REVIEW: Sponge Krema Triantafillo Rose Sage Cream

Jenni reviews a beautiful face cream made with the finest organic and wild-crafted ingredients from Greece, Krema Triantafillo by Sponge.

Krema Triantafillo – ROSE SAGE CREAM

helps strengthen, moisturize and protect even the most sensitive skin types. this remarkably light and highly effective cream helps refine texture and balance skin tone to promote a healthy and radiant appearance.

I’ve always leaned towards buying more natural and organic products, but I’ve never been fully satisfied with these all-natural alternatives, and end up reverting back to my mixed botanical/science-based products.  Mostly because the all-natural ones never produce the same visible results as those not quite 100% natural creams do.  Well Sponge Skincare seems to be the exception, because every single product in their line has impressed me above and beyond my expectations!

All of Sponge’s products are made with nutrient filled first-pressed extra-virgin olive oil to promote firming and antioxidant benefits to the skin.  I’m completely obsessed with the entire Sponge product line, and with each new product I try my excitement grows and grows.  In fact, after the 4th or 5th Sponge product I purchased from Beauty Habit, I realized that ‘this is it!’ Sponge Skincare is officially my favorite all natural and organic skincare line – period!

Because I’m loving so many Sponge products right now, it was hard to decide which one to write about first.  But then I looked in my beauty cabinet and noticed that my bottle of the Rose Sage Cream was nearing its’ end, due to the fact that I’ve used this phenomenal product every single day this winter.  Thus the decision was made for me to review Krema Triantafillo (Rose Sage Cream) first.

But before I get into my actual review, I want to provide a little more background information on the company and its’ fabulous range of skincare products.

According to the Sponge website:

detail + care are the core values of sponge skincare. Originally formulated by a doctor for the care of his pregnant patients without the intent to sell, more than 30 years of research has enabled sponge to pinpoint nature’s most powerful plants thru a chemical-free extraction process. Sponge products are hand-blended, and each cream has a base of first pressed extra-virgin olive oil to promote firming, anti-oxidant and overall health benefits to the skin.

Sponge uses only the finest organic and wild-crafted ingredients which are naturally extracted by boiling the plants, herbs and flowers to particular temperatures and times based upon the maturity and the region in Greece it was grown to retain the highest amount of nutrients and vitamins. It is a slow process but it is also very pure to help ensure that your skin will ultimately benefit.

The highest sustainable growing standards are upheld where our plants, herbs and flowers are nurtured and harvested. We have also developed a method of testing products for safety and efficacy that is cruelty-free, which has been accepted by the Dermatological Society of Europe.

The company today:

Our family has been making natural skin care products that are based in olive oil with organically grown herbs for over thirty years.  we use a slow non-chemical process to extract the purest essences from the natural plants.  the products were first developed by a physician to benefit his pregnant patients without impacting their unborn children.  through word of mouth, the products developed a loyal following. we continue to stay true to our origins of care, health and well-being, and the ingredients that are harvested from this ancient, rich land.

our products are tested clinically for safety. they are not tested on animals and are hypoallergenic.

Krema Triantafillo (Rose + Sage Cream):


Sponge’s Krema Triantafillo Rose Sage Cream is a plant-rich facial cream that deeply hydrates skin, strengthens, and protects it.  I like to layer it on top of a face oil, like Sponge’s Ladi Avocanto Avocado & Olive Oil (review coming), because I prefer a dewy look and feel to my skin, however it works brilliantly by itself as well.  If using the Rose Sage Cream alone, it immediately absorbs into the skin leaving a soft, smooth and matte finish – a perfect canvas for makeup application.  Even though it absorbs quickly, it by no means lacks hydrating properties.  I find this cream to be intensely hydrating and moisturizing without that heavy or greasy feel that typically comes with rich creams.

The scent is both yummy and luxurious at the same time!  The Rosehips smell simply beautiful, and I love rose scented products in general because the smell is very soothing.  The Sage is another wonderful scent, it reminds me of a yummy tea that calms my mind and skin at the same time!

The absolute BEST part of this cream is its’ incredible ability to do for your skin the same things it does with the scent…that is soothe and calm.  Krema Triantafillo has out-of-this world soothing and healing abilities!

With continued use of this cream, your skin will look and feel better and better each day.  I’ve been using it for two months, sometimes at night but mostly during the day, and I’ve noticed my pores seem less congested, my cheeks have no dry spots and my skin is overall smoother, calmer and irritation free!

FINAL THOUGHTS:  The most accurate review I can provide for the Rose Sage Cream is to quote its’ product description verbatim…

“helps strengthen, moisturize and protect even the most sensitive skin types. This remarkably light and highly effective cream helps refine texture and balance skin tone to promote a healthy and radiant appearance.”

    • Moisturize and protect sensitive skin – check ✔
    • Remarkably light – check ✔
    • Highly effective – check ✔
    • Balance skin tone – check ✔
    • Promote a healthy and radiant appearance – check ✔

This cream is an absolute must-have for people with sensitive skin who prefer more natural products but have a hard time finding quality anti-aging creams that are good for your skin and actually work!  If you fall in that category, like I do, then RUN (don’t walk) to the closest Barneys and buy a bottle of Krema Triantafillo TODAY!  If you don’t live near a Barneys, then I highly suggest you follow the links below to purchase this amazing cream from one of the online retailers.

Sponge Skin Care and the Krema Triantafillo (Rose Sage Cream) $65.00/50ml can be purchased from:

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