REVIEW: Serge Luten Lipstick “Mauve de Swann”

Jenni reviews her favorite lipstick for an all-natural look

Although I love all things pretty and appreciate well made cosmetics, I’m not much of a makeup wearing girl myself; mostly because I look better with very little makeup on my face. With that said, I do love any makeup that gives me a natural look. When it comes to my lips, I use all different shades of shimmer lip glosses, because of the sheer application, and it’s very hard to find pretty lipsticks that don’t overwhelm my preferred natural look. If I do buy a lipstick I tend to stay with neutral colors, and the absolute best lipstick I have found for achieving this look is Serge Luten’s “Mauve de Swann.” It’s a beautiful shade of lipstick that I would describe as a pale purple-brown-beige with an undertone of soft mauve-pink. It’s absurdly expensive ($75) but since it’s really one of the only lipsticks I buy, it’s well worth it for me. The texture is extremely soft yet creamy, and it feels incredibly lightweight & smooth on. It’s also quite moisturizing and last for most of the day, however I do need reapply it every so often or wear a clear gloss under it to keep it in place longer.

FINAL THOUGHT:  This is a fabulous lipstick if you are looking for a ‘go to’ lipstick shade that gives just a little extra color and shine for a cool, natural and beautiful look.

Here are some swatches and before & after pictures…

Available at:

Price: $75.00 for the Lipstick tube & base, and $55.00 for the lipstick refill only

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