REVIEW: Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Sanctuary Time Defying Foundation

Review & Product swatches of all four shades of the brand new Rouge Bunny Rouge SKIN SANCTUARY Time Defying Foundation!


SKIN SANCTUARY Time Defying Foundation


On sunlit days in the Enchanted Garden a White Witch enters the meadows of towering spires, gathering armfuls of husky spikes, the key ingredient for a beauty-enhancing lotion. Whether fields of wheat, barley, quinoa or linen, in genial kinship, nature grants her safe passage through the ever-undulating, golden spears. In her den grains are crushed within mortar to a delightfully peaking paste then added to an ever-growing collection of creamy preparations, known to many beauties as the ultimate second-skin rejuvenating potions. Each crop offers a different tinted-transformation but always refreshes natural beauty with vigour and vim, bringing a youthful protection and vibrant look to beautifully bewitched skin.





QUINOA CREAM – Pale pinkish beige





LINEN CREAM – Pale milky beige





WHEAT CREAM – Medium tawny beige





BARLEY CREAM – Medium honeyed beige



I purchased the Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Sanctuary Time-defying Foundation in the shade QUINOA Cream when it was introduced about a month ago as a part of the Bora Chiara Look for winter 2012.  I must say that I was skeptical at first, only because Rouge Bunny Rouge’s other foundation, Milk Aquarelle (review here) is my all-time favorite foundation.  So I wasn’t sure how Skin Sanctuary would ever be able to measure up…WOW was I proved wrong!  It’s almost like Rouge Bunny Rouge figured out how to travel back in time, and capture the suppleness and firmness of my skin as a 20 year old, then bottle it up so I could apply the same youthful canvas in my 30’s.  I’ll say it again – WOW!!!

It’s sooooo smooth & creamy yet lightweight in feel, similar to Milk Aquarelle.  However, I definitely think it’s more rich and moisturizing than Milk Aquarelle’s gel formula, and it also provides a fuller coverage at first swipe.





As soon as I put Skin Sanctuary onto my skin, I immediately thought it looked and felt like a luxurious BB Cream, being that it has multiple uses and benefits for the skin, including SPF protection from Titanium Dioxide!  Skin Sanctuary is a beautiful, all-in-one magic potion that battles the many elements of aging by: preventing, protecting, nourishing, concealing and reversing.


“Discover your own time defying potion with RBR’s youth protecting foundation. A medium to high coverage evens skin tone, diminishing the natural signs of aging that appear with mature skin, while giving the gift of preventative and protective virtues to younger complexions. With a creamy yet feather-light texture, a comforting veil is cast over redness and imperfections with an incredible, velvet-soft touch.

The protective qualities of Detoxyl, a natural complex derived from Shea Butter, detoxifies and calms, offering skin sanctuary from ravaging free radicals and urban pollutants. Rejuvenating, skin-identical, lipid actives Ceramide III & IV work to erase fine lines, deeply moisturise and monitor the skin’s dehydration process as extracts of Karitè Butter Seed nourish and soften. With a new, fresh and compelling complexion, all who pass you by will demand to know the secret of your natural, youthful looks.”

Suitable for all skin types.  Fragrance and paraben free texture.

30 ml / 1.01 fl oz


Use alone or in combination with our Mattifying Primer or Aqua Primer to enhance the long-lasting effect.

Use our Foundation Brush 009 to apply evenly. Take a small amount and dab it first onto your nose, cheeks, forehead, chin and nasolabial folds and spread evenly in small steps downwards.

You can layer our Time Defying Foundation if you need a bit more coverage.

Let your foundation set for four or five minutes before you apply powder products.

Now I don’t want to mislead anyone, and come across like i’ve replaced my beloved Milk Aquarelle with Skin Sanctuary.  I still love Milk Aquarelle just as much as before, but i’m equally obsessed with Skin Sanctuary now too!  In fact, I’ve being using both of Rouge Bunny Rouge’s fantastic foundations on a regular basis.


I find the two products offer different benefits and I like to wear them in different situations.  The easiest way to explain this, is to list the qualities each product has, and my preferences when using them…


  • Light to medium coverage, easy to build and layer for more coverage
  • Lightweight gel texture
  • Can be applied with fingers if you have time constraints
  • Provides even, flawless coverage yet allows your natural skin tone to come through (second-skin effect)
  • Similar to a tinted moisturizer, it moves effortlessly around the contours of your face

BEST FOR: The gel formula is so lightweight and smooth it mixes perfectly with any of my other products to create a customized look.  Milk Aquarelle is the best foundation to mix with highlighting liquids, liquid bronzers, face oils and even RBR’s Aqua Primer.


  • Medium to full coverage, easy to build for more coverage but odds are you won’t need to layer and build since it provides for a fuller coverage at first swipe.
  • Lightweight creamy texture and incredible moisturizing
  • Best applied with foundation brush.  Can also be used to conceal under eye dark circles and blemishes
  • All-in-one application.  You can skip the step of applying oils, serums, moisturizers etc. because Skin Sanctuary does it all!

BEST FOR: Filling in fine lines and other signs of aging while restoring a youthful look and feel to skin




FINAL THOUGHT:  I highly recommend this foundation for every skin type, young or mature skin and for light or heavy makeup looks.  I have sensitive skin, dry spots in the winter, an oily T-zone and I’m prone to redness and I LOVE this foundation!  I still wear my Milk Aquarelle during the day, whenever I want to mix in a highlighter or bronzer and when I want a more casual (tinted moisturizer) look, but i’ve been reaching for my Skin Sanctuary whenever I have a party to go to or I want more coverage for a nighttime look – and it’s FABULOUS!!!

SKIN SANCTUARY Time Defying Foundation is available at:

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Sanctuary Time Defying Foundation

  1. Thanks for the swatches! 🙂 I am excited to try this new foundation out. I have an oily T-zone as well and some redness – do you use a primer or something else to reduce the redness?

  2. Hey Nicole,
    This foundation is beautiful, and i’m sure you will love it too! As far as combating redness…I’m a huge advocate of face oil these days. I use them morning and night and always before I apply foundation! The face oils I use daily (alternating b/w Juno, Rodin and Sponge Ladi Avocanto) work wonders for me at combatting redness, however they’re a bit pricey and if you have an oily T-zone, you might not enjoy an oil.
    My other trick has been to apply RBR’s Aqua Primer first, it’s very calming and soothing as well as hydrating. Kristin loves RBR other primer, the Mattifying primer, which might be better for an oily T-zone. But honestly my favorite product that I use specifically for redness is the Dragons Blood Gel by Rodial.
    Also, the Time-Defying Foundation does include some excellent skin calming ingredients so you may find that the foundation alone will combat your redness. If you end up getting it we’d love to know how it works out for you.
    Thanks so much for commenting!
    -Jenni & Kristin

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