REVIEW: Sunday Riley Bionic Anti-Aging Cream


Sunday Riley’s Bionic Anti-Aging Cream ($225) is in my all-time favorite anti-aging night cream.  I use it religiously, every single night going on two years now (with the exception of a couple weeks here and there when I was testing out other products.)  I’m constantly looking for new skincare products to add to my anti-aging regimen, but I NEVER look for or purchase a new night cream, and Bionic is the reason why.  It works better for my skin than any other night cream i’ve used before, and so even if I take a week off just to test something else, I always revert back to Bionic.


I love the luxurious, clean & modern packaging, which I also find to be a true reflection of the product itself.  This cream is luxurious and rich but my skin soaks it right up, so it doesn’t end up feeling heavy at all.  I apply 2-3 pumps every night all over my face and neck, and just like the directions say, I massage it into my skin for a truly special spa-worthy experience.


I also love how all of Sunday Riley’s skincare products are housed in airtight glass bottles to prevent contaminating the natural ingredients and to preserve the active ingredients.


The pump makes it easy to apply the correct amount, plus it just looks so nice and pretty!




The texture confused me at first, that’s because it’s not as thick as a typical cream and not as liquidy as a serum – it’s somewhere in between and almost feels gooey or sticky at first touch, but believe me it’s not at all.  In fact I quickly started to love the texture because it glides over the face with a silky smooth touch and it absorbs so quickly!  Leaving your skin completely nourished and hydrated with an unparalleled glow!


I simply love how this cream makes my face look, I use the word ‘glow’, which is true but I also think I should note that it’s not greasy.  Bionic makes my skin look soft, supple, firm, hydrated and yes…glowing!


Full disclosure, I do layer Sunday Riley’s Juno Oil (review here) underneath Bionic, so I can’t say with 100% that Bionic alone is responsible for the ‘glowing’ skin, but regardless I’m always thrilled with the results. The price ($225) is very high for just one cream, but I believe Bionic blows away all other luxury creams of its’ kind.  For instance, I used Crème de la mer ($275) for several years, among many other pricey anti-aging creams before discovering Sunday Riley, and Bionic stands tall above all of them!  The bottom line is that Bionic produces results.  After each and every nightly use, I wake up with skin that looks newer and feels fresher than the day before.

Now I’m not saying that this is a magical cream that will literally stop aging in its’ process, but I don’t think any over-the-counter anti aging product on the market can really do everything the label says it can do.  I’ve just learned to have realistic standards for my night creams and believe Bionic exceeds my expectations.

Sunday Riley says about Bionic:

“Highest concentration of key ingredients to Rebuild Collagen, Stimulate Elastin Production, Densify the Skin, Reverse Photodamage, and Increase Skin Energy.”


Now I don’t know about all of that (i.e. Rebuild Collagen, Stimulate Elastin Production etc.) but I do know that this cream has done wonders for my skin and produces the desired results I except out of an anti-aging cream.  I will continue to use it every night as long as it makes my skin look and feel this good!

Some of the included ingredients I believe actually have worked wonders for my skin and make this product a fantastic anti-aging cream include: the natural form of Retinol, antioxidants resveratrol and green tea, its most active component, EGCG, as well as Matrixyl (palmitoyl oligopeptide) and copper tripeptide-1.



Sunday Riley Bionic Anti-Aging Cream is my “Best Product Choice” for a night time cream, and I HIGHLY recommend it!

Bionic is available at the following online retailers:,, and

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3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Sunday Riley Bionic Anti-Aging Cream

  1. On Bionic’s box it says to follow with Juno. SR’s contact person said to use Juno first then Bionic. I am confused! Please set me straight.

  2. Hi Carol,

    Definitely always put Juno FIRST…it makes every other product in SR’s line work and absorb better! Hope that sets you straight! Haha.


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