REVIEW: Sunday Riley Lipstick

Jenni reviews two shades from Sunday Riley’s new lipstick collection

This is my third review (with more Sunday Riley product reviews to come), which is a continuation to my Sunday Riley Makeup Makeover (here).  Other products from the makeover, that I’ve already reviewed include Riley’s Prismasilk Shadows (here) Blushing 101 (here), a skincare serum called Juno (here), and a overnight treatment called Good Genes (here). 
I wasn’t sure what I wanted to review next in line, but since I noticed there are no other Internet available reviews out there of Riley’s Lipsticks (none that I can find at least), I wanted to show you all these fabulous products right away!
In fact, these Lipsticks are so new that you can’t even buy them (or see pictures of them) anywhere online. So here you go…

If you are interested in purchasing these Sunday Riley’s Lipsticks, unfortunately you have to go to a Barneys store, since they aren’t yet available online.  I bought two of Riley’s lipstick shades, which I absolutely love – and that says a lot because I’m definitely not a lipstick wearing kind of girl. If I buy a lipstick, it has to be so very special. Here is my lipstick check list:

  1. The colors have to be unique
  2. Colors have to be pretty (of course)
  3. They have to appear subtle (I don’t like colors that feel too heavy or bright)
  4. Must be wearable day or night
  5. Must not contain chemicals or toxic dyes
  6. They should feel nourishing on my lips
  7. Must be easily blendable with lip gloss for an added shine or shimmer
  8. And they should look and feel luxurious once applied

…Sunday Riley’s Lipsticks pass the test! So many of her shades met all of my requirements, but two in particular just had to come home with me: Shakespeare 114 and Duchess 105.

Shakespeare #114 is a light (and very pretty) pink. It’s definitely like a 60’s pink and reminds me of a Barbie doll for some reason. But it’s not too girly girl – it looks elegant on and has a beautiful full coverage.

Duchess #105 is a touch darker than Shakespeare. Its medium toned rose pink with a plum undertone. It’s gorgeous in person and I love wearing it at night, going out to dinner with my husband or with girlfriends. Perfect for any date night

Sunday Riley’s Lipsticks have vitamin & antioxidant enriched formulas and are created with a highly advanced pigment delivery system.
Riley currently offers 23 lipsticks in a range that includes fun & vibrant colors to sheer & soft colors to deep & full colors. Some of the shades (other than Shakespeare and Duchess) that I found most interesting:
Trench Coat #107 is medium toned and applies almost nude with pinky peach and neutral undertones.

Mona Lisa #106 is a light tone almost sheer, and applies like a sherbet or coral with a touch of soft shimmer and peach undertones.

Sunday #117 is full coverage; shade is deep yet bright red that wears warm. A little fun fact – the shade is named after Sunday Riley because it’s her favorite!

Bare Honey #104 is medium toned and appears very neutral on lips, almost as if you weren’t wearing anything at all – but still make your lips look lovely and luscious.

Chameleon #100 I don’t think I’d ever wear this color but I still found it interesting, and if you are more daring than me with your lip shades – then you will love this color. It looks very dark, almost black, but once applied the undertones of shimmery green and a lovely sheer brown come to life!

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