REVIEW: Sunday Riley Cashmere SPF 30+

Jenni reviews BFF Beauty’s ‘Best Mineral-Physical SPF’ pick for summer 2012 – Sunday Riley’s Cashmere SPF 30+

In our recent “Best-of” Sunscreen Post (review HERE,), where we pick our favorite SPF’s for 2012, Sunday Riley Cashmere SPF 30+ Advanced Sun Defense is BFF Beauty Girls ‘best-of’ choice for mineral & physical Sunscreen. To state the obvious, we love this product! But before I get into my actual review, let’s take a look at what exactly a “Physical” sunscreen is?

Chemical Sunscreens
Chemical sunscreens contain synthetic chemical substances that absorb UV rays. PROS: They are colorless, odorless and feel lighter on the skin. CONS: They can generate free radicals which can lead to skin aging. They also cause allergic reaction and irritation.

Physical Sunscreens
Physical Sunscreens, also known as sun blocks, contain ingredients like titanium oxide or zinc oxide which physically block and scatter ultraviolet radiation.

PROS: They offer protection against UVA and UVB rays and don’t cause free radicals. It is unlikely that they will cause allergies or irritations because they don’t get absorbed.
CONS: Their formula is quite thick and they tend to leave a white cast on skin. But the main problem with physical sunscreen is that, because of their formulation, it is difficult to apply the sufficient amount (1 tablespoon). If you apply less, then they won’t offer enough protection.

Why did the BFF Beauty Girls pick Sunday Riley’s Cashmere for ‘Best Physical Sunscreen’?

Unlike most physical Sunscreens we’ve tried, Cashmere SPF 30+ is a completely sheer 100% mineral sunscreen that miraculously glides on smoothly, without leaving a dreaded white overcast! The texture is like no other sunscreen on the market, it feels more like a silky-smooth, luxurious anti-aging cream rather than your typical SPF. It is a lightweight formulation that has a non-greasy, semi-matte finish and it feels fantastic to touch!

Swatches of Cashmere on my leg…


Swatches of Cashmere on my hand…



A few pictures of the elegant and modern packaging, and the informative labelling…

Here are a few of Cashmere’s ingredients that make this sunscreen so phenomenal:

  • Cashmere SPF 30+ is a water-based formula, rather than oil based.
  • This protein-enriched formula uses Cashmere Protein which strengthens the epidermis and simultaneously softens the skins’ surface.
  • Both Wheatgrass and Ginseng detoxify and energize your skin.
  • Ellagic Acid (from pomegranates) helps treat and prevent hyper pigmentation

**TIP** If you want to bolster the SPF, mix it with Riley’s Juno Transformative Lipid Serum Oil (see my review HERE).  I love to mix my Cashmere and Juno together! Not only is Juno packed with antioxidants and natural UV shields, but mixing it together or layering Cashmere on top of Juno provides for such a beautiful streak-free finish with a dewy glow.

Cashmere SPF 30+ Product Description:

Finally a powerful sunscreen with a luxurious texture and finish. 100% Mineral Sun Protection (Titanium Dioxide), provides photo stable sun defense without white streaks or oiliness. Fortifies and cushions the skin with Cashmere Protein. Skin is softer, more youthful, and protected.

Unique Properties
No chemical sunscreens or petrochemicals. Completely photo stable. Sheer, weightless, multi-functional protection from sun and pollution.

Available at:
Barneys NY, The Dermstore, Sephora
$125.00 – 50 ml

FINAL THOUGHT: Cashmere SPF 30 is the most expensive sunscreen that I have ever bought or have even come across before.  Priced at $125.00 (50 ml) for a sunscreen, makes it hard for me to recommend Cashmere SPF 30 or even justify the purchase for myself.  However, I feel like I’ve tried every mineral/physical sunscreen on the market, and I can say with 100% conviction – Sunday Riley’s Cashmere is far superior to every other product out there.  It is without a doubt the BEST physical sunscreen available! 
Now I realize that not everyone is looking for ‘the best’ physical sunscreen, and would prefer not to spend so much money on SPF.  But if you only like to wear a mineral/physical sunblock and you’ve been constantly disappointed by the thick, heavy and hard to blend physical options out there? Have no fear, because Sunday Riley has come to the rescue with a truly outstanding physical sunscreen! And it’s worth every penny!!

Additionally, BFF Beauty Girls feel it’s important to note that we have chosen Cashmere SPF 30 for our ‘Best-of’ physical sunscreen because of its’ effortless application, smooth & lightweight consistency and overall luxurious formula.  We do not review, rate or make any claims regarding the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of this sunscreen or any sunscreen.  If you are looking for the strongest UVA/UVB protection, please refer to FDA approved sunscreen ingredients and their UV filter ranges.

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Sunday Riley Cashmere SPF 30+

  1. Unfortunately, 5% Titanium Dioxide as the only active ingredient will never yield results of an SPF 53. Any chemist will agree this is false marketing and a disrespect to the suncare industry.

  2. To Anonymous-
    This was never our claim, and to avoid confusion we have removed it. Additionally, we would never review the effectiveness of the active ingredients in any product. Thank you for commenting and we hope our revisions have cleared up any additional concerns.

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