REVIEW: Sunday Riley Eye Shadows

Jenni reviews three eye shadows from Sunday Riley’s Makeup Line

As a continuation to my “Sunday Riley Makeup Makeover” review (here) the second products I am reviewing in further depth are the beautiful and luxurious Sunday Riley Prismasilk Eye Shadows: Solstice 124, Marrakesh Nights 102, and Indigo Waves 120.

My overall assessment of all of Riley’s Eye Shadows:  There is an impressive range of colors and finishes from soft white matte to subtle shimmers to vibrant metallic’s to deep satins. I made it a point to touch several of the various colors in different finishes and I must say that all the shadows are so soft, like a creamy powder that you can even apply with just your finger! I also found that all of the shadows I tried (with my finger) apply with the same easy consistency resulting in a completely even distribution of color.

Product Description: Multi-functional wet and dry formula can be used as a traditional eye shadow or as a precision eye liner. This ultra-fine, long-wear formulation is air-milled for exquisite texture and rich, stay-true color. Micronized spherical pigment particles impart effortless blendability and instantly satisfying color payoff. Offered in a range of finishes, from matte to satin to illuminating shimmers. Paraben Free.

Solstice 124 is a gorgeous medium toned eye shadow! Not too light and not too dark. It wears perfectly alone or as a highlighter. The best way to describe it would be: half purple-bronze and half light brown-gold with a touch of beachy shimmer neutral, a touch of orange-red sunset and a hint of mauve.  Sounds crazy right? It might be better to just look at the pictures…

On the skin Solstice looks lighter than it appears in the container. But the finish is spectacular! I love how the subtle shimmer emerges when the light hits it.

Sunday Riley’s Marrakesh Nights 102 and Indigo Waves 120 are some of the most beautiful blues I have ever seen. I have worn them separately and smudged together along the upper lash line and blended into the lid. Marrakesh Nights has more of a silky finish with the slightest hint of shimmer – actually I wouldn’t say shimmer I would say it’s like a chameleon when light hits it. And Indigo Waves leans more towards a matte finish, but both shades are stunning.

They are not as bright as you would expect a blue to be, but the muted colors still look brilliantly soft & sexy once applied. In the following pictures I’m wearing both blues smudged together along the upper lash line.

FINAL THOUGHT: Sunday Riley’s Eye Shadows are fantastic! They are beautifully pigmented, and they have a silky smooth & creamy feel that’s simply luxurious to touch. The air-milled technology creates shades & textures that are no less than top-notch luxury shadows.  The finish is spectacular and they blend evenly & beautifully while lasting all day without fading. A+!!!

Available at – $26.00

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