

Small tricks:
For a truly natural look, mix our PRELUDE IN THE CLOUDS with our MILK AQUARELLE and apply. The effect is that of a light, dewy tinted moisturiser…

MILK AQUARELLE Liquid Foundation
SEAS OF ILLUMINATION Highlighting Liquid

Small tricks:
Use your fingertips or RBR Foundation Brush (# 009) to apply SEAS OF ILLUMINATION to moisturised skin. Blend MILK AQUARELLE on top or mix the Liquid Foundation with the Highlighting Liquid and apply the two together for a light-reflecting radiance…

SWATCHES – Sea of Tranquility mixed with Milk Aquarelle Liquid Foundation

MIXED – Sea of Tranquility mixed with Milk Aquarelle Liquid Foundation

FULLY BLENDED – Sea of Tranquility mixed with Milk Aquarelle Liquid Foundation

MILK AQUARELLE Liquid Foundation
BRONZING GLOW Liquid Bronzer

Small tricks:
For a subtle sun-kissed look use a little amount of our Bronzing Glow Liquid as a highlighter over MILK AQUARELLE and for moistured skin apply it directly over your day cream. Apply the liquid with your fingertips or with RBR Foundation Brush (# 009)…

FINAL THOUGHT:  Is there really anything else to say? Milk Aquarelle is an absolute MUST-HAVE makeup foundation and skincare product for me!
A+++ all the way!!!

Available at: Zuneta ($84.25) and BeautyHabit ($64.00)

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5 thoughts on “REVIEW: Rouge Bunny Rouge Milk Aquarelle Liquid Foundation

  1. Great pictures! I've been wanting to try this foundation for awhile, and now I think I will after reading this post. Thanks for an excellent product review!

  2. Best. Foundation. Review. EVER. Thank you! I posted last week that I was dying to hear your thoughts on this foundation and your review was definitely worth the wait. The pictures are so helpful in gauging coverage – one person's medium is another person's full, and the blended swatches really help with that determination. Thanks again for all the time you put into writing this.

  3. Suzy-
    Thank you soooooooo much! Best comment EVER!!! I'm so glad my review was able to help you and that you enjoyed all the pictures. You bring up an excellent point though, Milk Aquarelle is probably a medium coverage for most people who like to wear foundation regularly. However, I consider it a full coverage since it provides the maximum amount of coverage I like to use. Also, it's the best foundation i've ever used for 'buildable coverage' because it literally melts into your skin so you can keep applying more and more without comprimising the natural looking finish. Thanks again for reading our blog and leaving such a wonderful comment!
    Have a great day!

  4. I just want to thank you for the amazing swatches you posted, as well as multiple shots of the foundation with different uses. It was EXTREMELY helpful. Thanks for posting the sample Cashew as this is the shade I believe I will be getting. You have a great blog!

  5. Thank you so much for such a nice comment! We’re so happy you enjoy our blog, and it’s always great to hear that the picture swatches are helpful. I’m excited for you to get the RBR Milk Aquarelle Foundation, it’s fantastic and I hope you love it too!
    Thanks again for reading and commenting, please visit us again!
    -Jenni & Kristin

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