REVIEW: Sponge Skincare GEL BASILIKO Sweet Basil Gel

This is an oil-free gel moisturizer formulated to clarify and balance the skin.



GEL BASILIKO – Sweet Basil + Olive Leaf + Lime – $65

Clarifies and balances skin tone.  Oil-free daily moisturizer combines clarifying sweet basil, purifying lime and anti-oxidant rich olive leaf to hydrate, balance and even skin tone while providing anti-aging protection.


I’ve been really into wearing a gel moisturizer lately, and not for everyday use but for certain times that I know my skin is on the verge of either breaking out or becoming inflamed with red spots and blotchiness.  For instance, throughout the winter  (and yes it still feels like winter in Chicago) if I go outside without moisturizer on my face my skin dries out so quickly, and the excessive indoor heating dries it out even more!  The problem then, is that I usually load on heavy creams to combat winter dry skin and end up clogging my pores and breaking out!  Also, I can’t wear my typical moisturizers or creams for activities like exercising or flying on a plane without my skin getting congested and irritated.  Sometimes I just need a lightweight, hydrating product that gets the job done without clogging up my pores.  My solution is to incorporate an oil-free, soothing and calming gel-based product for any such occasions, and my current obsession and gel-based product of choice is Sponge Skincare GEL BASILIKO with sweet basil, olive leaf and lime … Yum!!!  I love it and I’ll definitely be repurchasing this product to incorporate into my skincare routine year round.




I highly recommend Gel Basiliko – Sweet Basil Gel for those with skin sensitive to heavy lotions and creams or those with skin prone to breakouts from clogged pores.  It’s an excellent all-natural moisturizing gel that cools, soothes, calms and hydrates the skin.  Additionally, I did not expect a gel-based product to tighten the skin around my eyes and smooth out the skin on my forehead, but surprisingly Gel Basiliko did in fact minimize the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and forehead, and it did so after only 2-3 weeks of using it!






FINAL THOUGHT:  I’m so pleased with all of the Sponge Skincare products I’ve tried so far and Gel Basiliko is now one of my favorites in the line.  It’s such a unique product because it’s a light and refreshing alternative to your typical face creams.  The organic and wild-crafted ingredients in all of Sponge’s products truly make you feel as if you are putting the purest and healthiest creams on your face.  The only disclaimer I will say about Gel Basiliko is that it works better as a day cream and may not be thick enough for those who enjoy a more substantial night cream.  Lastly, my favorite thing to do with Gel Basiliko is to keep the bottle in the refrigerator so when I apply it to my face it really soothes, cools and calms my skin – and it just feels so refreshing this way, I love it!

Sponge Skincare GEL BASILIKO  is available at Beautyhabit Modern Luxe Apothecary for $65.00

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