REVIEW: Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color Lipstick “Mona Lisa”

The perfect peach lipstick. End of story.

Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color Lipsticks have become a staple in my beauty chest.  I’ve built up a nice collection with a range of colors from a soft 60’s pink (Shakespeare review here) to a vibrant coral red (Sunday review here.)  I love them all, but since Ive been wearing one particular shade all summer long, it now holds a special spot in my heart.  That special shade, which I also refer to as the perfect peach lipstick, is Mona Lisa.

It’s a very unique shade of lipstick because it wears like a soft pale pink but its not pink, it’s more like a peachy-salmon cream or the lightest shade found in creamsicle ice pop.

Mona Lisa is the creamiest Sunday Riley Lipstick I own.  I don’t know why it finishes creamier than others with the same formula.  For instance, when compared to the vibrant magenta shade Rebel Rose, you can really see the differences in the finish.

Whatever the reason Mona Lisa looks and feels extra creamy, I love that it does!  Also, with the soft beautiful tones in Mona Lisa, I wouldn’t want it to have a full hard finish.  With this shade – the creamier the better!

There is no shimmer in Mona Lisa, which is great because it looks incredibly natural and it can be layered with other lipsticks to create a custom look.  I often layer Mona Lisa with my Rouge Bunny Rouge Hues of Enchantment Color Burst Lipstick in The Plot Thickens (reviewed here), to create the perfect pale peachy pink shade.



FINAL THOUGHT:  If you have tried to wear lipstick shades with undertones of peach, tangerine, salmon or anything in the orange family and you we’re consistently disappointed with the results – then I strongly suggest you give Mona Lisa a try!  It’s gorgeous and it always looks flattering on, with other makeup or by itself.  Another HUGE hit from Sunday Riley in my beauty book!

Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color Lipstick is available for:
$32.00 at Barneys
$32.00 at Dermstore (10% OFF & FREE 2-day shipping with code: REMINDER)

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