REVIEW: Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas of Illumination Highlighting Liquid

If you read our blog regularly, then you already know we love to wear makeup products that emphasize our natural features for an effortless ‘barely there’ fresh-faced look.  One the best ‘beauty tricks’ in order to achieve this organically radiant, fresh-faced look is to highlight the face where the sun would naturally hit it.  Coincidentally, the SEAS OF ILLUMINATION Highlighting Liquids by Rouge Bunny Rouge are some of the best, if not THE best, highlighting products out there today!  Whether we’re looking to spice up our makeup for a shinning, vibrant nighttime look or just brighten-up our faces for a refreshing natural glow, these amazingly effective highlighting liquids do the job every single time!

The formula is simply outstanding; it will transform your skin from dull to dazzling with tiny reflective particles of illumination.  It’s also incredibly versatile where you can wear the liquid alone, all over the face for an invisible bloom of health & radiance, as a true highlighter blended to a thin, refined wash of pearls or even mixed with any other products for a customized look.  Which ever way you choose to wear the Seas of Illumination, you’ll always achieve beautiful, light-reflecting radiant skin!

Rouge Bunny Rouge SEAS OF ILLUMINATION Highlighting Liquids


At sunset in the Enchanted Garden, you can fleetingly glimpse the mermaids dancing in the gently lapping waves of the Grand Moon Seas. Evening mists rise and tenderly caress them, lingering languorously on their bodies to gift their skin with uncommon youth and beauty.


We were inspired by this scene to bring you this dream-in-a-bottle, so that you can have your very own transformation. The moisturizing surge of liquid pearls will dance whispers on your skin till dawn. Be as playful as the magical being that you are… you’ll still look as sublimely refined and urbanely elegant as the Moon itself. The tiny reflective particles will illuminate you anywhere you choose, with a sinfully quivering effect to quietly showcase your beauty. Bring fine-spun silver thrills by night or by day – to eyes, brows, temples, shoulders… No one can eclipse you, Moon Mermaid.

This multipurpose water-based fluid blends easily with moisturizer, or with foundation, to customize the look – to yours alone. Create an inside-out illumination effect and blend it to a thin, refined wash of pearls. Light fragrance of Cucumber with a touch of Peach Flower will add to your application pleasure. A quartet of shades with Melissa extract to soothe, and Vitamin E to guard against ageing. The highlighting liquid can be used alone or over moisturizer and as a highlighter, over foundation, too.

(Left to Right) Sea of SHOWERS, Sea of CLOUDS, Sea of TRANQUILITY


SEA OF CLOUDS – “Moonlight on the water” luminous effect – Perfect for making any skin tone and color looking brighter and fresher

SEA OF TRANQUILITY – Palest milky opalescence, with super fine pink, white and gold pearls, luminous effect – Perfect for enlivening tired looking skin and all skin tones

SEA OF SHOWERS – Honeyed white-gold with a luminous effect – Use all year round for golden tawny gorgeousness or to enliven pale blue winter tones



  • Use ‘Sea of Clouds’ (white) for a sophisticated and dramatic effect or ‘Sea of Showers’ (gold version) for a more subtle shimmer.
  • Use your fingertips or RBR Foundation Brush 009 to apply a fine sheen to moisturized skin.

Kristin Says:  My favorite shade is SEA OF CLOUDS because it’s the most versatile.  But I really love all the RBR liquids because of the way they blend so smoothly and evenly…it’s the worst when highlighters clump together in a metallic mess!

Jenni Says:  It’s hard for me to pick a favorite shade, because I love all three shades and use them all the time.  They are soooooo much fun to play with, and to mix with all your other makeup.  I also agree with Kristin that Seas of Illumination is a clump-free formula.  These liquids are outrageously smooth so you never have to worry about making a mistake because they glide across your skin effortlessly and it’s so easy to adjust the coverage.

BFF Beauty Girls with highlighted faces after using
Seas of Illumination Highlighting Liquid


Opening up the face (backwards “C”)

    • Draw a line below your eyes and outline top edge of your cheekbones.  Use your fingertips to dab the color across the line, and blend outwards to highlight your cheekbones.
    • Add a hint above your eyebrows and blend thoroughly to the edges with your fingertips – all this helps to open and highlight the face.

Reshaping eyebrow arch

    • Apply under your eyebrows to reshape and lift them up for more vibrancy.

Kristin Says: I like to put SEA OF CLOUDS on the bridge of my nose and from my temples around and above my eye brow in a backwards “C” shape to get the dewy look.

Jenni Says:  I learned about highlighting the “C” around the eyes from Kristin, and I do it all the time as well!  This backward C trick will also create a better contour in the hollows of your cheeks where you can apply bronzer.  I also like to use SEA OF CLOUDS right underneath my brows, in the arch of my brow bone, to open up my eyes for a fresh wide awake look.


Slimming Effect

    • Draw a thin vertical line in the middle of your nose to make it look thinner, and slightly shade the color outwards to the wing of the nose along the edges.  A small amount blended into the tip of your nose will make it appear shorter.

Kristin Says:  I put the SEA OF CLOUDS or SEA OF TRANQUILITY highlighters down the bridge of my nose religiously to give it a narrowing effect and also to pretend it’s still the 4th of July when Jenni and I did our Rouge Bunny Rouge make up looks!

July 4th Party!

Jenni Says:  Highlighting the bridge of your nose is the best trick ever!  And like I said earlier, RBR’s highlighters are perfect to use for this, because if you make a mistake by drawing your line too wide or not straight, it’s so easy to correct with these clump-free & silky smooth formulas.


Mixing with other products

    • Mix any of the four shades with RBR Tinted Moisturizers to wash your skin with a light-reflecting radiance.
    • Blend MILK AQUARELLE on top or mix the Liquid Foundation with the Highlighting Liquid and apply the two together
    • For an almost-invisible bloom of health and radiance, mix any of the shades with either the PRELUDE IN THE CLOUDS Aqua Primer or SERAPHIC VEIL Anti-aging Moisturizer, and finish with a hint of powder.

Kristin highlighted her cheek bones with SEA OF CLOUDS (left)
and mixed SEA OF SHOWERS with her foundation (right)

Jenni mixed SEA OF CLOUDS with her tinted moisturizer (left)
and layered her foundation over SEA OF SHOWERS (right)

Kristin Says:  During the summer, I’d mix SEA OF SHOWERS all the time with my foundation for a more bronzed look, but my skin is so pale now I can’t do it so much anymore.  Now I use SEA OF CLOUDS to highlight my pale winter skin.

Kristin mixed SEA OF CLOUDS with her moisturizer
for an “invisible bloom of health and radiance”

Jenni Says:  I still can’t pick a favorite shade, but I will say that my bottle of SEA OF SHOWERS is almost gone because I’ve used so much of it!  I always mix it with my tinted moisturizer or foundation to warm up my face with a little sun-kissed color – I love it!  Just like Kristin, I can’t do this so much anymore since I’m so pale right now, but fortunately I’ve discovered that SEA OF TRANQUILITY mixes beautifully with my foundation as well, and I don’t look oddly too tan in the middle of the winter since the undertone of ‘tranquility’ is a pale milky-pink shade.

Jenni mixed SEA OF TRANQUILITY with her foundation


SEA OF SHOWERS mixed with Rouge Bunny Rouge SKETCHES ON WATER Tinted Moisturizer…

SEA OF TRANQUILITY mixed with Rouge Bunny Rouge MILK AQUARELLE Liquid Foundation…


Highlighting the eyes

    • Place a small amount of SEA OF CLOUDS at the inner and outer corners of your eyes and blend gently with your fingertips to brighten your eyes.

Cupids Bow

    • Draw a small arrow just above the middle part of your upper lip “Cupid Bow,” and blend it in by ‘dotting’ it with your finger

Kristin Says:  RBR highlighting liquids are also really great to put in the inner corners of the eyes for an ethereal look as well.  Only do this with the lighter two shades (Clouds & Tranquility) and not the bronze shade (Showers.)

Jenni Says:  Another thing I love to do with these fabulous and versatile liquids is to complete my ‘fresh-faced’ look by highlighting the cupids Bow area above my lip.  Once I complete this last step, my face has a subtle but beautiful light-reflecting radiance!

BFF Beauty Girls completed looks with
RBR Seas of Illumination Highlighting Liquid





Rouge Bunny Rouge SEAS OF ILLUMINATION Highlighting Liquids are available at:

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas of Illumination Highlighting Liquid

  1. You ladies look beautiful!

    Sea Of Showers looks amazing on its own & mixed with tinted moisturizer/foundation.

    I personally apply highlight in the “C” format as well as my cupid’s bow, below the arch of my brows & right under my bottom lip. 🙂

  2. Hi Nicole! Thank so much for your sweet comment. That “C” trick is the best, glad to know you do it too! Sea of Showers really is the best to mix with tinted moisturizer & foundation because it really warms up pale skin with a very subtle, slightly bronzed illumination. It’s fantastic! Thanks for commenting.
    xoxo Jenni & Kristin

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